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    Autumn, The Play Inspired by Former Newark Mayors, Cory Booker and Sharpe James!

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    Autumn, The Play Inspired by the Newark NJ Mayors Cory Booker and Sharp James!

    SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 2015 EXCLUSIVE: MNN's "The Gist of Freedom" Interviews of Richard Wesley and cast members! Mr. Wesley an Award-winning Playwright and Screenwriter talks about his new play, "Autumn"!
    Richard Wesley, whose hits include "Uptown Saturday Night" and "Let's Do It Again" which starred Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby and "The Mighty Gents" which went to Broadway.

    "Autumn," an absorbing new drama by Richard Wesley that probes the fragility of political legacies and human relationships, premieres at Crossroads Theatre Company April 23 through May 3.   
    "Autumn" is the first full-length stage play, since the premiere of Wesley's acclaimed work, "The Talented Tenth," in 1989, which looked at the lives of a group of Howard University graduates who were part of an emerging Black elite.  
    “I began thinking that there was a new generation of post-civil rights movement politicians emerging that was very different from the generation that came of age during the civil rights movement,” Wesley said. “There was a group of old-school politicians who found themselves wrapped up in political scandals; and right behind [them] were these younger politicians who were moving up.”
    Since 1995, Wesley has been an associate professor of dramatic writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he served as chair of the Rita and Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing for eight years. He is a former vice president of the Writers Guild of America, East.
    Crossroads Theater Company is located at 7 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick. For tickets, call (732) 545-8100 or purchase online at crossroadstheatrecompany.org.

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    PotStockRadio.com- 420 Celebration w/ NJ Weedman and Twitter's own @moon_shine15

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    This week on #PotStockRadio Eric @EbizDizzle Ry @ryanmgodfrey and Trace @supergravy kick off the 420 celebration with our home states most known Pot Activist Ed Forchion. He's known as The NJ Weedman and if your from NJ you've seen his awesome van that looks like a mixture of the Scooby Doo and A-Team van but is all about weed! We'll talk to him about his life as an activist including his legendary public smoke outside the State House and his history with Govener Chris Christie. We'll also have on @moon_shine15 to talk about the MJ Sector overall and the impact of Judge Mueller's decline to remove pot as a schedule 1 drug in California.

     As always any questions or feedback about the show can be directed to eric@potstockradio.com and don't forget to check outPotStockRadio.com for updates and news!PotStockRadio does not condone or promote the use of any illegal substance. Also, PotStockRadio is for educational and entertainment purposes only!

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    Invading Mars Live: The Reunion Episode. 

    After a 2-week hiatus please welcome Admin 1 and IVM Live back to the airwaves to discuss the happenings of the last 14 days such as, the liker meet-ups, news, and the Ratchet Roundup Atlanta edition. I will also have a  co-host that will be helping us bridge the gap between generation Y as we discuss why there is a decline in dating among this age bracket. We missed two weeks DO NOT make it 3. See you this Tuesday at 8pm!!!

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    CAC Radio - Reunion Recap Oliver and Kirsch

    in Sports

    CAC Radio - Reunion Recap Oliver and Kirsch

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    Episode_14: Post Newark School Board Election Wrap Up

    in Politics

    A discussion about the culture of Newark politics and the future of the Newark Public School System.

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    Checking in with Joetta from Stone Harbor, NJ

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    Live From Location This Wednesday April 29, 2015  Stone Harbor, NJ

    NEW TIME 7:30pm- 8:30pm EST  The Reeds at Shelter Haven

    Madame Olympian will speak to the community.

    A partnership with the Mayors Wellness Campaign and Stone Harbor Recreation. The event is 5:30pm - 6:30pm visit.  www.StoneHarborRecreation.com

    Listen via:
    www.joettasportsandbeyond.com   click on Radio


    "Checking in with Joetta” is an interactive show that will provide informative conversations about topics such as health, education, finances, fitness, empowerment, sports, relationships, and motivational tactics. These topics will be discussed with business & financial leaders, educators, sports legends, entrepreneurs, health & wellness advocates and historical icons.

