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    Nicole Levac of Nature's Wisdom

    in Business

    Nicole Levac is the blogger of Nature's Wisdom.

    She is a contributing author for the Amazon Best-Selling book, 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul and the upcoming book 365 Moments of Grace.

    Nicole has made an appearance on the EntrepreneursJourney.tv and is the host of Journey to Soul-Full Connections.

    She will be launching her first solo book later this year.

    Website: www.nicolelevac.com

    Twitter: @nicolelevacsoul

    Instagram: @nicolelevacsoul

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    Leroy Martin Show

    in Spirituality

      To remind the audience of greater is the power within than any outer apperance


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    The Covered by Alexis Nicole White

    in Women

    Ms Reason speaks with author Alexis Nicole White is the Author and relationship expert Alexis Nicole White offers five things women must do when red flags are displayed in a relationship. She is dedicated to empower women to be transparent, be fearless and to be resilient in relationships, love and life.

    With her new book, The Covered, Alexis is like most women. part of the way she viewed success was to be loved while being in-love in a healthy, growing and satisfying relationship.  However, after experiencing disappointments both professionally and personally, Alexis is forced to look at her life and redefine what it means to have love, happiness and success.

    Her book launches in March 2016, and is currently conducting a book tour, while booking speaking engagements across the country.  Sometimes referred to as the “Provocateur” for her ability to stir up a conversation, she is known for her practical, street-savvy ability to connect with her audience. Her fusion of real-life stories and conversational tactics connect with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

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    Unlocking Your Code - Dr. Nicole J. Kafka

    in Medicine

    Changing Minds Online is excited to announce the sixth episode of our brand new series, "Unlock Your Code" co-hosted with networking marketing millionaire, best selling author and international speaker and coach Lisa De Mayo! Personalized medicine is quickly becoming mainstream as many of us are questioning why our bodies are not operating at optimal levels. DNA and body chemistry can reveal so much and give you the information you need to make necessary changes.

    The featured doctor, Dr. Nicole Kafka is a doubly Board Certified Surgeon with advanced training in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine. She is a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons, and a Member of The American Association for Anti-Aging Medicine and The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine, as well as past vice president of the Women's Medical Association of New York City.  She has had numerous publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and served on the advisory boards of international companies. She is a noted public speaker and has been interviewed on major news shows. An honors graduate of Harvard College, with her MD from Weill-Cornell  Medical College, Dr. Kafka has been in practice in New York City since 1998. She is a native New Yorker, living in Harlem and has a second career as an actor and singer.

    Dr. Stoff will discuss why Integrated Genetic Solutions is the best genetic testing program available and how it benefits in the area of anti-aging and cosmetic medicine.

    Join the conversation at 9pm EDT on 4/27 by clicking the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2016/04/28/unlocking-your-code--dr-nicole-j-kafka

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    Divine Love with Lou Martin

    in Spirituality

    Awake 2 Oneness Radio with spiritual intuitive Lou Martin on Friday April 22, 2016 at 7:00 PM EDT. This show will be prerecorded.

    Lou had a spiritual Kundalini Awakening during meditation in 1987 which changed his life. That opened him up to work with the conscious energy of spirit guides and his higher self. After studying with spiritual teachers for many years he unexpectedly began channeling his own spirit guides.

    Lou studied spiritual counseling at Agape Center under Rev. Michael Beckwith. He has done hundreds of intuitive and channeled teachings since 2006. He offers classes and healing sessions throughout U.S., Canada and Europe.  He is a Spiritual Life Coach helping others to remember the within them.

    "Life is a gift. It opens from within!"

    Lou’s  path is inspired by his own experiences with spirit over 26 years and studying  the works of many like Abraham-Hicks, Gregg Braden, Eckhart Tolle, David Icke, David Wilcock, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, and Rev Michael Beckwith to name a few.

    To learn more about Lou visit his website and blog:

    Download Lou's e-Book here:

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    Lil Chris Martin ~ Children & Prohibition

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we have an amazing guest The Story of Lil Chris Martin ~ Children & Prohibition. Chris is the creator and founder of Paw Buddy CBD infused cannabis treats for Animals. Learn more about how Prohibition has influenced Chris with his Big Chris serving 2  years in prison for cannabis.



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    Interview with Nicole Rayy

    in Country Music

    Ontario Country singer-songwriter Nicole Rayy is a musical powerhouse, known for possessing a flair for dynamic storytelling, soulful, honest lyrics, and electrifying performances. Having played at such festivals as TurtleFest, Manitoulin Country Fest, and the Calgary Stampede to venues big and small throughout the country, Nicole is much known for her foot-stomping, energetic live performances as she is for her incredible recorded works.

