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    Rips and Raps: Whistlin' Diction Show with Nick Furious 078

    in Hip Hop Music

    WARNING -- Parental Discretion Advised

    This week is a doozy of a show with many twists and turns but one thing is for sure... Undigested funk. A four alarm fire of fantastic and fabulous fabrications. Follow along.

    My in-studio guests this week are Throwbak and Kuma repping their newly formed group The All Stars of Infamy. These gents spit flows and match wits with the likes of Furious.
    We also debut a new song called "Control." The latest single by Bat Wings For Lab Rats, a talented group from Abq, NM.

    Special Content- We got Peter Jackson, Canadian sensation working with Woka Flocka and about to start a 65 city tour.
    Bobo Norco calls in and discuses big moves for 2014 and they are very strategic.
    Also K-Slick gives us his humble reaction to getting 50,000 hits on his YouTube video. He discuses his approach to getting noticed while remaining very true to heart.  


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    Rips and Raps: Whistlin' Diction Show with Nick Furious

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    WARNING -- Parental Discretion Advised
    Episode 073 is a monumental step in the right direction as famed hip-hop legend Talib Kweli drops by and plugs the show! Right?! We also found ourselves on a farm and playing some 21 pick-up to pass the time away.

    Finnish producer Frosty Fin provides the rhythmic backdrop for the listeners and he absolutely succeeds in blowing minds away.

    Guests tonight on the mic are actor/rapper Rodney Rush (Combo of Breaking Bad fame)and comedian and rapper at heart Black Mike. BB Alumn. These gents most def add the spice and flavor of the night. Speaking of spice, my man Laudy contributes some rad guitar riffs and some flamenco hits. He talks to us about his upcoming hip-hop flamenco project.

    Special Content:

    Kelly Easter, a pop singer, from California joins us on the phone. He was delightful and we want you to support his music.  


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    Rips and Raps: Whistlin' Diction Show with Nick Furious 082

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    WARNING -- Parental Discretion Advised
    Episode 082 is a genetic mutation of the reality that was the truth of it all. With science we can alter our podcast's now to be more fun and less draining on our personal lives. Thanks to companies like "AGRO-defiler" MONSANTO we can now have bigger and better transmissions that yield more satisfied listeners. All this and more on RNR Television.

    Desert Bandits and sublmnl Rnsons in effect as Cas Uno, Mr. Unknown and Adrenaline Truth get down and right nasty on the mic.

    Chantelle and Leah of Pink Mink Mafia NM chapter share some upcoming events and how they believe in the community. They came to spread the good vibes indeed.

    A SPECIAL REPORT on MONSANTO-- Thanks D man...

    Special Content:
    Actress Lauren Myers shares an interview about her latest project, Abe Makes A Movie.


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    Rips and Raps: Whistlin' Diction Show with Nick Furious 076

    in Hip Hop Music

    WARNING -- Parental Discretion Advised
    A sick... and twisted host running... a fever breaks... the silence is broken. Many moments of life are surreal and pass us by as if it was in a dream. Being sick lends new perspective to feeling normal. This episode is random acts of amazing people lending love and light.

    Artist/yoga teacher and friend Erin Vega stops by and talks about hot yoga, being free and showing others, including the youth, a better way. Erin V even gets down on some fresh frees in the flow department. An inspirational woman.
    Old friend b-girl/educator Kristen Koffman shares her love of hip hop and  her deep knowledge to teach others. Kristen is a long time vet and a super talented and giving soul.
    Lowki makes another appearance as The Duke of Constantine and he talks of revolution and conspiring forces. not a gent with more patriotism then our dear friend Low Low. Thanks for rapping and drawing inappropriate pictures.

    Special Content:
    Young CEO hit us up on the phone and plugs his newest project. Repping the mid-west and keeping it moving is what this man is about.     


    For questions, ideas or submissions hit us up at ripsandrapsshow@gmail.com


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    Motivational Monday- JUST. DO IT.

    in Motivation


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    John Carver Show - Stop Bullying (Nick Vujicic)

    in Self Help

    Nicola Menzie writes, "

    Nick Vujicic, a Christian evangelist born without limbs who has inspired millions around the globe with his story of faith and perseverance, is using his new book, Stand Strong, to speak to the 3.2 million U.S. teens, and countless others around the globe, who say they have been bullied.

    "This is written specifically to teenagers sort of in their language. I'm very passionate about the standing strong against bullying message," Vujicic told The Christian Post.

