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    Talley Cafe' Tonight 9PM EST Let's talk broken trust issues! Call (914)803-4445

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    Talk about trust issues?

    1. Was there a time trust was broken, the old "forgive but not forget" rule button was stuck?
    Whether it was a friend who betrayed you, or a love one, call in to share.

    2. Work on it, or walk away?  What happens next?

    Buckle up, (wait I mean strap up, no wait I meant..nevermind) this should be good!!!

    (914) 803-4445

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    Nevermind... Episode 1

    in Entertainment

    This  is a witty and engaging conversation between two old friends who don't always see eye to eye. 

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    This Week In Gaming 2/19/2015

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    Guess what happened this week?! You're not going to believe what's happened...First..oh nevermind, just wait and listen live. You might win! ( aren't saying what you might win, could be nothing)

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    Episode Forty....A night in Isthmus with Nate Abell.

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    Remember your ninth grade geometry teacher?  Nope, neither do we...but we do remember thinking, "Dude if I need to know what an Isthmus is, I'll buy a map or hire a Chirpa!"  Well, tonight we are going to introduce you to a very cool project called "Isthmus" and we swear you'll love this place and you won't even have to pay for a guide because we have Nate Abell the creative mind behind this "motion story",  and he's promised to take us through this amazing place for free!!!!

    But of course that's not all...we will have the answers to our latest survey question, some updates from Templecon, a conversation about swatting and an upate from our D&D campaign.  So let's get started because we know how crazy you people get when you don't get your num nums on time....Num Nums?  What the F*#K are Num Nums....nevermind...let's hit it!

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    Careless Whispers wants your call at 347-215-7771

    in Basketball

    Tonight on a normal Tuesday night with nothing going on, Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain take you on a wild ride through an apocalyptic horror show.

    Oh wait nevermind, they just have hot sports takes!  From Jimmy "Dean" Dolan to Chris "Whiny" Paul we've got the NBA covered from head to toe.  But that's not all...Lance Armstrong is back in the news!

    Call them at 347-215-7771, hit Rury up on Twitter @TeamGreenTruth or show them how much you love them by posting on Facebook!

    Boom Goes The Napoleon Dynamite.

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    Pearl Jam Ten - Discussing the Emotions Drawn from a Grunge Masterpiece

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    Pearl Jam Ten was one of the best selling and critically aclaimed album of the early 90's "grunge" era. Although some argue not as influencial as Nirvana's Nevermind, in my view, Ten appealed to a larger cross section of music lovers. It had a punk attitude, but also blazing guitar solos and iconic choruses.

    I'll discuss my views on this album, and how they evolved over time, to present day. 

    Front to back, this album has no weak tracks. Here we go.

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    NFL Mid Season Show

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    We are half way through the NFL season and some teams are gearing up for the platoffs while others are picking up the pieces, where does your team stand?...  Derrick Rose wants to save himself for life after basketball nevermind the fact he's suppose to be the face of the Bulls...  Dez Bryant tells the Cowboys its all about respect and he's a loyal person but "Don't Test My Loyalty", what to make of this... Knicks go from we will compete this year to its all about the learning process, really?  The Mets finally ready to take over NY Baseball?  hmmm... Listen in and talk sports with us folks the number to listen or call is 347-857-4531 

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    2 The Point (Season 2) Episode 16: NFL WK 6

    in Football

    Getting a early start is important. Like a on-side kick in the 1st quarter. Wait! Nevermind. NFL week 6 is here.Fantasy Football is rolling along. We are pumped this morning. A number of games today that will be shoot-outs. Tune-in 2 The Point to continue your win streak or save a sinking ship called your team. The crew is talking match-ups, who to start-sit, and Fave Five match-ups. Show kicks-off at 9:30am (CST). more

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    The Year Was 1991 - Retro Show

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    Nirvana Nevermind was Released, it was the year after 1990, George Bush (the dad) was president, we go back in time.... to 1991....


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    TGP Radio 2014: AFC South Preview

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    We've saved the best preview for last: the AFC South, which is by far the best division in the NFL.  Even is for some weird reason the division isn't very good this season, at the very least, the division should be competitive. 

    Do the Colts have enough in them to take the division again?  Can Locker stay healthy and lead the Titans to challenge for the division?  Can the Texans... Nevermind, they're the Texans.  Is Blake Bortles a HoFer? 

    All this (though less than what I've mentioned is probably likely) in tonight's show.

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    Do-Business se conformó hace 5 años como una agencia de consultoría y servicios integrales de marketing, al cual ven como el principio y la dirección de cualquier estrategia de negocio. “Sólo mediante el entendimiento de nuestro mercado meta y una correcta integración de las variables de marketing se puede lograr el éxito comercial”, esta filosofía la llevan en su ADN. 

    Virgilio es un profesional del marketing con 15 años de experiencia en el ramo, ha ejercido la gerencia de marketing en diversas empresas, entre ellas la petrolera Francesa Total SA en su filial Mexicana de lubricantes y especialidades atendiendo a México, Centro América y el Caribe. Durante su trayectoria ha colaborado con marcas como Nike, ELF, Pinturas Comex, Hewlett-Packard, Gatorade, Intermoda, Gobierno de Jalisco, entre otras.

    Virgilio es parte de la comunidad que trabaja desde Nevermind, que busca el éxito bajo un ambiente profesional, creativo y colaborativo.