    To Nicole, creating music is a way of baring her soul to the world and honestly expressing her feelings, making for music that resonates with many of her listeners. While she would love to follow in the footsteps of country and pop stars Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and even Kelly Clarkson, Nicole has found that having the music set her own path is better than following the oft-travelled one. As a result, her music constantly evolves with each song, often combining influences from multiple genres of music from classic country to pop, dance, and rock, resulting in a fresh, unique sound that all manner of music lover can get excited about.

    Nicole joins me on the show to talk about her latest single Bow And Arrow and much more!

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    Life Lessons from the Vine with John Martin of Stonebridge Wines

    in Entertainment

    Life Lessons from the Vine with John Martin of Stonebridge Wines, sponsored by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards, America's favorite encouragement cards.

    1. Tell us about yourself/family and how you became interested in viticulture.
    2. Tell us about the birth of Stonebridge.
    3. What life lessons have you learned from the soil and weather of Colorado?
    4. How do you encourage growth?....is this "cultivation-loving nerdiness?"

    5. Tell us about some locals that have taken your classes and applied your life lessons from the vineyards of Colorado?

    6. What other secrets of the vine can you share that transformed your thinking?

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    Channeling Masters and Angels and Spirits, Oh My! with Nicole Gans Singer

    in Spirituality

    As a child, I had clairvoyant abilities and regularly saw spirits, however I  never realized there was anything unique about that and I primarily saw them as friends. In 1991, I experienced a spiritual awakening and my life changed. I have since studied Tibetan Buddhism, and am empowered in Medicine Buddha, White Tara, Norjuma and Shambala through Khenchen Palden Sherab & Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal. I also practiced the purification practice of fasting, and prayer practice known as Nyungne several times & have spent years in regular meditation practice. I hold Reiki Master attunements in Sekhem-Seichim as well as Sekhmet Seichim. I also like to think of myself as a "teacher" of A Course in Miracles, rather than a "student".  I am married, and am a mother to an amazingly "awake" eleven year old son,  as well as a caretaker and friend to three cats, and one dog.
    The Masters wish to help with our ascension process, and their channeling is imbued with the higher realm energies, to help with our advancement.  Their words are uplifting, encouraging and empowering and their energies speak for themselves.   They are here to help us ascend.   They state that the only limitations to our advancement and realizations of who we truly are, which are masters ourselves, are the limitations we still place on ourselves.  I hope you find the channelings helpful. It is my honor to serve and be a channel for the Light and the Love that we ALL truly are. 


    email nicole@teachingsofthemasters.org


    email teri@angelspeakers.com

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    Nicole Howell:How to Choose the Right Long-term Care Facility for Your Loved One

    in Caregiving

    Choosing a nursing home for a family member is one of the most difficult decisions in life. It is stressful, time-consuming task that is often made worse by the fact that a loved one has suffered a medical crisis. You may face great pressure to locate a nursing home and arrange care in a very short period of time.

    So, how exactly do you choose the right long-term care facility for your loved one? Nicole Howell is the Executive Director for Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa County and is responsible for ensuring that the 9,000 residents of long-term care in her community have access to the highest level of care, respect and above all are able to live free of abuse and neglect.

    Tune into Life is a Sacred Journey, Thursday 4/28 as Nicole shares tips on how best to get the best out of the long-term care system for your loved one. 

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    Positive Impact Radio Dr. Kevin, Nicole Brown,Charles Hyatt Making a Difference

    in Entrepreneur

    2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern: "Positive Impact Radio," host Carol Wachniak

    Join Carol every week, to talk to people who are making a Positive Impact in the world!

    Dr. Kevin Ross Emery is a sought after leader, innovator, author, teacher, synergetic catalyst, speaker, and an expert in the ADD/HD field. He has worked for such companies as American Express, Dartmouth College, Hilton, and Sheraton. In the 80's, he was a driving force for the creation and implementation of training programs in the banking, retail, food and financial service industries.

    Dr. Kevin's work in both, the professional and personal development fields, as well as, the corporate, small business, and entrepreneurial fields has given him a wide platform to work from. He helps the business owner maximize their potential as well as their teams' and their businesses' potential. Synergizing Your Team is his way of allowing your business to be greater than the sum of its parts.

    This week's episode will feature Co-host, Nicole Brown, who is a talent agent from Kingston, Jamaica. Nicole believes in doing more than booking talent and will be using this broadcast to provide an avenue for stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things with their lives by their actions and how it impacts the world around them. 

    This week's guest is Charles Hyatt Jr. who  has spent his life thinking about one thing, people. He has spent that life trying to make sure that people are able to reach their highest potential at every chance available. From working as a seasonal gardener to the president of a group of companies, Mr. Hyatt’s life has been about supporting, uplifting, and enhancing people’s lives. 

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