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    Discovering Dowsing with Sixth Sense Consulting Nigel and Maggie Percy

    in Motivation

    Join the fun as you discover about dowsing, how to dowse and why we all need this skill for our physical, emotional and spiritual developement. Maggie and Nigel Percey together run Discovering Dowsing.com and Sixth Sense Consulting.com, they are both accomplished dowsers with over 30 years of combined experience in the field.

    Dowsing IS an incredibly practical skill, but your results with dowsing will benefit from your having a clearer concept of what the heck dowsing really is.  Dowsing is WAY bigger than just a healing modality. Dowsing is a way of getting answers to questions you cannot answer using rational means. When done properly (which isn’t as often as you would think), dowsing balances the brain, because it uses both left and right brain to get results. Dowsing uses your left brain to create a good question and your right brain to get an answer via your intuitive senses

    When people get into a real dowsing state, they are actually in an altered state that has been measured by science to be a combination of a number of other brain states.  This is unlike any state you normally experience.

    Dowsing is an innate skill, but it must be trained in order to do it well.

    Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Maggie & Nigel Percy for the purpose of helping people improve their lives using a variety of intuitive techniques. As leaders of the global Dowsing Tribe, they host many online events, offer courses and have created lots of free help for dowsers.

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    Let's Talk Kingdom w/Catrina-Interview w/CEO Nigel Lewis of Illustrious Filmz

    in Entertainment

    As a young man Nigel Lewis was advised by both teachers and mentors that his grasp of language arts and creative writing was a gift that he should pursue as a career. Over the years, as an avid fan of all genres of film and books he developed an interest in how some of his favorite movies were written and produced, leading to his participation in several independent film shoots as a crew member, and expanding into minor acting roles. By 2006 his first script, a horror entitled “Black”, was written and he was in talks with an Atlanta, Georgia production company to pursue its sale, when he rededicated his life to Christ. The script was abandoned and all writing stopped.
    Amid a dulling case of writer’s block, Nigel awoke in the middle of the night in the summer of 2008 with the memory of a vivid dream. He states “ God gave me an entire storyline from start to finish for my next script, told me I would write it for Him, and then told me to tithe it to my church! It was the most beautiful but frustrating thing I’ve ever had happen to me.” Nigel completed the script (titled “REV”) and the assignment in 2009, and immediately received four other storylines which he began to research and develop. As CEO of Illustrious Family Works, LLC and head writer of Illustrious Filmz he is now working to final draft his third feature “BOO” (described as a Christian thriller) and developing several television projects.
    Nigel Lewis is a native of New Haven, Connecticut and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is supported by his beautiful wife of 14 years, Sheila, and their two daughters, Daja and Jaaz. He attends New Beginnings Church of Matthews, North Carolina under Dr. Michael L Henderson and First Lady Rev. Twanna Henderson.

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    Andrew Barker - Angel Practitioner of The Month! ...Plus Telepathic Abilities...

    in Spirituality

    IN HOUR ONE: The Angels Monday Show! - Andrew Barker - Angel Practitioner of The Month!  -  Hosts Maria Maas, Dr Dax Carlisle, and Janice Fuchs, chat with Our Angel Practitioner of The Month - for October: Certified Angel Card Reader Andrew Barker! ...and offer FREE Angel Messages for Callers!

    IN HOUR TWO: Over The Rainbow - Your AfterLife Connection!  - Telepathic Abilities! -  Directly after Angels Monday ( at 5:30pm Eastern - US), Hosts Lillian Suarez & Rose Fulhorst discuss "Telepathic Abilities" and take Your Calls, for FREE Mediumship Readings!

    Join us in the Chat Room, towards the bottom of this page, during the Show!

    Follow Us on Twitter! @LifeScapeRadio

    Join the Conversation on our Facebook Group: LifeScapeRadio.com/Facebook

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    Soar Presents "The Pete Richardson Morning Show" w/ Grammy writer Lonnie Barker

    in Education

    December 16th at 11 am on the "Pete Richardson Morning Show" Pete Richardson will interview Lonnie Barker. Lonnie is a former wrestler of The University of Oklahoma, and currently a recording artist. Lonnie has work that has been Grammy nominated and still continues to do positive things within his home town community! Turn up for edcation, motivation, and inspiration!

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    The Mystery of the Trinity; Responding to Nigel Barber "Jesus Myth" Claim

    in Christianity

    In the first portion of this episode, Pastor Brian examines the mystery of the Triune nature of God. How can one best relate to this divine Triune relationship?

    Also, Pastor Brian responds to Huffington Post's Nigel Barber's ridiculous claim that Jesus of Nazareth was only a myth.

    Be sure to call in with your questions and comments during the live show at Monday afternoons at 6pm. Call in at (323) 784-9617. Also be sure to check out Pastor Brian's international website at http://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com.

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    Reinventing Yourself for a Comeback - With Dianne Barker

    in Women

    Dianne Barker was born with a silver pen in her hand, so to speak. She landed her dream job at 18, writing for the local newspaper while attending college, and wrote her first book at 24. In 1986 her book Twice Pardoned was # 1 on the national Christian best-sellers list. Then her life took an unexpected turn, taking her out of the publishing loop for over 15 years. Today she will share her story—her early success, her long stay in Overwhelm City (she calls this period the “Shrunken Life”) and how she reinvented herself to make a comeback. You don’t want to miss this story!