    Vujicic's passion for the subject stems from his own experiences with being bullied as a child due to being born with no arms and no legs, a condition called tetra-amelia syndrome.

    The Australian-born evangelist has often testified of dealing with depression and attempting suicide at age 10 due to his disabilities and being targeted by bullies.

    Vujicic: I just tell teenagers everywhere that if three people tell you you're a bully, then you're a bully. Pretty simple, right? Even sometimes we hear someone gossiping about someone and we laugh along with it… If I start a fire in a room and you help me spread the fire, you're just as bad as I. Knowing that we don't know what our victims are going through at home, we don't know what's going on in their mind and their heart, I don't want to be someone's reason to hate their life. I want to be someone's reason to seek something more in their life.

    You can get more information about Nick at http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/

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    Weigh In Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Join us for the best sports talk on BTR! We specialize in football, but we discuss everything and welcome callers

  • 01:27

    Basketball Colorado Presented by ASPIRE Beverages - 3/1/2015 -STATE

    in Basketball

    It's that time of year, it time to talk about the state basketball tournament

    joining us will be Eric Metcalf, Brock Laue, and Nick Graham 

    Mr. Metcalf will give us an update on all things small school and while Mr. Laue and Mr. Graham will give thier insights to the 4A and 5A tournaments. 

    Early show today at 2:00 

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    B&R Radio Welcomes Reactionaries Speak to HOV

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we have a special show happening. We will have all the host and personalities of Halls of Valhalla Network join us for a round table. Yes, that includes Reactionariez, Noway, Iggy, and Wilson. 

    Today marks the first day of collaboration between Reactionaries Speak Radio Network and HOV. We will have show almost nightly during the week beginning tonight. 

    On Mondays Susan Bonner and Yankeemom have Women of the Revolution beginning at 8 EST.

    On Tuesdays Iggy, Wilson, and Smokie moderate Spin This beginning at 7 EST

    On Thursdays we will have RZ and Chaos Bunker beginning at 10 EST.

    On Fridays RZ hosts Fast and Furious Fridays with himself, Luchadora, Noway and Smokie starting at 8 EST.

    On Saturdays Noways hosts his Is There Noway Out? which begins at 7 EST.

    And of course on Sundays there is that show called B & Radio's The Last Stand with hosts Smokie and GulfDogs.

    So as you can see the only night open on the schedule is Wednesday  and we have a couple possiblities to fill that spot. If not we can always use a night off of BTR. 

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    Youmongus Ad Network Radio Show with updates by Nick

    in Business

    Building Fortunes Radio presents The Youmongus Ad Network Radio show.

    This segment, hosted by Nick, takes place every Friday evening at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.  This supports our Youmongus Ad Classified Sites Owners and advertising sponsors.  Join us often for interesting real life examples for advertising and income generation. 

    For other products, look at www.youmongus.com   Youmongus... it's really Big!

    Listen in to previously recorded shows on Building Fortunes Radio:

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    "Homan Square Facility & Media Coverage" on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee"

    in Politics

    This past week the Guardian told about allegations of Police Brutality, off the books detainment of arrested persons and denial of attorneys to people in custody.  More allegations came out echoing the initial Guardian story.  Meanwhile the coverage of this important story by Mainstream Media was basically non existent.  Independent and Alternative Media outlets and activist organizations were mostly responsible for spreading the word.  A twitter storm this past Friday Evening followed by Protests this weekend helped shine the light on the facility and bring these important allegations to the attention of people everywhere.  The Fifth Column,and Anti Media were prominent in the continuing coverage of Homan Square and I will be interviewing The Fifth Column's Justin King, Anti Media's Nick Bernabe and journalist Alex Freeman, who covered the Homan Square Protest.Grab a cup of coffee and joins us for an important discussion.  Long time Activist, Coffee Party Newsroom Editor & Radio Host, Bobby Rodrigo's new show on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee" on Coffee Party USA Radio every Sunday Morning at 8:30AM. Advocating engagement and coalitions Bobby points out that the Constitution is the Rule of Law in our land and why it should remain so. Money in Politics, the Political Party Machine and partisan blind allegiance is on full display as he advocates against the erosion of our Constitutional Protections in the name of corruption and tyranny. "If we focused on following the Constitution we would solve many of the ills of our society.”  Offering a long list of guests from Political Organizations, Activism, Media and Artists Bobby invites you to join him every Sunday Morning at 8:30AM on Coffee Party USA Radio.

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