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    From Foster Care to God's Heir with Nina Fitzhugh Wells

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    Victorious Testimony: Meet Nina Fitzhugh Wells
    As a ward of the state of Pennsylvania from the age of 2, to being emancipated at the age of 18, Nina Fitzhugh Wells shares her testimony of how, after being abandoned by her birth parents and the foster care system, she was forced to learn to adapt and survive.
    Listen as Nicole interviews Nina about her journey, her book and her mission to educate the community about the foster care system.
    About the Book:
    Lost FOUNDation: From Foster Care to God's Heir
    You are invited to journey with Nina Fitzhugh Wells as she sacrificially becomes transparent to show you how faith can turn any situation around. After struggling for years to be delivered from her past, Nina emerges victorious as she presents Lost FOUNDation: From Foster Care to God's Heir —her profound autobiography--to the world.
    Do you have a VICTORIOUS testimony? Be a guest on our show.  Click here.
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    Season 3 Kick-off... Foster Care Awareness

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    Join Host, Nina Fitzhugh Wells as she and Shakeema Love share with you the plight of youth who age out of foster care. In celebration of the month of May as Foster Care Awareness Month, Nina and Shakeema advocate for youth as they transition from state support to self-sufficiency. Listen in as they share about the "i Excel HIGHER" Book Project and the Community Collaborations initiative sponsored by Excel HIGHER, Inc. Hear all about the "EHI Church Challenge" and how you can help support programs and services for former foster care recipients.

    Tune in Wednesdays at 12:30 PM at www.blogtalkradio.com/revelationforelevation

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    An Open Letter to Aged Out Foster Youth & Tiffany Reports on Gathered Dreamz

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    Listen in as Nina Fitzhugh Wells reads her Open Letter to Aged Out Foster Youth... AND

    Gathered Dreamz Founder, Tiffany Robinson, returns on Saturday to share about their recent partnership with Applebee’s for Pancake Breakfast; and 2014 goals for girls who are aging out of foster care.

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    On this premiere show, meet co-hosts, Nina Fitzhugh Wells and Yvette L. Allen Tatum as they share information about themselves and their platforms. You will  also be informed of future broadcast guests and topics. You don't want to miss this opportunity to meet Nina and Yvette--your favorite co-hosts.

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    Two Aged-Out Youth Reveal Life After Foster Care

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    Host, Nina Fitzhugh Wells interviews two former foster youth who are excelling higher in life. Despite their background and experiences, they have chosen to forge ahead to become productive, self-sufficient adults... Meet Shakeema and Davon.

    Shakeema Isaac was born in New York City. She entered foster care when she was 4 years old and aged out at 18. Shakeema had a challenging time. When she aged out, she was lonely and scared of relationships. “I was being taken advantage of and had no one to turn to” shares Shakeema. Now 30 years old, Shakeema is a college student and business owner who continues to strive to excel higher as she manages life, one day at a time.

    Davon Mitchell is a 24-year-old former foster youth who  has  experienced many roads in life. For Davon, his prayer is that these roads all lead to his success in life. “Family matters to me,” states Davon. “Having witnessed both the functional and dysfunctional aspects of family while growing up, has helped shape my views. I have chosen to leave it all to God and deal with life one day at a time.” Davon is a part-time college student, works several jobs, and is a single father who focuses on strengthening family, for himself and his son. He credits having many mentors for helping him set goals and establish core values. As a  published author and avid writer, Davon continues to inspire others through his literary work.

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    Going to college can be scary. How will I pay for it? Where should I go? What should I major in? What if my grades aren’t good enough? How do I apply?

    All of these are good questions, and Ms. Dedra Hampton with the Great Expectations Program will help you find answers to these questions and more. From finding your passion to figuring out how to make a career of it, accessing Educational and Training Vouchers (ETVs) to cover your expenses to getting involved in student life, Great Expectations is here to help you navigate the system to find the best school situation for you. Not sure if you’ve got what it takes? Tune in and hear from Ms. Dedra Hampton share everything you need to know.

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    Meet Dr. Thea Green with Iasis Counseling & Consulting in Virginia

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    It was during her junior year at Virginia Tech, that Richmond, VA native, Dr. Thea Green,  explored her interest in psychology and decided to change her major. Her passions for addressing the needs of women and people of color led her to pursue additional studies in Women’s Studies and Black Studies. After realizing that she had a passion for psychology and helping others, and after receiving insight and guidance from Tech’s Psychology department, she decided to pursue a Masters in Counseling Education degree at Michigan State University.

