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    Jack A Daniels is on the NiACOM's Relationship Reload series!

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    Jack A Daniels is on the NiACOM's Relationship Reload series!

    Jack A. Daniels is one of the leading authorities in overcoming fears and getting people unstuck.  As the preferred human behavioral specialist for Fortune 500 companies, Daniels is an international speaker who helps organizations increase clarity and connectivity to their customers and/or staff.  He’s a 5 time best selling author of books like  “I Need a Wife…Where are the REAL Women?”  and “Stay Out of Your Own Way.” Popular media personality and clinical psychotherapist for high-achieving-high-profile executives, athletes and entertainers.

    Daniels is also the creator of several award-winning programs including Healing 100 Hearts in 100 Days project for women, the  Stay Out of Your Own Way tour, the Boys to Businessmen Entrepreneurial Project, The Experts Class and the extremely popular Mate Attraction which has helped 100′s learn how to attract the love they deserve!  Tune in tonight @ 7pm CST on Relationship Reload with Jack A. Daniels!

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    Toni Henderson- Mayers on NiACOM's Relationship Reload tonight @ 7pm CST!

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    Toni Henderson-Mayers is a sought after speaker with over 25 years of eperience, whose message encourages us to build better business and personal relationships and to look for passion in our lives.

    She is the co-author of the book, "One Great Idea" and a contributing writer to various magazines and the book, "Share and Grow Rich" both available on her website.

    Her latest work, "Wise Courtship: Before Relationship & Marriage Guide" challenges singles to choose wisely, and demonstrates what to look for in a potential mate, utilizing her three step system sure to unveil the true character of any love interest.  This book has landed her on many radio and TV shows. Recently, Toni's book, "Wise Courtship" was nominated for a Shelf Award.

    Toni lives in North Carolina with her husband and two sons writing, traveling, speaking and performing throughout the country. Learn more about Toni Henderson-Mayers at www.GoToni.org or www.WiseCourtship.com.

    Join us tonight at 7pm CST! Tune in or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to be a part of our interactive audience!

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    Terry Scott is on NiACOM's Relationship Reload this Friday, May 30th @ 7pm CST!

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    Terry Scott is on NiACOM's Relationship Reload this Friday, May30 @ 7pm CST!


    Terry Scott is an author, musician and a relationship blogger.  He is also the co-founder of Yielding Hearts, a ministry that promotes healthy relationships and wholeness while single.  His new book, "Available But Not Ready: Things to Consider before Dating, Courting and Marriage" is now available on amazon.  He and his wife Toya reside in the metro Atlanta area.

    Here's an excerpt from his blog:

    "Who you allow in your social circle will eventually have an influence on your life.  The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” is very true.  Drama Kings & Queens typically gravitate to those who are similar to them.  The same holds true for the more positive minded people.  In most cases, when you see a genuinely happy couple, there’s a good chance that many of the people that they surround themselves around are in happy/healthy relationships as well".

    Don't miss this broadcast...it will be EPIC!

    Tune in on your laptop or tablet or smartphone or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to be  a part of our interactive audience! 


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    NiACOM's Relationship Reload is on tonight @7pm CST!!!

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    The New NiACOM's Relationship Reload is on tonight at 7pm CST!
    Join host, Michael Anthony Johnson and brand new host Leslie Renee as they bring some brand new ideas, authors, co hosts, pastors and relationship coaches and friends through the seasons of relationships!
    Join us tonight at each week on Friday night at 7pm CST!!
    Tune in or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to talk on R&R!

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    Step Into The Light with Patti Shene

    in Christianity

    Aleta You, PhD, has enjoyed a successful career in teaching and higher education administration. However, throughout her years of professional pursuits and rewarding personal accomplishments as a wife and mother, Dr. You sought a deeper knowledge of God. Her quest for answers led to the publication of her book, Biblical Solutions for Daily Living: Developing a Vital and Personal Relationship with God  

    Join us Tuesday, October 6th at 8:00 AM MDT on Step Into the Light with host Patti Shene. Dr You will share her journey from the darkness of ignorance about the God she serves to the light of knowledge and understanding of her Lord and Savior. 