    "Checking in with Joetta" will serve as a useful, informative and thought provoking resource for ALL adults, teens & children.

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    Taiwan Bailey, Walter Scott, Destiny's Child Reunion?, Hillary Clinton 2016

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    Missed Church today? Prepared to be INSPIRED!

    Join the #SundayDinnerCrew b/k/a #HolliewoodAndFriends (Hollie Wood, Venor and Miss Juddy) tonight at 8pm EST as they give you the latest #HotInTheBlogs topics as only they can!


    Trap Gospel? Should it matter as long as the message is there?


    Gospel Artist Tawain Bailey 
    The murder of #WalterScott and aftermath.
    Pretending to be black? Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) brother did just that to get into medical school.
    Rumors of a Destiny's Child reunion.

    and a whole lot MORE!

    Also #WhatBlowsMine (where you, the listener can call in and tell the world what's that one thing that just gets under your skin)

    Tune in tonight at 8pm EST!

    You can call 646-716-8544 just to listen or press 1 to be a part of the show and speak your mind on the topics.

    Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? Submit music to the be played on the show holliewoodandfriendsradio@gmail.com

    FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: hamptonblu@gmail.com 

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    Whispers Wednesday Reunion w/ Shady & Steve

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    Join Shady & Steve as they host the Whispers Wednesday Reunion!.This one is the last one of the season! Join us as we talk about the season that has just ended. Jim was crowned the winner unanimously! Jenn was awarded Player of the Season & tonight we will talk with them & everyone else that was a part of this legendary season! Legion 4 Life dominated this game & it was 2 Legion members who were left in the Final 2. Tonight we will speak with them, as well as the rest of Legion, Sigur Huset & the Hosts! Join Shady, Steve, Jim, Jenn, Janet, Lisa as well as everyone else! Join us for a fun night of trash talk and memories, filled w/ untimely laughter.(from Jenn lol) and a ton of fun!

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    The Angel of Camden, NJ

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    Please join host Frankie Picasso and guest Nyzia Easterling on Thursday, April 9th at 1:00 pm EST for The Good Radio Network.

    If I can help somebody, my life has not been in vain....Nyzia Easterling

    Camden , NJ is a city traumatized by violence. It’s higher than average violent crime rate is spiralling out of control  and those who are most affected by this are the children, because in the aftermath, when all is said and done, these children are left parentless and suffering without any hope of a different future. (Camden is rated as # 3 on the Crime index ( out of 100 being the safest) it is safe to say that here is a community that could use some Saving Grace.  

    Enter Nyzia Easterling. Nyzia is no stranger to loss, yet she founded Saving Grace Ministries for the children of her community.  She knew how they suffered from being  parentless, a by product of the violence in which they lived. Nyzia knew their sorrow, and saw their future…. A future of unimaginable difficulty, staring down their mortality with as much awareness as with any other routine coping skill. Something had to be done.

     Says Nyzia “This “new normal” was anything but welcoming, offering up the intangibility of separation amidst an inconceivable reality."  Our mission is to embrace these Victims of Violent Crimes, to erase the negative personification of their unmerited circumstances by engaging them through an amazing ministry we call Saving Grace.”

    Saving Grace Ministry's is a collaborative community focused organization offering, counseling, tutoring, mentoring, life skills, seminars, clothing and more. Please join in this conversation.

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    2015 NFL Draft Preview Show w/ Ron in NJ (04-28-15)

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    This week college football savant Ron in NJ joins Dave to break down the 2015 NFL Draft from Chicago.   On the show, Ron will look at the two high profile quarterbacks at the top Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota and evaluate whether they have what it takes to be successful in the NFL.   We'll also predict possible draft day trades, then look at our first round predictions for most of the NFL's 32 teams.   Which position in the NFL will have the most depth in this year's draft?   How will the Buccaneers, Titans, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Jets, Bears, Falcons, Giants, Rams, and other teams build their team with this year's draft.  60 minutes of non stop draft coverage here in the City.