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    Friday Cocktails w/ Nicole Dunlap

    in Books

    Become familiar with Nicole Dunlap's "gumbo genre" style of writing. Her books include the Shaw Family Saga: "Miss Nobody" & "Miss Scandalous".
    Be sure to enter in her Goodreads giveaway to receive an autographed paperback exclusive of Miss Scandalous at

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    SOS Sundays - Promoting & Marketing w/ Nicole Dunlap & Janice Ross

    in Books

    We're talking authors promoting and marketing - sharing ideas from our perspectives.

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    SOS Sundays - Talking Promotions w/ Nicole Dunlap & Janice Ross

    in Books

    Join in for our discussion on book promotions! There is not a set way to reach readers; this all comes by trial and error. We'll be covering various methods. Don't miss out!

  • 00:58

    SOS Sundays - Book Cover Designs w/ Nicole Dunlap & Janice Ross

    in Books

    Tune in for an informational chat about book cover designs. We'll be talking color, genre and much more, as it relates to setting your design apart from others.

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    Full Spectrum Radio with Ashley Nicole!!!

    in Music

    Join Hosts Matt Maziarek and Dennis Estlock of CPR as they discuss ALL subjects including everyday life issues!  Join Live!  Tonight we are pleased and humbled to have an EXTREMELY talented young woman named Ashley Nicole!!! Ashley is an actress, singer, songwriter and AWESOME girl!!! She has accomplished SO much and is only 15 with NO signs of slowing down!!! I am HONORED that she can take the time to speak with us!!!

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    Foundational Gifts: Life on Purpose Series - Meaningful Living

    in Women


    We must change our minds and the ways we think before we can change our behaviors and the outcomes we experience...and before we can achieve any New Year’s resolutions or personal goals.  Join Coach Nicole as she reviews some passages of scripture to help us focus on combining shorter-term happiness with longer-term meaning and fulfillment.



    Huffington Post Article:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/31/how-to-find-more-meaning_n_4697543.html    

    Nicole on Twitter @CoachNicole:  http://twitter.com/coachnicole

    Nicole on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/foundationalgifts

    FG show archives:  http://cwaradio.com/foundational-gifts/


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    Getting to Know Author and Social Media Strategist Nicole Murray

    in Writing

    Nicole Murray is a creative writer by passion, training, and profession. She is a Columbia College graduate with a degree in Fiction Writing and Marketing. Nicole’s dual Gemini personality helps her pursue creative writing as a personal profession.

    Nicole explores the creative landscape of the mind to craft fiction out of real emotion. She currently writes short stories, novels, poems, and screen plays.

    Nicole Murray also has extensive experience in digital content strategy, content development, and social media marketing. She has developed, lead, and contributed to a number of custom campaigns for leading brands such as Comcast’s African American digital and social initiatives, The Toyota Green Initiative, General Mills’ Feedings Dreams campaign, and P&G.

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    Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino , Alexis Cartwright on Transference Healing

    in Self Help

    As we embark on our 17th year, we are amidst a 90 day countdown to total transformation. We're taking a quantum leap forward and you have not seen anything yet! And to celebrate, your host Nicole Marie Whitney has scheduled a special series of life changing interviews on "THE NEW NFTS" including Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Jo Dunning, Dr Joe Dispenza, Darryl Anka / BASHAR, Dannion Brinkley, Joe Vitale, Uri Geller, Former CIA Remote Viewers David Morehouse, Adam the "Dreamhealer", physicist Tom Campbell and more ... Stay tuned... here we go!



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    Filmmaker Chris Eilenstine: Writer & Director of "The Soulless"

    in Radio

    Chris Eilenstine wants you to forget everything you know about the living dead. The Soulless is a post-apocalyptic story about a father and daughter surviving a zombie apocalypse that has wiped out most of humanity. The two main characters are David his daughter Nicole. Their story begins on Z Day, when the plague is released and most of humanity is wiped out. Nicole and her father find they have special immunities and abilities; and the zombie population doesn’t attack them. They can walk among the zombies without fear of being eaten. The story becomes about two people forming strong family bonds and surviving together, learning what it means to be a father and a daughter in a way that few people ever do. The word zombie first appeared in The Oxford English Dictionary in 1819, but the first introduction of the word into the English-speaking world was an 1889 article in Harper's Magazine called The Country of the Comers-Back by journalist Lafcadio Hearn. While learning local customs of the Caribbean, Hearn came across a legend of corps cadavres or walking dead. The fear of zombies was tied to the practices of voodoo where it is possible for their idea of a soul to be removed and replaced by a god or sorcerer. Voodoo was deeply connected with the forced work and slavery of the people of the Caribbean; the main fear was that it'd be possible after death for a sorcerer to reanimate your corpse into an obedient drone. Meet Filmmaker Chris Eilenstine and find out more about his interest in all things zombie. After the interview, visit After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more information.

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    An Evening Conversation With Nicole Roberts Jones - The "Inner Catalyst"

    in Entrepreneur

    Please join me for an exciting and informative conversation, with the phenomenal Nicole Roberts Jones.

    Nicole Roberts Jones is known as “The Inner Catalyst” for her ability to draw out what’s best in YOU. As the creator of the Find Your Fierce Formula, Nicole works with women to not only discover what makes them tick at a deep level but to help them Turn Big Passion Into Big Profits.

    As both a content development & personal development coach, Nicole works alongside Lisa Nichols as the Director of Development at Motivating the Masses and as a national motivational speaker, Nicole's energized and thought-provoking workshops will push you into your highest self.

    Monday, January 26th @8pm EST
    Blog Talk Radio
    (347) 989-0251

    Jacqueline DuJour Enterprises, LLC

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