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    Kasey Kiwi's 2015 Annual New Zealand Cruise

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    Kasey Kiwi will be hosting his first cruise annual cruise to New Zealand in November 2015. Where will the cruise be going and what funthings will you get to see and do while on the cruise. Will there be anything happening before or after the cruise? Will you be able to stay longer and explore more? These questions will be answered on today's show. 

    For more information please click HERE

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    Nurturing Stories in New Zealand - In The Belly of The Whale School inspires!

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    In The Belly Of The Whale school for Storytelling on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand founder Judy Frost-Evans, shares her inspirations for forming the school, which hosts national and international storytelling teachers and tellers. Judy shares what she has found so important about storytelling in life, work and personal development. She includes information about upcoming workshops (including the Naturally Funny workshop with your AngelHeart Radio host Caroline Welkin) and ongoing events, and her personal stories.

    You can check out what’s going on In the Belly Of The Whale at https://www.facebook.com/InTheBellyOfTheWhaleSchoolOfStorytelling

    Angel Heart Radio is feel good-in-your-soul radio brimming with Inspiring, Insightful, supportive programs hosted by wonderful, passionate 'ordinary' people from Australia, the U.S.A & N.Z. Our intention always, is to help make a positive, empowering difference in your daily life, reminding you of just how important you are. Why? Because you matter in the world.

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    The Waitaha Water Gathering in New Zealand

    in Health

    The Waitaha Water Gathering happens every 50 years and has happened for thousands of years, always behind closed doors.  This year is the first time in recorded human history that the Water people of Earth are opening up their libraries, and are inviting us, the modern world and other first Nations to bring our wisdom to their Gathering place for they know deeply that this is the time window in which we need to act with peace and understanding.  

    "It is part of our collective remembrance process for humanity in which one day we all will remember the intimate interconnection, interrelation we as people have with Water, with our Land, our Earth and with all Life.  Through this we believe we can assist greatly the shift in our predominant current culture from an ownership based to a stewardship based culture, we grow in our collective conscious awareness from having rights to responsibility.  True awareness when shared amongst many is curative for old no longer serving habits."

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    #170 Partnerunning's New Zealand Run Vacation

    in Fitness

    New Zealnd is a running paradise with year round events and some of the most beautiful run locations in the world.

    The ideal running conditions provide the back drop to a mix of city, trail, mountain, off road, individual and team events.

    The land of the long white cloud is and ideal holiday destination and following on from the recent Partnerunning Shows featuring running bucket lists and run vacations this week we go on a tour of New Zealand marathons and other inviting running events.

    Taking a month by month approach we cover the most popular events including the Auckland and Wellington Marathons, Around the Mountain 100 Miler and a range of other running options.

    Also on this weeks show:

    Over the shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The road ahead

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    Ep 1 - 1080 Poison in New Zealand - Interview with Clyde Graf

    in Lifestyle

    Episode 1 - The Hunting Show, Interview with Clyde Graf about 1080 in New Zealand and how it effects the environment and wildlife


    See http://www.thegrafboys.org/ , http://www.1080science.co.nz/ or http://www.tvwild.co.nz/ for more information.

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    Air New Zealand Vacations - Special Guest Matt Greenham

    in Travel

    Want to visit Australia, New Zealand, or South Pacific? Not sure where to start? Today we talk about what's hot and trending in Australia, NZ and the South Pacific and give you some insider tips.

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    The Neonicotinoid View: John Hartnell Discusses Honeybee Health In New Zealand

    in Environment

    New Zealand is known for its pristine lands because of the aggressive measures it takes when it comes to protecting agriculture. In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host, June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Tom Theobald talk to New Zealand's very own John Hartnell a honeybee health advocate who also operates one of the largest exporting businesses that specialize in bee products. Mr. Hartnell will discuss what actions have been taken to protect honeybees as well as the Trees For Bees program, which has been a huge success. Stay tuned! If you are not receiving our most recent interviews, please re-subscribe to our new Official RSS feed on iTunes, Youtube or you visit our podcast archives which can be found at www.theorganicview.com. Stay tuned!

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    Smarter Cities Challenge Christchurch New Zealand

    in Technology

    Broadcasting live from Christchurch New Zealand, join Caleb Barlow, Luciana Camargo, John Fennell, Drew Clark, Stephen Dill and Erick Brethenoux on a special assignment as part of the Smarter Cities Challenge.  The city of Christchurch recently suffered a series of earthquakes which caused massive damage in the central city and some suburban areas along with the death of 185 people.   Most of the central city area is unusable as nearly 70% of commercial buildings are scheduled to be demolished.  In the next 10 years, an estimated $40 billion will be invested in rebuilding and renewing Christchurch.  This team of 6 IBM executives are on the ground in Christchurch working with city leaders, investors, students and innovators to provide recommendations on how to make the city smarter and more effective.  The opportunity here is simply amazing – a high quality of life, easy access to the outdoors, a well educated English speaking workforce and a growth in GDP that already rivals China and they are just getting started.  In this episode we put the regular IT dialog aside and talk about the incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in the coming years in Christchurch as it rebuilds.
    To see a video of what we are discussing go to YouTube:
    You can also follow our progress on the #smartercities challenge blog:
    An overview of the rebuild plan can be found in this video:

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    Insider's Cruise to New Zealand

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    We have just released a group cruise to New Zealand with a twist. It will be personally escorted by your host Helen Brahms. Tune in to hear about some of the fun things you will see, hear, and do while we cruie New Zealand in 2012.

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    EP20 - Warren Bird, the New Zealand developer of the HECS patented apparel

    in Hobbies

    EP20 -Interview with Warren Bird, the New Zealand developer of the HECS patented apparel, find out how HECS came to be developed by a Kiwi.


     Will HECS work for you? I was not convinced, but after talking to Warren I am going to give it a try!


    HECS patented technology works by blocking the human electric signal.

    HECS is based on 3 simple scientific principles.

    1: All living creatures emit a measurable electrical energy signal.

    2: Many animals can detect electrical energy. 

    3: A conductive screen known as a Faraday cage can block electrical energy. 

    HECS Stealthscreen is made of conductive carbon fibers uniquely woven to block the human electric signal.

    HECS allows hunters, photographers, wildlife researchers and divers to get closer to animals in their natural undisturbed state.


    You can see more about HECS at:



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    Kiritapu Murray - The New Zealand Disaster

    in Current Events

    Kiritapu Murray, a longtime resident of Christchurch and friend of CoHost Steve McManus, lived through the horrible earthquakes of Sept, 2010 (7.1 magnitude) and Feb, 2011 (6.3 magnitude) . Much of Christchurch was damaged or destroyed and 185 people died.  While the events at Fukushima, Japan continue to be covered in the press, New Zealand has all but disappeared from American airwaves. In the time since September of 2010, there has been no respite from continuing earthquakes and aftershocks. Residents of Christchurch have had to adapt to what is an ongoing disaster.  

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