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    Hermann Cain and Newt Gingrich

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    What has been done to Herman Cain may be indicative of racism?  However, the move up by Newt Gingrich is a real blessing and may be the fix the nation needs to avoid depression, get out of recession and have a new era pf prosperity. 

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    Is Newt Gingrich finished? Is Newt Gingrich finished?

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    The Lessons of Gingrich v. Ryan
    There are two obvious ways to look at the firestorm that greeted Newt Gingrich’s criticisms of the Ryan budget, and the humiliating walkback that quickly followed. From one perspective, it’s a sign that Gingrich is hopelessly out-of-touch with his own party’s newfound seriousness about tackling entitlements.

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    Effing up the election with Newt Gingrich

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    It needs to be Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich does not have a snowball's chance in hell of ever becoming President.The question never was will obama win re-election. The question has always been will the Republicans eff up the election. This should have been an easy election for the Republicans. The economy is in the toilet. Millions of people without jobs. People losing their homes. The stimulus package and all of Obama other ideas has been a failure. All the Republicans had to do was to give the American people a safe alternative to Obama. Just a safe alternative. Not a great leader. Not a great speaker. Not someone with great ideas. Just someone that did not scare the hell out of them. Just a safe alternative. Just someone the American people would think would do ok as president.. Did we get safe alternatives? No , we got a freak show. We got a pizza guy with his 999 bs tax plan. We got a George Bush clone. We got the same political dinosaurs that always run. Out of the pool of candidates that just suck. Newt Gingrich is the worst. Newt Gingrich is the personification of the crooked politician. He cheated on his first wife then on his second wife. When asked why he cheated he said it was because he was working too hard. Even if he does not win the republican nomination. Just to have Newt Gingrich the race is an embarrassment. Do you want to say to the world that Newt Gingrich is a leader of family values conservatives? You guys are just effing this up. You guys need to support Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum. The anti-Romney group needs to support Santorum before it's too late. Read more Music by Susan Picking. Please leave comments at this link.

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    Introduction, Newt Gingrich

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    Introduction to "Shootin the Breeze" and Newt Gingrich once again sticks his foot in his mouth by comparing Bilingual education to "language of living in a ghetto"

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    Newt Gingrich or Missouri Lawrence County Presiding Commissi

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    Shalom!  You  are  warmly welcomed to come ramble & rumble with the radio rabbi, live or on demand.
    NEWT GINGRICH, requested not confirmed. Missouri Lawrence County Presiding Commissioner SAM GOODMAN.
    Top of broadcast, featuring signature song & award-winning Messianic cantor, Jonathan Settel, When the LORD Returns to Tzion from the project Kol B’MidBar [Voice in the Wilderness].
    Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi!   Venue for Vision & Values In Our Communities
    Experience the rush!
    Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi! Live, or on demand. 3x a week, M-W-F, 3:33 p central, Great Guests @ 3:40

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    Sarah Palin Radio with guest Newt Gingrich

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    Presidential Candidate Former Speaker of the House and Republican candidate for President Newt Gingrich returns as a guest on SARAH PALIN RADIO to discuss his rapid rise in the polls and his campaign. To find out more about Newt Gingrich's campaign for the Presidency, go to Newt.org.

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    Interview with Newt Gingrich, Coby Dillard

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    While on tour with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, will be interviewed by African-American Conservatives.

    The official press release for the education tour can be found here:

    Mr. Gingrich is a noted author and lecturer, best known as Speaker of the House under the Clinton Administration, and for his work on the Contract With America. Mr. Gingrich is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Professor at the National Defense University. He currently serves on several boards and committees including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,Defense Policy Board, Terrorism Task Force for the Council on Foreign Relations, and Co-Chair of the National Commission for Quality Long-term Care. He is an Editorial Board Member of the Johns Hopkins University journal, Biosecurity and Bioterrorism, and is an Advisory Board Member of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and was recently named co-Chair of the UN Task Force, a bi-partisan Congressional effort to reform the United Nations.

    Rounding out the hour will be Coby Dillard, fresh off the campaign trail for now Governor-Elect, Bob McDonnell. Mr. Dillard served as Coalitions Director for Mr. McDonnell in his outreach to Veteran and African-American communities. He is a Navy veteran having, served his country honorably for six years - OIF in 2003 and GTMO in 2005. After a stint as a contractor and federal employee in our nation's capitol, Mr. Dillard joined the McDonnell team in May of 2009, through the conclusion of the election cycle, culminating Mr. McDonnell's successful bid for Governorship of Virginia.

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    Is Newt Gingrich the next GOP Presidential Nominee?

    in Current Events

    Newt Gingrich pulled out an upset in South Carolina.  Is the former Speaker poised to be the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee?  Can he win in November against President Obama?  Join us today as we provide a unique perspective on this and the issues in sports, entertainment, and politics.
    We are LIVE every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. cst (5:00 e.st.)!! Remember it is written, "My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge..., " so stay engaged, stay informed, and stay plugged-in to Current Events with Patrick Cook. 

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    Offlimits - Why Newt Gingrich is a Model Christian

    in Culture

    Newt Gingrich came out today and said that if he were elected President of the United States that he would do all he could to block the progress of gay rights in America. Let's discuss this and why "Christians" such as this are such an affront to society today.

    We'll also discuss the idea that being a Christian is somehow superior to not being a Christian. We'll talk bout their hypocrisy and their lies and their Christian agenda.

    Let's discuss this and much more. Feel free to call in and talk with me about it tonight on Offlimits!

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    Newt Gingrich For Pres: Should Black People Demand Paychecks

    in Family

    This episode will discuss Newt Gingrich's comments during his GOP candidacy in N.H. Is he correct, should black people demand  paycheck and not be satisfied with food stamps?

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    Gatewood's Legacy Radio (444th) LIVE Show

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    Call 646-668-8648 to be on the show Live with us or just listen in Live to the show.. If calling from a landline you must first  dial 1 then the number. Join Coaldust your Host and Jolene the Co Host everyday from 4 till 5 pm eastern time.You can also find us on Facebook along with Twitter..Gatewood's Legacy Radio an Gatewood's Legacy has a like page on facebook a group page and our web site is www.gatewoodslegacy.com you can also join us there. Here are some quotes from Gatewood Galbraith "Newt (former House Speaker Gingrich) and Mitch (Senate Minority Leader McConnell) are aliens, not conservatives. They never met a bloated police state they didn't like." Quotes from Gatewood "For all you Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial-Transnational-Corporate-Fascist-Elite-Bastards, I've got your karma right here. "If I was going to lie to you, I'd already be elected. "Ronald Reagan and George Bush aren't conservatives. They are aliens." "My opponents are both honorable men, and I believe they're telling the truth on each other in those ads they're running. If they're lying, we can't use 'em in Congress. If they're telling the truth, we sure as hell can't use 'em." "We're going to take the government out of your bedroom, your bloodstream, your brain, your bladder, your business, your billfold, your back pockets, your bingo halls and your Internet bulletin boards." "Did my father's generation hit the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima so that I'd have to pee in a cup to hold a job in America?" Give us a call at 646-668-8648 to be on the show.

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