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    Protecting Your Net Worth

    in Christianity

    On the last episode we got into knowing what your net worth is. On this coming episode, James Daniels will go into how to protect your net worth during the uncertain times we are in. How do I navigate my financial ship during hard times? 

  • 01:14

    Self-Esteem and Self-Net-Worth with Karen Russo

    in Self Help

    Award-winning author of The Money Keys: Unlocking Peace, Freedom and Real Financial Power, Corporate Trainer Rev. Karen Russo will be speaking today on this re-broadcast show. In this provocative conversation, you’ll discover:

    -Why 'money issues' just don't magically disappear for many spiritual seekers 

    -A new definition of ‘Real Financial Power’ that includes a deeply connected sense of self love and self esteem

    -The 3 money traps that keep you anxious, angry and overwhelmed about money

    -How to apply 3 universal spiritual principles and practical tools to overcome those challenges immediately so you can access peace of mind, creative freedom and financial order!


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    The Net Live - 01/11/16 - The Nettie Awards

    in Sports

    As The Net Live begins it's 8th year, we begin with giving away our Nettie Awards, talk USA Women's National Team qualifiying for the Olympics, CVW for Men's College and other random topics that have nothing to do with volleybally

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    The Importance of Your True Net Worth

    in Christianity

    In the first episode of A Father's Wisdom, James Daniels will talk about the importance of increasing your net worth. There is a huge disparity between the net worth of whites and their African American counterparts. How can we increase our net worth? How can we pass on a legacy for the next generation. All of these questions will be answered on A Father's Wisdom.

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    The Net Live 11/09/15

    in Sports

    The Net Live with our College Volleyball Weekly update, TNL Kickstarter Campaign and an Oprah mention.

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    2/29/16 - The Net Live Leap Year Edition

    in Sports

    DJ Roueche is back from Brazil so music will be much better.  We'll be joined by Alan Knipe, Head Coach of Long Beach State Men's Team.

  • 02:08

    The Net Live 03/14/16 - Lots of College Men's Volleyball Talk

    in Sports

    We're joined by Matt Werle of Grand Canyon University and Pete Hansen of THE Ohio State University fresh off a win over Long Beach.
    We also discuss Kerri & April winning the FIVB Rio Grand Slam and of course, College Volleyball Weekly.

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    #IGNITEyourLife: Self Worth Equals Net Worth - 5 Ways to Refuel Your Cash Flow

    in Motivation

    In this episode, Toy has candid conversation about how net worth tends to equate self worth and how you can reset and refuel your cash flow from the inside out starting today! Don't miss this wisdom-filled date with destiny. You deserve more and it's time to take steps to go get your blessings! It's your time to #IGNITEyourLife!

    Welcome to yet another aspect of the #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Radio and Television Network! This is your one-stop destination for Edutainment, Entertainment, Empowerment and Energetic Sparks you need to #IGNITEyourLife so you can live the #EPICLIFENOW you deserve today in love, life and business! Don't look for the light at the end of the tunnel - choose to be the light in the tunnel and blaze a trail to your success! My purpose is to help you #UnleashYourInnerGenius while #GivingGreatness daily with #BlazingAmazing content!  


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    Net-Worth: The Problem of inside sales

    in Internet

    So many of our new clients come to us broken and befuddled after attempting to create their own inside sales force. "How hard can this be?” They soon discover the grim truth about what it takes to build your own sales and marketing team.
    Part 1 of a 5 part series, tonight we will discuss the litany of issues you will invariably encounter when you decide to "go it on your own". Then each week following we will tackle one of the top five issues off this list offering you valuable insight, alternative programming and effective strategies.
    Tonight's host, Mr. Frank Bosson has over 30 years building, recruiting, training and managing inside sales. He has worked in the Fortune field with companies like American Express and Lucent and the small business arena with many companies including Veros and Dynaco. His background includes managing companies with over 500 people on the phone so he’s a man who understands all aspects of this business model. 
    His wealth of knowledge and understanding of the small business owner's needs and perils provide you, the small business owner, with a fair and balanced look at how you can begin your own sales effort. For more info email free@3-yz.com or call 209 333 7786

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    The Net Live 3/25/16 - Golden Weekend Edition

    in Sports

    Two former TNL Nettie Award Winners sit in on the broadcast.  That's a record!

    The Men's College Super Six field is set.  Get reaction to a terrific week of college volleyball from our AVCA College Volleyball Weekly crew.  Hear predictions for the tournament and reactions to the week's events.  We will celebrate Jay's victory in proper fashion despite the fashion choices of the EIVA.

    Plus, Last week you heard from Doug Beal, CEO of USAV.  This week hear from President of the USAV Board Lori Okimura on what's it's like in an Olympic year, how the BOD is approaching the search for a new CEO and what her plans are for the future.  

    All that and more on TNL

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    The Net Live 4/18/16 - Start of Summer Edition

    in Sports


    CVW - Vinnie / Jay and Robbie Are all about the Playoffs.  Plus Jay proves that he’s better than his Sensei.  
    USAV CEO Doug Beal joins us to talk about the current state of affairs headed into an olympic year, the FIVB voting and his impending retirement to a porch in Colorado
    Also, IN STUDIO - Matt Garthoff Chief Operating Officer of Vol-B-Que hangs all episode long to talk about the commercial side of VB and why VolBQue is the best thing you could do all year long.
    Our own Jeremy Roueche will call and talk about the Big Easy where the first tournament of the year is in the books.  Did anyone touch his stuff?  Was he fed at all?  
    Also, Our old friend Tim Kelly of Bring It Promotions calls in to detail a scam that has ensnared several in the VB community, INCLUDING ME!!!!!