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    Indie Music

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    Vito’s musical journey has been nothing if not diverse. His earliest musical explorations were rooted in Pop, Rock, Jazz and Blues, and shades of The Beatles, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck can be spotted in his work to this day. By the time he was in his teens, he was already hailed as a guitar virtuoso.

    Before he would go on to develop his own label, Dharmapala Records, Vito had several other paths to explore. As a songwriter working in the Pop, Rock and Country fields, he’s collaborated with noteworthy artists producing as well as playing on all the songs. Vito’s tasty guitar has been a spotlight in many of L.A.’s most popular bands as well as in studio sessions. His extensive musical IQ also made him a sought-after musical director for many singer/songwriters.

    Vito’s spiritual quest that led him to the New Age and World Music scenes. He was introduced to Transcendental Meditation at the age of 13, and later he turned to Buddhist meditation practices and Yoga. This in turn exposed him to Global Music and World instruments, from sitar to charango. His interests in the healing power of music and his Classical blended in with his expansive experiments in New Age music, expressed in his first release as an artist, Yoga Heart Healing. He’s worked with  New Age and World Music artists as Jai Uttal,on Grammy Nominated “Mondo Rama” as guitarist and co-Producer), Tulku, Steven Halpern and produced and co wrote with for the acclaimed album “Songs of Kuan Yin.http://www.dharmapalarecords.com.We'll also be talking with Kimberly Haynes with inspired lyrics, acoustic guitars, piano, world instruments, heartfelt vocals and lyrics from a powerful singer/songwriter, Kimberly Haynes' first album, entitled "Light of My Soul" with Producer/multi-instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli, is nearing completion.

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    The Infinite Knowledge is Power Show

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    Join  us today at 4PM Pacific and 7PM Eastern for The Infininite Knowledge is Power Show with your host Michael Alpough aka Phoenix Diamond.

    We are joined Apollo:

    Apollo is a Master Psychic and an Award Winning Motivational
    Speaker lecturing and teaching classes on a vast array of
    Metaphysical Subjects including UFO's and Extraterrestrials, Psychic Development,
    Vibrational Healing and Multi-Dimensional Awareness.  As a natural
    psychic, Apollo has a  25 year practice as a Psychic Consultant and Vibrational Healer. He has studied with Shamans from North America and Mexico, as well as a vast array of
    Alternative Healers and Metaphysical Practitioners. Apollo has
    appeared on International Television and Radio shows, teaching
    and doing live on air psychic readings for callers. He is also a composer of New Age music having produced the CD, "Mystic Traveler" which can be purchased on itunes. Apollo can be reached through his website www.apollostarnetwork.com

    So join us today 7PM Eastern

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    Circle of Grace 1 in The Age of Remembrance

    in Spirituality

    Join us today  ~ as Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey continues from last week's topic - THE AGE OF REMEMBRANCE: How to Teach Yourself to Remember (Who You Really Are)! Learn several ways how to help yourself know through his technique called "Awareness & Remembrance". Brother Francis is the Founder & Chief Principal Teacher of his spiritual/metaphysical ministry called CIRCLE OF GRACE 1 (on 7/2/1999 AD) and his metaphysical-spiritual five leveled institute called THE CIRCLE OF DIVINE GRACE & REMEMBRANCE (on 2/7/2009 AD). Both come under the Aegis & the Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence. He has been on his forever evolving spiritual and metaphysical journey since July 2nd, 1974....Be sure to connect with him via email (iam.circleofgrace1@yahoo.com, iam.circleofgrace1@gmail.com) or call to speak with him on Skype (505)-349-4722 or his All-Purpose Decree & Meditational Prayer line (505)-717-4722.

    You can listen to this weekly Wednesday show at 4PM MST / 6PM EST (also 3PM PST & 5pm CST) by calling 347.677.0851 or online at - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/circle-of-grace-1

    SEE YOU SOON. & "Remember that Divine Grace is a Blessing as we are Alive & Well in The Age of Remembrance (The Angel of Grace thru Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey on 7/2/1999 AD)!"

