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    Juniper's Bob Dix Discusses the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

    in Technology

    Juniper's Bob Dix joins us to look at the reasons for Presidential Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, issued in February of 2013, which led to the creation of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, released in February of 2014.

    Bob will answer questions such as:

    What critical infrastructure is covered by the Executive Order?   

    How has the threat landscape evolved in recent years and how have adversaries changed their strategies and attack vectors to focus on critical infrastructure systems and assets?

    What is the purpose of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and who will use it?  Is its application mandatory or voluntary for Federal agencies? 


    How does the Framework support NIST objectives and what else can be done to fortify our national cyber defense? 

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    Chip Chat Pauline Nist

    in Technology

    Allyson chats with Pauline Nist live at OOW

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    Chip Chat Pauline Nist

    in Technology

    Allyson Klein talks with Pauline Nist Live at IDF 2011

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    Peekin' in the Attic

    in Training

    Peekin’ in the Attic: Discussion on recent Research Findings

    Join us Wednesday 04.01 at 8pm ET on FireFighternetcast.com for a live discussion on key elements of the recent published findings from the UL Residential Attic & Exterior Fire Hazards Research Study. Guests include Captain Joe Pronesti, who served on UL’s Technical Panel for Residential Attic Fire Mitigation Tactics and Exterior Fire Spread Hazards and Chief Doug Cline who served on the ISFSI/NIST Spartanburg Burns.USFA   Topical Fire Report Series; Atic Fires in Residential Buildings Study (2011)

    FULL PROGRAM LINK  http://www.firegroundleadership.com/2015/04/01/peekin-in-the-attic-discussion-on-recent-research-findings/

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    S2-E14 Manufacturing Day 2014 and Manufacturing in America

    in News

    Manufacturing Talk Radio will air a special live broadcast today at 1:00 p.m. EST today (Thursday, October 2) at right here with the three original founders and thought leaders of Manufacturing Day, Mr. Ed Youdell from Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International, Mark Troppe, Acting Director, Program Development and Manager of Strategic Partnerships with NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program, and Ned Monroe, Senior Vice President of External Relations for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).

    During the show, hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady will speak with Ed, Ned and Mark about the birth of Manufacturing Day, where manufacturing is going and growing in America, how the government could help or hinder those efforts, and some of the more than 1500 events taking place at manufacturing facilities all across America where company representatives are sharing the cool factor and great job opportunities in the industry (some 600,000 current openings).

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    The Big Texas Search

    in Technology

    Gene Robinson and Mike Hennig from RP Search Services will tell us about the Big Plano Texas Search using the Nist owned MLB Super Bat UAS. Patrick Egan will discuss his recent trip to D.C. for the FAA BVLOS meeting and his attempts at some impromptu UAS SAR. There will also be some time for discussion about other drone related current events including the sUAS News Conservation RPAS 2014.

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    Cyber Security with Dr. Ronald Ross of NIST

    in Military

    Dr. Ronald Ross of NIST discusses the latest in cyber threats and security efforts. He talks about common weakpoints and best practices for organizations that want to avoid attacks. He also details how emerging technology is constant changing the landscape of cyberspace.

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    in Politics

    There are few examples of corporate control of the US government more shocking than the story of how 9/11 was sold to the public, in complete disregard for the facts. Whatever the complete story, we know enough to conclude that the official conspiracy theory is full of holes. The investigation was initially stonewalled by the Bush administration, reluctantly being agreed to only because of the dogged inistence of family members of victims who would not accept being lied to. 

    Different groups and individuals are pursuing the truth in different ways. Some are investigating and exposing the suppressed evidence that led both 9/11 Commission co-chairs and its chief counsel to repudiate its conclusions, citing lies, ommissions and obsfuscations by the CIA, FBI and NIST, which was given $33 million to produce a report so faulty that they had to recant key findings. The basic assumptions of the computer model they used to simulate the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7 remain a secret despite a FOIA request to release them to the public.

    On this episode of Taking Back America, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth founder Richard Gage explains the scientific basis for challenging the 9/11 Commission report and calling for a new investigation. We also talk about the other projects A&E 911 Truth and other groups are engaged in to wake up Americans to the fact that we have to demand a new investigation if we are going to Take Back America for the People.

    This show was rebroadcast on August 16 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain to the American public the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

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    Architects & Engineers for 9/11's Richard Gage VS 9/11 Skeptic Michael Sherman

    in Current Events

    Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is an American non-profit[1][2] organization of architects, engineers, and a demolition expert who dispute the results of official investigations into the September 11 attacks, including the 9/11 Commission Report.[3][4] It supports the conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center was destroyed by explosive demolition.[5]

    Founded in 2006, the group demands that the United States Congress pursue "a truly independent investigation" into the September 11 attacks as they believe government agency investigations into the collapse of the World Trade Center have not addressed what it calls "massive evidence for explosive demolition." Despite their petition to Congress bearing the signature of over 2000 architectural and engineering professionals, the scientific and engineering community has generally rejected the position taken by the group,[6][7] and several NIST-independent analyses published in peer-reviewed scientific journals provide evidence arguing against the "blast hypothesis"com 


    Dr. Michael Shermer is the Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, the host of the The Skeptics Society’s Distinguished Science Lecture Series, and Adjunct Professor at Claremont Graduate University and Chapman University. Dr. Shermer’s latest book is The Believing Brain. His other books include: The Mind of the Market (on evolutionary economics), Why Darwin Matters: Evolution and the Case Against Intelligent Design

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    Adapting and Changing the Firefighter Culture Within Your Department

    in Radio

    Fire Weekly Radio Host Doug Cline, Past President of the Southeast Fire Chiefs and the International Society of Fire Service Instructors welcomes fellow Fire Weekly Radio host Christopher Naum in a lively discussion on what just may be the most debated topic in today's fire service.

    As a Chief Officer in your organization it is time to buckle down and get serious about what modern research is saying and stop the tactical entertainment.

    You need to be teaching fire officers and fire fighters to be implementing the knowledge that we have gained from the modern research into street level tactics.  

    Join in to learn just how that cultural change can be accomplished in your organization.


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    Episode 610: The Mikey G. & Mikey D. Show

    in Education

    Join Capt. Mike Dugan (FDNY) and Capt. Mike Gagliano (Seattle Fire) on Wednesday September 11, at 4:30 PM (Pacific) as they speak with Chief Steve Kerber from Underwriters Laboratories. Steve is a former Deputy Chief with the College Park Volunteer Fire Department and has conducted groundbreaking research in the areas of ventilation and fire dynamics. He was recently awarded the distinction of honorary battalion chief by the FDNY.
    The studies by UL and NIST continue to expand and challenge many concepts held sacred by the fire service. Today you can listen to and chat with one of researchers at the tip of the spear in cutting edge studies seeking to increase our effectiveness and safety in the modern fire environment. In particular we will focus on the newly released vertical ventilation study: “Effectiveness of Fire Service Vertical Ventilation and Suppression Tactics in Single Family Homes”.
    The call in number is  1-760-454-8852.