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    Swallowing the Pill: How to recover after a toxic relationship!

    in LGBT

    Have you ever been in toxic relationship? Was it painful after you broke up? Where are you now mentally? If you answered yes to these questions this show is for you! We will explore toxic relationships, the aftermath, and how to recover! It all goes down on the next episode of Common Ties Live!

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    See It When You Believe It!

    in Motivation

    Tune in for tips, strategies, and steps to get you on track to your destiny and purpose in life. This show is a talk show for people who enjoy being empowered, motivated, and / or inspired! We do it here in one fell swoop. Call in with questions for Coach Lilisa on how to fix various problems in reaching your goals. You can also just tune in to listen as Coach Lilisa uses her wisdom, knowledge, and personal and experiences in a unique and telling manner. She will make you laugh cry or sigh. Either way you will enjoy the show. Call 347-945-7991. Visit us on the internet at http://coachlilisa.com. Want to write your book? If yes, the go to http://selfpublishingworks.com. Don't forget to take Coach Lilisa's Be Better Challenge. For more info or to register for the challenge go to http://bebetterchallenge.com. Order a copy of the best seller: Release Your Power at http://release-your-power.com or http://coachlilisa.com. Want to attend one of our coaching and training webinars?  . . . then go to http://anymeeting.com/lilisajwilliams. Want to work with a Life and Christian Coach? Then contact Coach Lilisa.

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    The Mujaddid Warithud Deen Mohammed (ra) The Sacred Life Project

    in Religion

    The Mujaddid Warithud Deen Mohammed (ra) The Sacred Life Project
    1st HOUR: Audio files from the many speeches given by Mujaddid Warith Deen Mohammed over his 33 year mission that revitalized the religion of Al-Islam in America.
    2nd & 3rd HOUR: The Sacred Life Project with Imam Faheem Shuaibe discussing the Holy Qur'an and the language of Mujaddid Warith Deen Mohammed in relationship to the mission and purpose of human life and the realization of that life in this day and time.

    Currently Imam Shuaibe is focusing on the evolution of Ummah as Culture.

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    The Mark Of The Beast Is Here Now! Why Do They Keep Leaking Stuff Out!?

    in Christianity

     In this episode I will discuss some on the mark of the beast and how its out now its just not mandatory yet!  I will also be discussing how more and more things are being leaked out like first it was the ticker tape reporting the earthquake like in real time like it had just happened but it hadn't just to be taken down! And then the National weath station came out with warnings of tsunami's in several places to then say it was an accident that it was a inside alert they were working on ...Really and in more than one place ...right ...sure...something isn't adding up and I think I know what it is according to all the prophecies dreams and visions!  Also I will again just allow the Holy Spirit to lead this broadcast in the Mighty Name of Jesus all to the glory of God because it is HIs broadcast not mine I am just HIs mouthpiece!!  If you don't know Jesus today please call on Him and if your lukewarm get hot on fire for Yeshua today because only the red hot I like to say will go in the rapture if your lukewarm He will spit you out!  Warning time is about up get in the ark which is JESUS!!!!!! By NO other Name can you be saved under heaven but the Name of JESUS!!!!!!!! He loves you more than anyone could ever love you call on Him today He yearns to fellowship with you He wants relationship with you!!!!!!


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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: Secrets in Relationships

    in Relationships

    Hi Bedroom Playmates!

    Should we keep secrets in relationships? If so, what secrets are necessary to keep? Do you keep secrets from your mate? If so, what are those secrets (share anonymously lol). If you found out something about lover that he/she kept secret would it upset you…or does that depend on the secret? How did you handle it when you found out something about your lover that he/she never told you? Should email and social media passwords be shared? Do you care if lover checks your emails? How much privacy should be allowed in a relationship?

    Lets dish!