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    Inside The New York Times Book Review: ‘City of Thorns’

    in Books

    This week, Ben Rawlence discusses “City of Thorns”; Alexandra Alter has news from the literary world; Janice Y. K. Lee talks about “The Expatriates”; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

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    New York Jets biggest holes and potential solutions

    in Sports

    On this weeks episode of Joe, Vinny & the Jets we will look at the biggest holes on the New York Jet roster. There are also some topics and rumors surrounding the New York Jets that need to be discussed. Also if you haven't heard yet Super Bowl 50 will be played on Sunday, who wil win?

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    Looking at our New York Jets free agents

    in Sports

    On this weeks episode of Joe, Vinny & the Jets we will take a look at each of the New York Jets free agents to be. Should the Jets re-sign Wilkerson? What are you willing to pay Harrison and Fitzpatrick? These are some of the many topics we will be running through

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    Travel Today - The Chatwal, New York City

    in Travel

    This week, the Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Show broadcasts from The Chatwal hotel in New York, a landmark building that was once the famous Lambs Club (and is now housing Geoffrey Zakarian’s Lambs Club restaurant). It’s got a wealth of history on 44th street on the west side of Manhattan and is right in the center of the Theater District. Joining Peter will be historian Elizabeth Bradley, who tells the great story of the lovers and the murder of Stanford White, and the very first “trial of the century.” Kevin Fitzpatrick, author of Dorothy Parker’s New York and Under the Table: A Dorothy Parker Cocktail Guide, reveals how many speakeasies were once on 44th street (whatever number you guess, you’ll be way too low), and talks about special secrets of the neighborhood.

    Ashish Verma stops by to talk about how the hotel owners worked to maintain the landmark status of the building as well as maintaining its architectural style, and Nicole Morris and Audrey Romanola, Spa Directors at the Red Door in The Chatwal, speak about the wellness experience and the urban sanctuary the spa provides.

    Additionally, The New York Times‘ Seth Kugel will discuss the $100/day trip challenge, and Chatwal Chefs Arthur Barrette and Eric Haugen reveal the secrets of sourcing amazing New Brunswick salmon. There’s all of this and more as Peter Greenberg Worldwide broadcasts from The Chatwal in New York.

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    The City Winery with New York City , Chicago, Napa , Nashville , Atlanta

    in Pop Culture

    Shlomo lives and breathes for music and works hard to bring interesting, diverse and exceptional talent to City Winery's stage. A member of the core team that founded City Winery in 2008, Shlomo is a well-recognized figure in and around the venue. When he isn't perfecting his Shlo-Mullet hair, rambling in Hebrew or blasting his latest music discovery in the office, he is busy making concerts happen - often 5 days or more per week! Shlomo also books external productions and benefit concerts with Michael Dorf Presents, including the famed NYC venues Carnegie Hall, Central Park SummerStage, The Apollo and much more. When he is not in music mode, he plays for the Israeli Baseball team as the starting pitcher.City Winery is the brainchild of Michael Dorf, founder of the iconic Knitting Factory, one of New York’s longest running music venues, wanted to create a space in Manhattan where he could combine his shared passions for wine and music. How was the idea conceived? After making his first barrel of wine in California with his brother Josh and wine maker David Tate, formerly of Ridge Winery and now at Barnett Vineyards, Michael caught the bug: "For a long time I'd been enjoying wine as a fan-drinking it, taking classes, attending wine dinners-but it was not until I actually started participating in the process of working with the grape, turning it into wine, putting it into a bottle, and watching it develop over time, that I really started to understand wine. And when I would give my friends a bottle of wine with my name on it, most would respond by saying: 'I wanna do that too!' It was this experience that led Michael to conceptualize and start working on the City Winery business plan in 2006.