    Dianne Barker is a conference speaker, freelance journalist, radio host, and author of eleven books including the 1986 best-seller Twice Pardoned (life of Harold Morris and first book for Focus on the Family Publishing).

    Her new book, I Don’t Chase the Garbage Truck Down the Street in My Bathrobe Anymore! Organizing for the Maximum Life, gives practical strategies to organize space, time, and family chaos while encouraging personal renovation—purging interior garbage (inferiority, low esteem), and submitting fully to Christ, gateway to balance and abundant living.

    A graduate of East Tennessee State University, Dianne hosts a weekly program on the Christian station WHCB Radio, Bristol, Tennessee, 91.5 FM, “At the Library” on Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. www.whcbradio.org. Dianne is a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and Christian Authors Network. Dianne’s passion is investing her life in people, encouraging wholehearted surrender to our faithful Lord, who is so worthy of our devotion and praise! www.diannebarker.com

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    in Culture

    ENVISION THIS: A technology that heats and cools homes, increases comfort, saves money, and benefits the environment all in one.

    Our guest, Adam Barker­Hoyt of Maine Alternative Comfort, sees the efficiency and savings offered by mini­split heat pump technology as something that can substantively benefit people, the environment and the economy.  He and his team use their 40 years of combined experience in fields of energy, math, and science to educate customers, and training sub­contractors to install the mini­split heat pumps.

    Maine Alternative Comfort has installed 700 heat pumps in Maine homes, including that of the energy guru, Dick Hill, Professor Emeritus of the mechanical engineering department, and the governor’s mansion.  Heat pumps are easy to install, easy to operate and save on energy costs. Adam says, “A typical homeowner in Maine spends roughly $3,000 per year in oil, kerosene, propane, or electric heat.  But, a simple retrofit can cut these costs in half! With a savings of $1,500 per year and an initial cost of $3,000, Fujitsu mini­split heat pumps pay themselves off in 2 years...  resulting in thousands of dollars of savings, increased energy security, and a greener environment.”

    The best part is they can be installed in just a couple of hours and operated at the push of a button.


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    Consciousness Caffeine: Taming Your Inner Shrew

    in Spirituality

    Show is live Mon~Wed~Fri 4:00-6:00 p.m. EST...12/15/14:  Sit back, relax, and join Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa for a Rocksome dose of Consciousness Caffeine and Conscious Community with topics regarding Re-Education, Healing, Empowerment, Inspiration, Dominion, & Conscious Co-Creation.  On today's show Lisa and special guest Alexandria Barker, Holistic Life Coach and Transformational Speaker also known as the Feel Fabulous Guru, will discuss how to Tame your Inner Shrew.  We each have our own "inner critic" "judge" and what is referred to as monkey chatter or mind chatter and how to recognize, reign in, and calm this chatter so the "judge" can be disrobed off the bench being rendered powerless over the true you, your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit, Inner Divinity or whatever name or label you give it will be discussed.  Come join the Big Picture Party to listen, learn, be Inspired, facilitate Remembrance, and share your soul where all are honored in our Rainbow Warrior Circle. Please call in and join our Rainbow Warrior Circle to ask questions and share if you are so Inspired.  This show was created with the intention to gather other Rainbow Warriors together to Co-Create from Unity Consciousness so...Let's Get This Party Started!!!

    Alexandria's free gift for you: http://AlexandriaBarker.com/free-gift

    To connect with Alexandria go to:  http://alexandriabarker.com/

    For more from Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa visit her website : http://www.transcendance.us/

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    Are We Living In A Mad, Mad World: Is There A Positive Purpose For Anger?

    in Dads and Family

    Glenn Barker, Dr. Marvin Thompson and Chloé Taylor Brown connect with Dan Baldwin, Director of Community Development at the ManKind Project USA. Dan has over 20 years of experience as a LCSW Psychotherapist. He is also a community developer, public speaker, consultant and story teller who helps children, adults, families, communities and organizations to heal, grow and maximize their positive intentions. He's going to help us get over our anger.

    We can all do better by discovering our highest level of excellence when we take the PEP! It's the Personal Excellence Profile assessment. It helps us to lay out an authentic blueprint to start creating a more harmonious, prosperous, whole-life experience. 

    Let's connect via Twitter... @MKPChicago  @ChloeTBrown  @DrTeducates 

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    in Football

       The Dolphins have nearly no chance at all of getting into the playoffs yet... So much to play for!!                       As this appears to be once again a mediocre year once again NOT in the playoffs, There are many things to be watching for!  Free agents will be auditioning for another team perhaps?  Coaches as well....  Some will be playing farewell to a career in pro football, and many just have huge question marks over thier heads as to what they will do next!

      Lord knows we all have opinions here on this radio show and you can voice your opinions as well at 6:30PM thursday evening (EST) with Dave, Justin, Hez, and of course Josh & Josh's corner...

    Seeya then!!

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    Talking boxing with Nigel Collins (11/14/14)

    in Sports

    Topics will remain the same, co-hosts will be the same, guest hosts may change. Most shows times will start between 8 pm to 9 30pm, and run for up to an hour and half.

    Monday - Casual Monday's w/ J

    Tuesday - Sports Talk and Some Bullshit w/ Cold Piece

    Wednesday - Entertainment w/ special guests

    Thursday - Sunday - Off air/open topic

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