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    This week on The Networking Diva Hour, we will continue to discuss The Fear Of Networking and how to overcome it and be a Top networker!! How about you-

    Do you hate to network, love to network, or something in between??

    My co-host as we continue this month on Non-profits with your special needs children in mind will be Play­Date Behav­ioral Inter­ven­tions.

    Angela Parrish will be joining me. She is a Consultant at PlayDate which is a non­profit orga­ni­za­tion pro­vid­ing a full spec­trum of ser­vices to chil­dren with dis­abil­i­ties, includ­ing applied behav­ioral analy­sis (ABA) ther­apy and respite care . 

    PlayDate’s goal is to pro­vide high qual­ity ser­vices to all fam­i­lies, regard­less of their abil­ity to pay. To that end, they are apply­ing for grants and devel­op­ing fund­ing mech­a­nisms to offer schol­ar­ships for those fam­i­lies who have exhausted all other fund­ing mech­a­nisms.

    Check them out @


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    The Networking Game cont'd

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    Due to overwhelming response, I will continue the subject on "The Networking Game" this week on The Networking Diva Hour.This is based on the information and idea exchange workshop of the same name.  Despite the internet, cell phones, tablets, and instant messaging, the Five rules of Networking still apply.  Do you know what they are?? Hear the top 5 rules and how they can change your business for the better!!


    Also my co-host this week is Robin Roberts!!  No not GMA's Robin but our Colorado Robin...Robin is the president of Pikes Peak National Bank, a locally-owned community bank serving El Paso and Teller counties.  She looks at networking as a way to connect two or more people so that they can enhance their business relationships.  She co-hosted a radio show about the small business community called, “The Saturday Business Magazine”  for a few years and has valuable information for you!!  Robin believes that helping in the success of others is the true definition of success.

    Saturday Business Magazine:  www.saturdaybusinessmagazine.com


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    Match Maker, Make me a Match/Networking that is!!/SKSF

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    To me Networking is making connections with the intention of finding common ground and potentially building relationships! After discussing with some of my successful women entrepreneurs in my Women's group, they all emphasized that the key to their success was , in part, the relationships they had created along the Way! 

    So Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...with Networking that is....Find out how.

    My co-host for that last half hour as we continue with our information on non-profits that benefit our Special Needs families will be:

    Gregory Doan, MSW -Development Manager

    424 West Pikes Peak Avenue                                                                   

    Colorado Springs, CO 80905                                                               

    Special Kids Special Families                                            

    A Nonprofit 501c3 Organization


    So mark your calendar to tune in to hear great information that you or someone you may know can use..

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    The 10 Top Secrets to Super Successful Networking

    in Women

    During this hour with Marnie and special guest, AnneMarie Cross you'll discover:

    1. What networking is and is not.

    2. What to avoid so you don’t tarnish relationships before you even start.

    3. Ice Breakers vs. Deal Breakers – how to know the difference.

    4. 3 key steps to maximize your networking results.

    5. What not to do when you introduce yourself.

    6. How to put together a powerful introduction that WOWs your audience and leaves them wanting to know more.

    7. What to say next after someone asks you, ‘So tell me more...”

    8. How to calm your nerves and increase your confidence when introducing yourself.

    9. Key follow up strategies to nurture your relationships.

    10. Networking and building your list of contacts – key tools to have in place.

    Anne Marie Cross’s podcast is in the Top 50 for Entrepreneurs and Top 100 for Small Business (Small Business Trends).  As a Small Business Marketing & Mindset Business Coach she shares her marketing and mindset business growth strategies with entrepreneurs - globally. Learn more at AnnemarieCross.com



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    Networking and Accessibility - Kathy Condon (1m)

    in Management

    Host: Bill Black Audio Library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com 

    Kathy Condon discusses networking, contact cards, and how small get togethers can yield big results. 

    Do you have a ques [...]

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    How to Boost your Business Credit Score/Give Yourself Credit.

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    Knowing what your credit report means is critical to your business and your personal life.Do you know your credit score? When was the last time you checked your credit report? Your credit history plays a key role in your financial future., yet most people are blissfully ignorant of how credit scores work-or how to improve them. This week on The Networking Diva Hour, hear how you can make sure your score is not damaging your business. 

    Also my co-host is Sharie Brown with Give Yourself Credit, a young company but a much needed service in today's economy. They offer credit education & restoration and educate on the rules of the credit game & assist with restoration. Check them out @ https://www.facebook.com/GiveYourselfCredit






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    Networking Tuesday....My Gospel Soul Network/ SHACKING!

    in Christianity

    Today on My Gospel Soul Join Jennice Ebow and Friends as we

    Network and Connect Live.  Along with Topics. 

    Check out Our Networking site gospelsoulnetwork.webstarts.com

    Get Connected.  5line listing, send to mygospelsoul@live.com


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    The Networking Cafe - Weekly Shout out!

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    The Networking Cafe is here to help you SUCCEED!
    Share your business, meet new friends and learn cool things!


    The Networking Cafe is here to help you SUCCEED!
    Share your business, meet new friends and learn cool things! The Networking Cafe promotes our meetings on our online radio show! Promote yourself to our listeners just by attending our meeting! Call 951-445-1677 to put your business on the list of attendees! The Networking Cafe is exploding... 
    join us on the amazing adventure!
    $10 fee (Includes Fresh Coffee and Breads) Childcare available $5
    PRE-PAY for your Business Spot on our Website www.thenetworkingcafe.com !

    New Chapters are starting in your areas! If you're interested in running a chapter let us know! 

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    Basic Networking 111 (The Flow Way)

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    How do you expose yourself to the public as a brand? How Important is networking to your brand? What tips can you share or what questions do you have for me? 

    Call in so we can network together on air!

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    Knock 'em Dead Social Networking for Patriots

    in Politics Conservative

    You and your organization have a message.  Now it’s time to get the truth out to as many people as possible.  But how?  The lame stream media isn’t going to help any Tea Party or conservative group get their message out.

    New York Times best selling author, Martin Yate will.  Martin has helped millions of job seekers land the job they want.  Now he’s going to tell you how to use his proven social networking strategies to build your group’s or your personal brand and market your message across an ever- growing network. 

    Martin Yate CPC has helped millions of people get their lives on track and achieve greater control over their professional destinies in an uncertain professional world. He would take great joy in helping you do the same for yourself or your organization.

    This is a repeat of an earlier broadcast.

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    The Local Business Network Hour

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    Have you created a Networking Plan for 2015?  Your networking plan is a sub-segment of your Marketing Plan and for many small business people it is the most critical element of that plan.  Yet, many give it little or no thought.  Join Chuck Gifford and Al Crawford on BlogTalkRadio.com today at 1pm central time for a discussion of this important planning tool.  Tune your computer to BlogTalkRadio.com.  Search live shows for Networking Squared .  Join in the conversation if you have a question or something to share by calling 619-789-4350 and pressing 1 to get in queue to speak to the host.  If you can’t join us, but would still like to hear the broadcast you can also find copies of our shows in the archives on BlogTalkRadio.com

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