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    New Age Movement pt 2: Who's Behind It All

    in Higher Education

    What is this New Age Mentality that is being shoveled in the minds of people globaly? Who are the Powers controlling this   Why now are the powers that operate in this earthly relm seeking to further brainwash humanity into beliving we can have  OneWorld Peace,  One World Currency,  and a New world/New Age Religion. Who is Alice Bailey? Does Merkakba Meditation, channeling practices has anything to do with this.  Also one must ask, is the New age Religion really new? What is going to be so different about this New religion? Is it just another "copy-cat" a spin off of a pre-existing religion that is currently active? How does this tie into this years Half time Super Bowl Performance? What role has the  American celebrities plays in this whole scheme of deception? Grab some Tea as we labor to give you the "tea" on the next controlled bamboozelment world programming called The New Age Movement Mentality.

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    Deeper Impakt (France) hosts the Charles International House Music program

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    DJ Deeper Impakt in France hosts this weekly session on the Charles International House Music radio program that showcases and features DJs from around the world playing all the best of HOUSE MUSIC -- Techno, Tribal, Euro, Vocal, Jazz, Ethnic, Progressive, Deep, Minimal, Funky, Soulful, Gospel and more.  Each Friday from 9pm til 10pm (CET) broadcasting from FRANCE

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    Where does new pop come from? We talk to a rock school and an opera singer.

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    Since we focus on emerging artists at Music Friday Live!, we thought we would take a look at a prime source of those artists nationally, right here in Los Angeles, the Paramount Academy of Music. Paramount teaches playing and recording all genres of  popular music – rock to jazz - with nationally known artists who record and play with headliners offer not only technique but music biz lessons and maybe a few connections.  Music Director Carl Restivo who wrote and recorded with Wyclef Jean, and founding CEO Marisa Gariano will join us.

    Sin Color is a South Los Angeles -based band that transforms traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes. Driven by the opera-trained voice of lead singer Crisia Regalado and the amazing guitar chops of David Aquino , the band mixes  bossa nova, cumbia, and disco with indie pop into danceable beats and memorable hooks. They have played the major clubs in LA, been on NPR and are poised to move on to the next level. 

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    The Indie Music Show with Dj Simple

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Indie Music Show is designed in order to play music created by indie artists. The goal is to provide a platform for indie labels and independent artist to showcase their talents. We play all genre of musics ranging from rap, hip hop, pop, reggae, and gospel. Our mission is to provide maximum exposure for the indie artist, which should generate a strong fan based that can be converted into sales and streaming.  Here at the Indie Music Show we understand that it is very competitive for the small labels and independent artist to get radio airplay. So this internet radio station exist in order help the indie artist to get the radio play needed. If you are a indenpendent label or artist looking to sponsor one of our show please email our program director @ jnoel1300@gmail.com

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    On Tonight's Broadcast of RAP WITH BEEGE, We are playing NONSTOP Collaborations. 30minutes of Music from The Beege and his Artisan friends. Make sure you catch RAP WITH BEEGE Every Thursday Night at 11pm. Interviews, Music, and Metaphysics. 

    If you are an artist and would like to submit to our RADIO SHOW. Go to brooklynmusicworld.com 


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    Intercultural Competences in Music Therapy and Beyond

    in Health

    The next Radio Show with Janice Lindstrom on April 29, 2016 at 1:30 PM (CST) will feature Dr. Petra Kern, Dr. DeLoach and their students Madison, Holly, Emma, and Garrett. They will talk about “Intercultural Competences” that are necessary to shape music therapy practice with a culturally diverse population in today’s global world. Join me coming Friday at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mtshow

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    Transforming The Denser Energies Of Your Body

    in Spirituality

    Thank you for joining me for episode 158 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

    You can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html

    And- you can order a copy of "The Rich Witch : 7 Portals Of Prosperity" here...


    The Rich Witch Prosperity Ritual - Gudied Meditation is here... https://gumroad.com/l/NsrXP#

    You can also pick up a copy of "The Spiritually Mature Witch : 5 Keys To Unlocking Your Personal Power" here...


    MUCH LOVE -xo


    Joanna DeVoe

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    Bigg D's Music Toss-Up

    in Music

    Its Friday once again and you know what that means its time for Bigg D's Music Toss-Up and as usual you're in store for some slammin Hip Hop,Old school,New School,National and Local,If its Dope We're gonna spin it so sit back in youre chase lounge with some kinda mixed spirits or some cold hops and barley,Twist a spliff,roll a blunt,pack a bong or do some dabs and then absorb the musical enlightenment that Alpha Wolf Records own Bigg D has to offer.Also dont forget to check out the live stream on Darrell Bigg D Bolden@facebook.com Bigg D's Music Toss-Up Only on Michigan United Broadcast...Lets get it!!!!