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    The News in Jersey: Broadstreet Ads

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    This week we sat down with Kenny Katzgrau from Broadstreet Ads to talk about some of the latest news in online advertising.

    In his most recent blog post, Kenny discussed some of the shortcomings of standard banner ads, especially when it comes to smaller, indie publishers who find themselves in competition with larger publishers.

    Kenny worked on Yahoo's Right Media Exchange prior to co-founding Broadstreet with John Crepezzi in March 2012. The Broadstreet team consisted of John Ward of Red Bank Green, Kenny Katzgrau who had recently left Yahoo, and John Crepezzi, formerly of Patch. They set out to build a powerful set of tools for the independent and modern digital news publisher − tools that could be used to network and build a more expansive business than previously possible.

    For those of you who missed the live broadcast or didn't get to ask your question, please continue the discussion in the comments section of the post on the NJ News Commons homepage!

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    SOBA Radio New Jersey Episode 4

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    We are a state-wide association, focusing on the State level law enforcement professionals, from the boots on the street too the supervisors in the office we will be a collective voice. SOBA will establish a Political Action Committee and Fund to help promote and finance the campaigns of political candidates who support public safety and the issues that move the professions forward. We will strive to improve the relationship and to share ideas between government leaders and our membership. You can join SOBA and maintain your activity within your union, whether it's the FOP / PBA or any union within the state we will work too support our membership.   

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    Drinking Dirty in Jersey Live in New Orleans!!*An excuse to drink on a Tuesday!*

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    Tuesday October 7th at 5:00pm Eastern we will broadcasting Live on location in New Orleans!! Joining us on the show will be The Avenue Pub rated a Top 50 Beer Bar in Draft Magazine/Rate Beer. We will also have some of the Top NOLA beers in studio for an Ultimate Louisiana Taste Test. Also Hurricanes,Drinking Games,Salute to the Greatest Drunk of all time Andre the Giant,a Big Brew Festival Preview and more..

    Watch us live @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ddij-live

    Listen to us live @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drinkingdirtyinjersey

    Tune in and Drink on!!

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    MANDATORY Ebola Quarantine in New York, New Jersey!

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    Watch the HD Video of this report here

    Following the confirmed Ebola case in NYC of Dr. Craig Spencer, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey announced a mandatory quarantine for individuals deemed high risk.  

    Patients who have had the highest level of exposure to the virus will be quarantined at a "government-regulated facility" for 21 days.

    Will the quarantine be used in a rational, effective manner that prevents the spread of the deadly virus?  Or, could this be the beginning of a "FEMA camp" scenario that many have feared for so long?

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    D.D.I.J. Presents..Taylor Ham Egg and Beer..Featuring New Jersey Brew!

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    Join us Saturday Night January 4th as we celebrate the Beers of Jersey! We will taste and rate the best Beers Jersey has to offer! Also we will have as our special guests New Jersey Brew Magazine..A magazine dedicated to all things brewing in the Garden State and JP Kelly's Bar in Great Meadows N.J.! Also Steve from Eldorado Winehouse in Mt Lakes N.J. joins us with "Booze News"..The Drinking word of the night..A salute to the Greatest Drunk of all time Andre the Giant and much more!..So join us for a night of all things Drinking in Jersey!..Tune in and Drink On!

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    SOBA Radio New Jersey Episode 1

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    This inaugural show will explain the "Collective Bargaining" system in New Jersey. We will also take calls during the show to discuss the current role of today's statewide union currently holding the bargaining rights for state corrections and parole.
    The State Officers Benevolent Association leadership is seeking to collectively bargain for state correction officers and state parole officers. The leadership of SOBA has witnessed the current bargaining agent negotiate away the memberships rights and privelages over the past twenty years, to the level of negotiating away rights guaranteed by law to protect.
    How does a bargaining agent negotiate a right protected by law?
    How does a bargaining agent remove the memberships legal protection system?
    How does a bargaining agent allow the state to remove on the job injury protections from the membership, Sick leave injury?  
    These are just a few of the questions we will be answering during the live show.  Please join us during the show, either by phone or in the chat room.  Share this show information will all the State Correction Officers and State Parole Officers you know.
    ADVISORY NOTICE: The hosts of this show will not discuss security issues within the penal system. This show is strictly for representation discussion only.

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    Intro to Hudson County, New Jersey Radio, Episode 1

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    Hudson County, New Jersey Radio is Hosted by John ODonnell Rosales and covers the History, Culture, People and Politics of Hudson County, New Jersey.

    John ODonnell Rosales is a Cuban Exile and a Graduate of Union Hill High School, Union City, N.J. and holds a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and General Studies from the University of Miami, Florida and a Master of Arts Degree in History from the University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama. He is a Historian and Political Consultant and is also a Priest (Babalao) in the Santeria Faith. He is the author of "Hispanic Confederates", which is a listing of Confederate Soldiers and Officer's who were of Hispanic descent. The book is now in its 3rd Edition. He is also the owner of "EL BABALAO Soap and Fragrance Company".

    If you would like to appear as a guest on the show or if you would like to advertise on the show you may reach us at HudsonCountyRadio@Aol.Com 

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    The New Jersey Paraunity Expo

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we discuss the New Jersey Paraunity Expo that was held on May 31, 2014 at the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ. We will share our experiences meeting celebrities, various paranormal groups, and ECRIPT's investigations of the haunted tunnels outside of the Art Factory.

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    King James Digest @ South River, New Jersey

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        We are at the South River Family Festival in South River, New Jersey for this special edition of the King James Digest to go over our plans for the rest of the summer.


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