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    Manifesting MasterKeys from the Neville Goddard Toolbox

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     Join us with special guest Mr Twenty Twenty, writer at http://freeneville.com as we explore the major tools and the almost lost master keys of manifesting as taught by Neville Goddard.

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    Manifesting More Money - Neville Goddard

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    If you are ready to manifest more money today's show is solid gold.  Join us with special guest, Mr Twenty Twenty from FreeNeville.com where we explore how to manifest more money in your life with the time tested and proven techniques of Neville Goddard.

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    3 Neville Goddard Success Steps In 2014

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    3 Neville Goddard Success Steps to make 2014 your best year ever."   Join us as we interview Neville Goddard Expert, Mr Twenty Twenty as  he shares with the TON family three of most powerful tools and techniques he uses EVERY YEAR to reach new heights of happiness and success.  A must listen to show.

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    Neville Goddard - Your Manifesting Questions Answered

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     Join us for a very special show with Mr Twenty Twenty where he answers your questions about Neville Goddard, manifesting and creating the life of your dreams.   A very special show you will want to join in on and tell your friends about.

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    Manifesting Makeovers with The Teachings of Neville Goddard and Mr 20 20

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    Manifesting is the art of working with the energy to design and create what we desire in our lives. And it is also a term that has been overused and misunderstood for a long time.

    Did you know that what you are focused on today is actually creating what you will experience 30 days from now? Yup it's true.

    I have become a very good manifestor and have worked with a ton of advisors, practitioners and guides to help me along the way. Some are much better than others. And there are MANY who are fake and are not providing legitimate information at all.

    Well one of the best teachers in history was a man by the name of Neville Goddard. He spent his entire life from the great depression through the mid seventies teaching the powerful tools that make up the manifesting process. And I came across a teacher who specializes in the work of Neville Goddard and is truly the real deal! His name is Mr. Twenty Twenty (Weird name right? We will talk about that on the show)

    Mr Twenty Twenty has a powerful story of having a near death experience when he was caught in a prison riot as a prison guard and through a series of events he came to Neville Goddards work. He now is the preeminant teacher of Neville's philosphys and teachings and teaches people all over the world the REAL practices and tenets of Manifesting.

    He is absolutely the VERY BEST teacher for Manifesting that I have ever worked with. So much so that I hired him to be my personal advisor. And I was so taken by what he is teaching (I truly have seen it all being a show host) that I wanted to introduce him to our Aha! Moments Worldwide Community.

    On this show we will be getting to know Mr Twenty Twenty, Neville's teachings and busting the myths that have become so prevalent.

    We will also be doing manifesting makeovers on the show live! So if you have been stuck be sure to call in early! Mr. 2020 will help you to breakthrough in record time!

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    Neville Goddard & The Law of Attraction

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    MrTwentyTwenty visits Occult Science Radio

    I  had a “near death experience)  when I was 23 years old. A newly married prison guard with only a few short months on the job, taken hostage in one of the worst prison riots in United States history. That began deepened my journey into exploring what was truly possible for us as human beings. I had a gift, a first hand glimpse into what happens when we die, and come back. I was given the opportunity to live once again, and I vowed to make my life, one that mattered. A life that was worth living.

    When I was 40 years old I once again took some time to really explore what my life was about, and what I wanted my life to be about. Some people would call this a mid life crises. Native Americans tended to call this a time of seeking clarity and vision. Vision Questing. I had taken Vision Quests before – guided by a mentor I trusted – and I had been exploring and teaching what most people call personal development for over 15 years – but this time it was different.

    I wanted to take my life to the next level, and to help even more people have a life worth living. A life where we don’t settle for what is probable, but a life where we really discover what is truly possible for each and every one of us.

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    Remaining Faithful to Your Idea-4- Neville Goddard-Lesson#5

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    What an absolute joy it has been to travel this spiritual path with you as we have explored the worlds of insight and revelation mapped out by the Mystic Neville Goddard.  The tools and techniques shared have blessed the lives of so many.  Neville's insights in Consciousness, in MIND, in and as Spirit, have opened up infinite possibilities and invited you to step into, to live your 4-D Life, the Life you Desire, the Life you Define, the Life Divinely Intended for you, the Life lived on the 4th Dimensional level, the level of Spirit.  
    We invite you now to listen to this last installment in this series. What are the possibilities when you "Remain Faithful to Your Idea?"  
    Indeed all things are possible to you when you know, when you practice the principles and use the tools  provide to you by this sharing of the wisdom of Neville.  
    Join us now to learn how to co-create your 4-D Life using the the tools and techniques taught by Neville Goddard. Blessings and Namaste!!!

