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    New Paradigm

    in Education

    Episode 2 part 1.  I will be discussing new ideas on creating a unified world.   

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    Embodied Love: Veganism as a New Paradigm of Relationship & Cosmic Story

    in Lifestyle

    First Guest:  Cathy Pagano visits us again, discussing the Cosmic Story, or what the cosmos is cooking up for us in the coming weeks and how it might be relevant to our individual and collective lives.

    Second Guest:  Charlotte Cressey, animal liberation activist, educator, ecofeminist, creatrix of Earth Energy Yoga will discuss Embodied Love: Veganism as a New Paradigm of Relationship.  Moving beyond "might makes right" mentality toward a shift to veganism as a new paradigm of relationship will be topic tonight as we discuss how you can enhance your sense of self-love, experience more pleasure on a daily basis, feel connected to Nature, dispel feelings of disconnection and separation from the divine and increase your energy, vitality and joy - all with a shift away from our carnivore habits and adoption of the vegan lifestyle.  Charlotte explains how the use of animals for food and other products is the most heavily ingrained practice of institutionalized violence disconnecting us from our compassion and innate love that seeps into all areas of our lives and choices.  Charlotte makes a case for wholeness as individuals and a global humanity and the real power each individual has to manifest a revolution of love and create a peaceful world for all beings.

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    Living a New Paradigm with Indira Dyal Dominguez & Dr. Laurel Geise

    in Self Help

    Dr. Laurel Geise welcomes Indira Dyal Dominguez, author of YOU: A Spiritual Being on a Spiritual Journey, who will share transformational tools for living a new paradigm. When you resolve issues from your Self, and not your Mind, you can find personal answers for living a more fulfilled life.

    Indira Dyal Dominguez has trained and coached thousands of people, in her Journey to Your Inner Peace workshops and corporate seminars, to go beyond the logic of the mind, to connect with the Self, giving you access to your dreams. Contact Indira at www.IndiraToday.com.

    As the evolutionary thought leader of the Soul-Guided Living movement, Dr. Laurel Geise is an inspirational author, international speaker and spiritual teacher empowering you to listen, align and act your way to living your soul’s calling. Get your free Soul Journaling Guide now at www.LaurelGeise.com

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    Patricia Albere - Opening to a New Paradigm: Higher Communication

    in Self Help

    Our guest, Patricia Albere is a spiritual teacher, founder & director of the Evolutionary Collective, & co-author of MUTUAL AWAKENING: Opening to a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness.

    Who are we at our core? Who is the “essential you” that has always been there – at your point of origination, where your being starts…?

    Patricia Albere says, "Awakening consciousness leads us to wisdom within. AND, Mutual awakening leads us to wisdom of the collective."

    Have you noticed how we walk the planet in isolation? Even in our uber-connected world, we see thousands of people pass on the street every day--barely noticing each other or their environment.

    Just how aware are we that Ordinary Consciousness is based in separation?

    Patricia’s lifelong inquiry into human potential has brought her to an entirely new understanding of unity-consciousness opening a collective knowing or intuition that is truly always there for us.

    “Do you want to be a sommelier of human beingness?”

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    in Education


    Houston Tucker of Figment Consulting with a new manifesto on virtual learning.

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    The Multidimensionality of the New Paradigm Reality

    in Spirituality

    In this webcast, Caroline shares insight on the global events and explains that our linear perception of 3D reality causes much confusion and frustration. She explains the importance of multi-dimensional experience as a way to create the new paradigm reality on Earth.

    You will find a great number of deep and powerful guided meditations to help you experience the multidimensionality of reality in the OMnium Universe Guided Meditation library.




  • New Paradigm Eroticism TEST

    in Spirituality


  • GEI 51: The top 5 Problems CEO's face in the New Paradigm with Thomas Hong

    in Business

    The CEO of CEO Board is here to help us understand the Top 5 Problems CEO's are facing in the New Paradigm:

    Thomas Hong’s early career was that of Manager, Director and VP of Engineering at companies that included IBM, Memorex, National Semiconductors, Intersil and Apple. As serial entrepreneur, he was Principal Founder/CEO of 4 computer peripheral and networking products companies.  He raised funding from Angel investors, VCs and corporate investors. He managed one startup from inception to generate $23 million revenue and $1 million profit in the second year of operation. He has recruited domestic and international distributors in most major countries and has sold 12 technology licenses to private and public companies. During the last 12 years, Thomas has been the Principal Founder of CEONetworking which transformed to the Board of CEOs. He facilitates these organizations’ meetings providing advice/consulting to hundreds of hi-tech CEOs in Silicon Valley. He has also been on the Advisory Board of several Silicon Valley hi-tech startups.

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    Colorism vs. Racism: A New Paradigm on Race with Jane Elliott

    in Self Help

    Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. Freddie Gray. These are just a few names you’ve heard on the news lately and their deaths have us all asking questions about racism and injustice.

    In a world we proudly call modern and progressive, why are we still dealing with racial discrimination? Haven’t we all moved on and accepted that the color of one’s skin shouldn’t be how we judge them?

    The US has witnessed the elimination of slave labor and the signing of the Civil Rights Act by President Johnson which prohibits discrimination of all kinds based on race, color, religion or national origin. But despite achieving this, the USA of today is still dealing with issues of race.


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    The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald and Bonnie Serratore

    in Goals

    Today my guest is Spiritual Accelerator Bonnie Serratore. Bonnie often talks about the “New Paradigm”.  Many of you have a grasp of what I am referring to; many of you are just confused. It is a complicated term that needs to be unwound and explained. In simple words, the new paradigm is a movement. It is not just one thing or many things. It is a shift of energy and consciousness that our planet is transitioning into. And you can see it when you look around the world. Never before, at least in our recorded history, has so much awareness, awakening, care and concern been so palpable. 

    We'll talk about all this and much more...

    As always thanks so much for listening!

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    Universal Sentience - New Perspectives For A New Paradigm

    in Culture

    The convention of looking to the ancients for new wisdom is now obsolete. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to exclude the wisdom they have contributed or have yet to contribute. What I am saying is that we ARE the ancients, and it's time to go beyond what they were able to see, to pick up the clues we left ourselves and create what's next. The way to go beyond is to go direct.

    We know in our hearts that we are not alone. What can we do to open up to communication with sentience beyond what we already know? What can we do to open up to more of our own sentient abilities? How do we really step into embodying the divine nature that is who we truly are? 

    New perspectives for a new paradigm. To be honest, I make myself uncomfortable with some of this stuff, but the conversation wants to happen...so I'm showing up for it. Come join me to enter communication beyond conflict, beyond right and wrong, and know what it feels like to step into the absence of judgment, to welcome forth more of you and more of Creation as a whole!

    Your Presence Is The Gift You Came Here To Be!

    Join us, as you wish.

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