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    Show #38: Dean Royles, Chief Exec of NHS Employers

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    Special guest: Dean Royles, Chief Exec of NHS Employers, Task Force member and Social Media Sub Group Chair. And for the second year running named HR Magazine's Most Influential Practitioner 2013.
    We will be talking about Dean's involvement with the Engage for Success Task Force and specifically about the engagement challenges in the NHS.
    Host: Jo Dodds 
    Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    NHS Presents...

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    NHS Presents...A Revolutionary Break Through Product!
                                        ALL NATURAL
    Improves Mood...Increases Energy...Suppresses Appetite
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    Program Summary Dec. 6 2014

    Courtesy Bristol Community FM radio (originating 5 Dec. 2014, UK)

    First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello's exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis

    Investigative reports: Noam Chomsky on the West's post-war betrayal of partisans and workers movements. Noam Chomsky: hard-line critic of US foreign policy; professor of linguistics at MIT. End Game of WWII and Nazis being helped by western intelligence services for various strategic reasons: Nazi Gold; Operation Paperclip, Reinhard Gehlen; NATO; Gladio; Svoboda Pravy Sektor; 'America's Nazi Secret' by US President Jimmy Carter's FBI Special Prosecutor John Loftus author of America's Nazi Secret; WWII US traitor Prescott Bush; 'OPJB' by John Ainsworth-Davies (aka. Christopher Creighton) – Martin Bormann escape from Nazi Germany; South America and Nazis – Klaus Barbie in Bolivia; clip of John Ainsworth-Davies: First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello's exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis aka. Christopher Creighton. MI6 'M' Section cell: Ian Fleming, Desmond Morton, Winston Churchill, King George VI, Lord Louis Mountbatten, John Ainsworth-Davis. Sullivan & Cromwell money laundering; Former CBS News Europe correspondent Paul Manning's book: Martin Bormann Nazi In Exile. Red House Meeting. Post WW2 era: Lucky Luciano and the Mafia; communist threat and strong unions to placate people; clip of Noam Chomsky. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth: TTIP – business led trade deal between US and EU that will degrade regulations – suing governments, secret courts, NHS; doubts that Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station is still going ahead as one of major backers is in financial trouble.
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    Britains NHS Cover Up and Medical Neglect on The Freedom talk Radio Network

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    Stan  Has been in pain due to nhs medical cover ups and abuse and neglect of power in a public hospital.

    secrets within the NHS deliberate misdiagnosis Luton & Dunstable Hos




    All Videos can be found here


    part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0Gb_8YbiR0

    part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X7j2hiURJE

    xrays  and nhs lying failing duty of care


    Call Andy when the phone lines are open 

    UK call in number 0131 618 7778 and from the  usa/Canada call

    315 642 4100 visit the stations website on www.freedomtalkradio.co.uk


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    #8 "How to kick Depression, Addiction and Anxiety"

    in Health

    In this Episode Beth Burgess comes on to the show to talk about :

    Mental Health Problems
    How EFT & NLP can help overcome your stuggles

    Beth has been studying Neuro-linguistic programming for eight years and is a qualified NLP Practitioner (IBPDA).She received a

    Distinction for her Theory and Principles of Indirect Hypnosis, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and NLP Diploma (British Hypnosis Research).

    Beth has been fully trained in Coaching and Mentoring, and also trained in Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Therapy through the NHS.

    Everything else, she has an in-depth knowledge of due to personal experience, study and employing the principles in her life. She lives and breathes Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

    Beth has been on an ongoing quest to understand addiction for over a decade. Having beaten her own serious addiction to alcohol, she continues to explore the causes of addiction and effective methods of recovery.




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    Anastasia, The Super Sleuth Says --

    in Lifestyle

    "Anastasia The Storyteller" is also Anastasia The Super Sleuth, who is also the Executive Director of the New Horizons’ Support Network, Inc., a community development and violence prevention non-profit organization.

    As the lead researcher of New Horizons' Possible Human, Possible Society Study, Anastasia has been discovering her capacity to move beyond the "Cost of The Quiet" to make explicit dire societal and political problems that each and every one of us could be helping to reverse, if only we would.

    These endeavors, in and of themselves, make good stories. However, the story behind these that makes the richest telling, carrying with it a true adventure of a lifetime interweaves Anastasia's adventures of Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street: In The Era Before Watergate and the prophecy she received more than forty years ago on the day before Richard Nixon resigned as president.

    Visit the "Anastasia The Sstoryteller" blog site for stories on Anastasia's personal story behind her astute, well-developed, well-thought out substantiated perspectives on peace actionW. Also visit the New Horizons' Small "Zones of Peace" Project blog site for how Anastasia's viewpoints, personal and professional, are now being put into play at New Horizons.

    Anastasia The Super Sleuth says, Where we are in trouble as a nation,  "It Doesn't Have To Be This Way."

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    Spingola & Friends

    in Education

    Deanna talks with Colin Gunn, an award winning documentarian and the producer of the video, Indoctrination has a new video about socialized medicine, Wait Till It's Free, trailer due for release on September 10. The video guides viewers through an investigation of the 100-year history of government intervention into the U.S. healthcare industry and outlines the dangerous unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Gunn travels to Glasgow to show viewers the consequences of a single-payer system like the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS). After exposing British death panels resulting in the annual deaths of thousands, he determines the only sustainable solution for America's health care system is to halt any more progress towards a socialized system.