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    Remaining Faithful to Your Idea-1- Neville Goddard-Lesson#5

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    We have traveled a distance with Neville Goddard.  We now begin our fifth lesson with him.  This lesson is truly the one that you need to master, in order to truly master your life.  The life that you truly desire, the world that you desire to live in, the greater health, the greater prosperity, the greater world, that you desire is inside of your consciousness, it is the kingdom of God with in you.  The question that you must answer is "AM I able to remain faithful to my idea, and my ideal, in the midst of the way things are, when they appear to change, and when it seems my ideal is un-real, or un-reaistic?"  Another way to ask the same question is to ask, "Do I change on the inside every time there is something that changes on the outside?" 
    Join me today for the challenge of "Remaining Faithful to Your Idea."

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    Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally-3-Neville Goddard Lesson #3

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    We continue with "Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally," by Neville Goddard.  We have learned that Neville speaks of the 4th Dimension as a state of mind, a state of consciousness, a way of looking at and being in life.  One writer says, "we are living in a spiritual universe, and that there is a law of MIND."  Another writer says, "Consciousness is the Only Reality." Still another says, "Live in the Spirit, and do not mind the things of the flesh." Is it possible they are all talking about the same thing?  Is it possible that they all are saying the same thing, yet using different words?
    When should a person consider the words of another or different spiritual teacher?  When you find it difficult to enter into His Gates with  thanksgiving, and His courts with praise."  When you find that you are blaming others and complaining about the unfairness of life.  
    Thinking 4th-Dimensionally, using sacred texts, such as  the Bible, in a psychological way allows one to live in the Spirit, to use one's imagination, one's consciousness to move beyond the prison of their present life of blame and complain, and find the true joy of life.  
    Thinking 4th-Dimensionally allows you to value this moment because you know that even in the moment of sadness and shame,  joy will come, and that by thinking 4th-Dimensionally you are creating, co-creating with the Creator, the life you Desire, the life you Define, the life Divinely intended for you, your 4-D Life, your best life, the life you dreamed of, the life you imagined.
    Thinking 4th-Dmensionally is a preview of coming attractions, a movie trailer of the life you are producing by Being-ness, your Spiritual Being-ness, by your thoughts, your feelings, attitudes, words and actions.   
    Join us for this hour of power, learn now to Think 4th-Dimensionally.  

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    Remaining Faithful to Your Idea-3- Neville Goddard-Lesson#5

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    We continue with the lessons, presentations of Neville Goddard. This presentation, "Remaining Faithful to Your Idea," presents and called for you to practice the principle of "Being."  That is the principle of "Being," vibrationally, imaginatively, psychologically One with your desire.  This principle makes it clear that in order to bring forth the life you desire, to maintain the life you desire, to bring forth and maintain your 4-D Life, you must live in the 4th Dimension.  Thinking, living Fourth Dimensionaly is presented in the presentation, "Thinking Fourth Dimensionally," this presentation moves you deeper into the understanding of the principles and practices of thinking, living Fourth Dimensionally.  
    The intent is that you would practice the principles. That this will be a way of life, a one day at a time practice, or a one breath at a time practice.  It would be so much a one day at a time practice, a one breath at a time practice that you will do it subconsciously, continuously, without ceasing.  It will thereby move from your voluntary actions to the point that it is your natural, involuntary action, method of thinking, method of Being, subconscious, but not unconscious, manner and method of "Being."  
    Join us Now for this very powerful broadcast.  Learn how to bring forth, manifest, co-create your 4-D Life, the Life you Desire, the Life you Define, the Life Divinely Intended for you, the Life lived by thinking 4th Dimensionally. This is the Life You were Destined to Live by God in You, God as You, and You in God before your beginning in time.  This is the life you covenanted with yourself, the God-Self, the God-in-You, God-as-You SELF, that you would live before the beginning of time as you.  It is this God-In-You, God-As-You- SELF that made the promise of Restoration and Realization in saying, "I Will Restore the years...

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    The Secret to Having Your Desire - Host Daya Devi-Doolin

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    Accept that which you seek today.  For example, I am receiving my gifts daily BUT I must drop those thoughts that are not matching the vibration of my desires.

    My next event conscious connected breathing  March 18, 2015:


    Arrange a lecture, workshop or book signing with Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author Daya Devi-Doolin through padaran@padaran.com.

    Order any books by her www.padaran.com  www.amberbooks; www.amazon.com



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