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    Marty Appel, Nation's Leading Authority on New York Yankees [with Carmen Amoros]

    in Baseball

    Marty Appel is considered the nation's leading authority on the New York Yankees.  His 20 books include "Pinstripe Empire: The New York Yankees from Before the Babe to After the Boss", and the children's version, "Pinstripe Pride".  He also wrote the New York Times best-seller "Munson," and collaborations with Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, and umpire Eric Gregg.  His 19th century biography, "Slide, Kelly, Slide" was named winner of the Casey Award as outstanding baseball book of 1996.  A former Yankees public relations director and Emmy award winning television producer (while working for WPIX), he has also handled public relations for the Topps Company, the Atlanta Olympics, MLB, and, through Marty Appel Public Relations - The Sporting News, the Baseball Hall of Fame...  [Read full bio at www.AppelPR]

    Book: Pinstripe Empire
    Marty Appel PR - Official Website
    Marty Appel Interview on NYPCRadio Site

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    What's Happening Now? New York Radio

    in Hip Hop Music

    Lourdes B aka sunydew, and her Co Host Mr. Mel , Discuss New Label, Artist and play tracks of unsigned artist. 

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    World Series Food: Kansas City Missouri vs Queens New York

    in Food


    Tonight starts a sports Spectacular! called the World Series. Who's in it Kansas City Royal vs the New York Mets here we go Y'all home runs,rbi and great pitching... There another subject thats important for baseball fans..Can you guess ?  It's "Great Food" Here on Flavor Living Radio we have two guest from both teams explaining there regional food trends...That all I can say for now tune-in and listen while your at home or at the World Series. Our website http://www.flavorlivingradio.com


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    New York Jets Season Review; Not your Same old Jets

    in Football

    The New York Jets had a record breaking, Franchise re-setting season, yet there remain cries of "Same old Jets" because they did'nt make the NFL Playoffs.

    The Wildcard playoff Games themselves were enough to show Jets Fans Just how Far this years team might have gone. By what we saw this weekend, the Jets would have gone beyond the first round had they beat the Buffalo Bills in Week 17 and played to their potential.

    Jets' GM Mike Maccagnan now faces his first real scouting test. With a now tight salary cap and a lack of players signed at key positions, who stays, who goes? A financial battle lies ahead.

    Season review and an eye towards the future. Join us by calling in.

    ALSO: New York Jets' Joe Klecko and Kevin Mawae - Why their not yet in the NFL Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Is Gary Myers of the NYDN to Blame? Has he done his job as the N.Y. Jets Representative? According to Myers we all are:

    "You have absolututely no idea how the process works. Until you do, Keep your uninformed opinions to yourself"

    Mr. Myers , You sir know not to whom your speaking to. Join us and explain why you should not retire your voting position.

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    New York Jets Finish 10-6 Drop series to Bills

    in Football

    For the New York Jets it was a Record Breaking Season, Finishing  10-6 overall after a dismal 4-12  2014 season.

    But the Jets Dropped the series to the Buffalo Bills and their Former Coach, Rex Ryan.

    The Jets announced Coaching chanes.

    We'll discuss the Game, the outcome and the implications for next season going forward.

    Their season may be over but the work begins now for GM Mike Maccagnon.

    The Jets are the only above .500 team in the NFL that won't make the playoffs this season.

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    New York Jets Vs. The New York Giants Home Stadium Rivals Game

    in Football

    The New York Jets beat the New York Football Giants, Metlife stadium rivals the Jets have the better Defense and all their starters on the offensive line.

    The New York Football Giants have Eli Manning and Odel Beckham Jr. No rushing game and a banged up offensive line.

    With the Jets moving pieces and playing the best man, their strategy that won them the defensive game against the Dolphins beat the Giants too.

    The Jets face the Titans and Cowboys before their last two tough matchups of the year, and each game is a must win insofar as the Wildcard playoffs are concerned, but did the New York Jets continue to come together as a team, did they play a team game?

    Join Herb LaLanne and James Boyd as we discuss these and other earth shattering momnets in time and how they directly affect those around us each week. Call-In or Listen anytime via OneJetDrive and Blogtalk Radio.