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    DR. PHILIP SAVAGE, FireBurnDoctor, the Bio-Matrix Hacker with Alison McDermott

    in Religion

    Our guest is Alison McDermott of FireburnDoctor.com

    Former UK RN, (84` - `94) Alison McDermott became disillusioned with mainstream `healthcare`, leaving the NHS to learn natural health modalities, traveling extensively in Europe, Canada and the US.

    Alison met the founder of FireburnDoctor ten years ago, became a student of his work and has witnessed his medically impossible results on hundreds of people, including herself and her children and on a wide variety of health crises
    She aims to wipe out the world statistics on burns and give the public direct, physical proof

    For you, all you do is call or text to 1-818-332-6445 (from anywhere in the world) or email to fireburndoctor@aol.com, within 30 minutes of the burn and leave the information about the burn victim. That takes about one minute. Then watch and report the amazing results.

    For the FBD team, volunteers on call 24/7, they call the burn victim (or whoever left the information) immediately upon receiving the voice, text or email message. They confirm the accuracy of the burn victim's information and ask that someone report back with the results 30 minutes later.

    For the FireBurnDoctor, as he tries to describe, through a good analogy with the world of computers, software and Internet, how he manages to generate such bewildering results, he says he would define himself as "Bio-Matrix Hacker," something that everyone is now capable of understanding (see www.PSproof.com for more information):



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    Bruce Cryer: The Power To Change Performance

    in Motivation

    Our Guest: Bruce Cryer is a leadership coach and consultant, author, speaker, and co-founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing. For eleven years he served as CEO of the internationally acclaimed HeartMath, an innovative research-based firm offering scientifically-validated products and award-winning technology to boost performance, productivity and health while reducing stress. 

    Bruce’s clients include Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, the NHS (UK), HP, NASA, Boeing, L’Oreal, and the Samueli Institute. He is co-author of the book "From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance" and the Harvard Business Review article “Pull the Plug on Stress”. Bruce has been a faculty member of the Stanford Executive Program since 1997, Stanford’s Health Improvement Program since 2008, and was named a Top 50 Thought Leader in Personal Excellence. He has been interviewed for or written in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, Modern Healthcare, Leadership Excellence, and medical journals such as Stress Medicine as well as many other business and health publications. A series of major health challenges convinced Bruce to transition to a variety of new roles more closely matching his passions. A former actor/singer/dancer on Broadway, he has revived his singing and dancing skills as a “keynote performer” helping audiences align your work with what is most alive and inspired in your heart. 


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    Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) ....Take 2!!!

    in Health

    Looking over the last several shows, the base theme is chronic inflammation....Sooo, this week I decided to replay My interview with Linda Elsegood concerning LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone that being sucessfully utilized to treat numerous chronic illnesses. Linda Elsegood is a leader in the movement to educate patients and doctors about LDN. Her tireless effort is bringing healing to many.

    Linda Elsegood was diagnosed with MS in 2000 at the age of 44. She started LDN 3rd Deb 2003 and founded the LDN Research Trust in Feb 2004 to tell other people find out about LDN and to find prescribing doctors and to help and support clinical trials of LDN. She has organised several LDN conferences, the next being in Las Vegas in Nov 2014.

    Her ultimate goal is for everyone with an autoimmune disease to be given LDN as a first line treatment and in the UK to have it on the NHS. LDN isn't a cure and doesn't work for everyone but it is something well worth researching!

    This information is worth re-visiting....tell your friends!!!

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    Program Summary 29 June 2014

    1st Hour: Former FBI investigator turned whistleblower Colleen Rowley tells how pro-Israel neocons R. Kagan. W. Kristol of PNAC and successor, FPI, AIPAC and spinoff, WINEP, shape US foreign policy decision making, assisted by media, and are pushing for endless war to benefit Israel, including provoking Russia over Ukraine; speaks about changing group names to deceive public; speaks from experience as congressional candidate in dealing with AIPAC; how AIPAC turned Rep. Keith Ellison into Syria hawk; how aspiring pols must bow to AIPAC or get no funds. Courtesy Jeff Blankfort broadcasting from community radio KZYK, Philos, Ca. "Takes on the World" 25 June 2014

    2nd Hour: Bristol Co-op Community Radio "Friday Drivetime" politics with host Tony Gosling and Marin "Old Labour" Summers 27 June 2014: Investigative reports: Lindis Percy, from the Campaign for Accountability at American Bases (CAAB), discusses American bases in Britain – RAF, NSA, NRA, CIA, Snowden, USAF Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire, USAF Croughton in Northamptonshire – no proper oversight from government. Britain as Orwell's Airstrip One and Duncan Campbell's Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier, Next Friday is 4th July, Independence from America day. Joanne Baker, from Child Victims of War, discusses the situation in Iraq and Isis – the attempt of Iraqi people to have a revolution depleted uranium, US and UK criminal conspiracy? Disaster capitalism, WHO report not published that links birth deformities and bombing. Hilary Saunders and Steve Timmins from Protect Our NHS explain their successful legal action which has forced Bristol's Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to change its constitution to allow proper openness and public scrutiny. Is there any future of for a privatised NHS and how can we make sure we pass this wonderful institution on to our children?

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