    While pursuing her Master’s degree, Dr. Green worked at a local treatment facility that provided individual, group, family, and intensive outpatient care to individuals with mental illnesses and substance abuse/chemical dependency issues. Again, Dr. Green decided that she wanted to further her education to ensure that she would become as highly skilled and proficient as possible in the mental health field to provide exceptional services to those who sought her counsel. She chose to pursue a Pastoral Counseling PhD from Loyola University Maryland.

    On November 8, 2012, Dr. Thea Green successfully defending her dissertation and went on to graduate from Loyola University in May 2013. She recently opened her own private practice in Ashland, Virginia, Iasis Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC where she provides numerous services including but not limited to: individual and group therapy, relationship counseling, substance abuse/chemical dependency counseling, behavior counseling, spiritual counseling, counseling related to cultural and gender issues and clinical supervision. 




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    Meet Korrine and Davon, Authors and Foster Care Advocates!

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    Join us as we interview two more authors of the "i Excel HIGHER" book. Korrine Hallen and Davon Mitchelll are two foster care advocates who are making a difference by raising awareness to the plight of foster youth and alumni everywhere. Tune in and be enlightened.

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    The Affordable Care Act Supports Former Foster Youth

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    Stephanie Lynch (pictured L), has devoted her life to creating impactful, systemic social change. She started her career in human services in 2006, working and volunteering for various nonprofits throughout Richmond, while receiving her undergraduate degree in Psychology/Women’s Studies and African American Studies. She was hired as the Student Services Coordinator for a Career Technical Institute, during which time, she started several support groups for women experiencing domestic violence, ex-offenders, and survivors of childhood trauma, in addition to providing intense case management services to homeless, pregnant and uninsured students. While pursuing her Masters in Social Work, Stephanie worked under Paul McWhinney, Deputy Commissioner for the Virginia Department of Social Services. Upon graduating, she played a role in the implementation of Affordable Care Act in Virginia under the leadership of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources. She is currently positioned at the Virginia Department of Social Services as a Senior Program Administrative Specialist working on several statewide projects, including the “campaign for enrollment” an outreach effort to promote awareness of the new Medicaid covered group for former foster care youth. 

    FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  Contact:  Stephanie.Lynch@dss.virginia.gov


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    From Trials to Triumph... Meet Helen Ramaglia

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    Helen Hall Ramaglia is a former foster child who lived a life of constant trauma and despair. But today, Helen is a foster/adoptive mother and author of “From Foster to Fabulous.” She is the founder and executive director of Fostering Superstars, a nonprofit for foster children. Helen is a Congressional Award Winner for her work with foster children as well as a Points of Light Award Honoree. Helen has written many compelling articles for the Chronicle of Social Change and is a popular keynote speaker, trainer, and advocate for foster children. Helen and her husband John live in Georgia and have four children  www.fromfostertofabulous.com   www.fosteringsuperstars.org.


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    He Witnessed His Brother's Murder While In Foster Care

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    Charles displayed his first acts of courage and heroism at the tender age of 4 years old by attempting to rescue his 2-year-old brother. While being brutally beaten himself-resulting in a permanently disfigured arm-he did all he could to save his brother, tragically it wasn’t enough. The woman who murdered his brother and critically injured Charles had another child die in her care just 10 months prior, she never went to trial for either death or her assault on Charles. He has made it his life long quest to seek justice for not only his brother but all abused and murdered children.

              Throughout his young life, Charles was abused in every way possible. He constantly lost family, friends and belongings. He was consistently moved from home to home leaving him feeling unwanted and unloved. He was never able to get a solid education or establish himself in a community. He was failed by his birth parents, the child welfare system, the justice system and by society as a whole.

    Charles is a Hero to Multitudes, a Children's Rights Warrior, and a Parental Responsibility Advocate. In addition he is a Community Leader, Activist and Volunteer.

    Tune in each Wednesday this month as we feature the authors from the book, “i Excel HIGHER”: a collection of poems and expressions from foster care alumni. Fascinating and Enlightening Stories!!!


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