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    UFO or Planet Nibiru?

    in Spirituality

    Planet Nibiru also known as "PLANET X" is said to pass our Earth by August 2015!

    There are many speculations on this controversial topic! Scientist admits it and the government denies it! Will the President announce the truth? President Obama seems compelled to do so. Will he announce the truth to the world!

    In the Holy Bible Revelation 8:11 it states:

    The name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

    Tune in LIVE to Realms of the Paranormal with Syndi Lumina 6:30 PM SET Fl. and SEEK the TRUTH because it's 4 months away supposedly! Are you ready?

    Watch video on YouTube with George Nory- Interviews and speculation! Click link below or copy and paste to your browser!


    Don't believe the LIES! Nibiru EXIST! ~Syndi Lumina~ Realms of the Paranormal

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    Ryan Kilgores returns to "the DrCal Hour of Insight"

    in Music

    Ryan Kilgores returns to "the DrCal Hour of Insight"

    Ryan Kilgore, is the lead Sax player for the Legendary Stevie Wonder. When he is not on tour Ryan gives his time his organization “ Changing the Face of Jazz” and the Ryan Kilgore Foundation. We will catch up with Him on Monday with some new music from his latest CD.  The interview starts at

    6PM EST with your host DrCal….join the conversation

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    Deb Bailey Returns as My Guest Author on June 29th

    in Books

    We have lion shifters when Deb Bailey returns as my guest author on June 29th! Come listen as she reads an excerpt from her latest book, Family Pride: Love and Challenges.

    Business owner Mac MacKinnon is a perfect catch: attractive, ambitious and successful. He's a member of an old, established pride of lion shapeshifters, but determined to live life as a loner. Except that when Zora Mason walks into Mac's coffee bar one day and applies for the position of assistant manager, he knows without a doubt he's met the woman of his dreams.

    Can she accept life with a shifter-boyfriend?

    Zora knows a lot more about Mac (and the other shifters in town) than she's been letting on. Falling in love with a sexy shifter is more than she bargained for when it comes to dealing with sibling drama, learning the business, and managing an alpha male who's used to doing things his way. When a challenge to Mac's Pride threatens to destroy Mac's family, Zora has to decide whether to be claimed as his mate in a ritual in front of the pride.

    Who knew that love with a lion shifter would be so challenging?

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    Dr. Braulio Dias , returns to "From the Top"

    in Environment

    Dr.Braulio Dias, Returns to "From the Top"

    “From The Top” Decade on Biodiversity 

    June 26th 3PM EST

    Dr.Braulio Dias is the Executive Secretary of United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD).

    Dr Braulio, will share an update with us on the progress that the CBD has made and where the UN is headed regarding the Decade on Biodiversity.

    Dr. Braulio is busy traveling all over the world, but he will take time to share some information and insights with us.

     Mark your calendar and listen in. The phone lines will be open for comments or questions.

    Immediately following the interview, we will feature music from Sawdust Road, one of the supporters of the Musicians for Biodiversity.

    with your host DrCal        1-347-826-9550

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    Open Mike Returns: Around the Major Leagues

    in Sports

    Tonight Michael Cohen returns to the Open Mike chair after a month of crazy minor league baseball with the New Jersey Jackals. Michael will have a couple of guests on to share their MiLB experiences as well as discuss the latest topics in Major League Baseball. Call us (773) 897-6156. 

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    Episode 42 Alicia Streger Returns with The Little Black Dress Project

    in Fitness

    Alicia Streger from fitproessentials.com returns for another great interview.

    This time, Alicia has perfected the transformation challenges and contests area and has some fantastic new ways to grow your business. She also reveals her "Little Black Dress Project".


    Jesse Stoddard, fitness boot camp business coach, personal trainer, and author featured in CNN Money, along with the well-known and highly regarded fitness expert Georgette Pann, owner of NutriFitness Bootcamps, the founder of Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Club, and creator of the famous Sure Victory Boot Camp Business in a Box program, host this discussion about the personal training career and fitness business. Along with exclusive interviews with fitness experts and trainers who run successful fitness boot camp companies, they discover why some personal trainers fail and others succeed.


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    Podcast Returns While NBA Prospects Arrive

    in Sports

    The title says it all! The Iron Jaw Podcast returns while the most coveted NBA prospects arrive in the NBA, both the players and the podcast host living out their dreams. Michael Davis discusses the NBA draft and the NBA offseason as a whole, including trades and a little free agency discussion.

    Also, Michael Davis makes a big announcement about his sports journalism/broadcasting future, while explaining his absence from the podcasting scene.

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    Mark "Dip" DePena: The Sydney Surfer Returns with More Poetry!

    in Entertainment

    Live from Australia... THE Sydney Surfer, Mark "DIP" DePena returns to recite poetry, tell tall tales and catch us up on what's happening down under!

    Mark will also share information on his upcoming picture/coffee table book which features his poems based on the inspiring picture!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and to join in the fun - if you'd like to recite one of your own creations, call in!

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    American Awakening returns for 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    My morning show project is ready to go back on the air after almost a year hiatus. American Awakening was started with the thought of having a simple weekday morning show with a devotion, prayers, a look at history for that day's date, a review of the day's top news headlines, and finished off with a story about American history or folklore or lesson about leadership or just something interesting about daily life. The central themes for the show are faith and American Exceptionalism. I feel there is a need for hope, and despite the weight of the world on us there is still reason to hope. Think of it as Paul Harvey for today.

    So rise up America, it's a new day, American Awakening starts right now.

    Today's Show:

    Sunday, June 28, 2015

    Opening Prayer: For your Sunday

    Message: Your Precious Heart. Key verse: "Keep your heart with all vigilance." -Proverbs 4:23

    Song of the Day: Listen to The Sound by Building 429. (Go listen on our Facebook page.)

    This Day In History

    My Message - Update, why I've been too busy to do shows until now, and the direction I want this program to go. (No headlines, lessons in leadership, American stories, or daily living today.)

    Closing Thought: Protect conscience and dissent. 

    Closing Prayer: For our enemies

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    magar hour returns to the gay

    in Social Networking

    every body gay!
    347 215 7638

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    Dave "The Beast" Barnett returns to SGWS

    in Sports

    Dave "The Beast" Barnett makes his way back to Sign Guy's Wrestling Show. As the official referee for wrestling themed pop punk band The Razor Ramones, he has had to enforce a whole new set of rules. He's always got opinions on the wrestling scene be it what he sees on Monday nights or what is happening on the local independents or Matt Striker's abilities as the play-by-play man for Lucha Underground or even solid opinions of Chris Masters. We'll get into the latest with Beast as he makes his way back to the show where he'll almost assuradely be asked about his wallet and the photo found inside of it.

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