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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Live...Laugh...Love..."

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    Special Guests: Playwrights/ Actor and Actress Anthony and Trisha Mann-Grant

                           Author/Singer/Songwriter  Bunny Debarge

                           Singer/Producer    B. Taylor

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    Marlo Hampton of Housewives of Atlanta speaks with 1st Fam Radio

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     Atlanta’s own Marlo Hampton. was featured on season 4 of the popular series brought on by former friend Ne Ne Leakes .  she was reintroduced during NeNe’s spin off series I Dream of NeNe. During season 6, the highest rated season, Marlo made another appearance, this time in a feud with her former friend Tune in tonite with Chill Gizzy ,Mr.Illustr8 and Mrs. Lareena Larue of (Lareena's Corner ) 1ST FAM OG Call In to speak with Mrs. Marlo Hampton live (917)889-8297 or listen live www.blogtalkradio.com/theuntouchable1stfamradio and on demand @ www.1stfamradio.com for podcasts and more (9:30pm til 11:30pm Eastern) 

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    The Pussy Chat: Voyeurism...."Maybe .....Just A Peek!"

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    Topic: Voyeurism..."Hmmmmmmm...Maybe..... Just A Peek!"

    Special Guest: Author La Quette

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    The Return!

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    Pop2Reality is back with hosts Jeff Weiss & Tanea Johnson! Tune in for the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and updates on your favorite reality shows!

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    Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou, Truez, Marlo Hampton & Theresa Randolph

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    Cosandra Calloway's Birthday Party

    Paul Anthony is committed to raising awareness about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and the fight for a cure. He is available for speaking engagements, performance, book signings and interviews so that he can share his own personal experiences in diffusing, harnessing and eventually eradicating his incurable health challenge of Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

    Theresa Randolph  Widely known as the Queen of New Jersey, Newark, NJ native Theresa Randolph is the epitome of a self-made entrepreneur. One of the top event promoters on the scene, she is also the Director of Banquets at Newark's famed Robert Treat Hotel. She also founded and runs JT Productions Enterprize, which holds the hugely popular annual Ms. Full-Figured USA Pageant, which celebrated its illustrious 25th year in April 2014, and has launched the careers of several ladies, for whom Ms. Theresa is the ultimate role model. She recently became an author, with her "Power Of The Plus," a self-help book for full-figured ladies in the fashion world.

    Marlo Hampton As 2015 approaches the stunning, dynamic, resilient, brave and determined Ms. Marlo is working on several new projects to expand her brand and fashion endeavors. This diva’s star quality is on the rise and she has no plans to stop until she reaches her goal – to achieve a life equal to extraordinary.

    Truez began rapping in 2004, after remaking a comedic version of “How We Do” by the Game and 50 Cent. He rapped the entire song to his classmates off of handheld tape recorder he took from his older brother. After being encouraged by his friend and fellow classmates, Truez decided to keep remaking G-Unit records

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    Lit Ish Live w/ NeNe Capri & S. Chameleon

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    Join the Literary Ladies of the ATL as we get to know authors NeNe Capri and S. Chameleon. Get to know the authors beyond their pens as we speak with them about their endeavors, interests, and outlooks on various topics including our Lit Ish Question of the week. Listen in for your chance to win a free gift as our random listener of the week. You never know what's going to be said on Lit Ish Live...make sure you're present!

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    In GIVING, You are LIVING: a conversation with Marlo Hampton

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    Hey there Tea Sippers!!  We have a special edition show for you to bring you into the holiday season!  Our Guest today is known for going toe to toe and has now become a "frienemy" with the infamous NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and on I Dream of NeNe.......but this diva has a heart of gold that many may not be aware of until Now!!

    The one and only Marlo Hampton will be Dishing Tea about her charity "Simply Giving" and how YOU can be a recipient of one of the Thanksgiving Dinner packages she will be awarding to deserving families.  We will find out more about her heart of gold and how she plans on using her new found celebrity to bring attention to those causes that speak to her heart....AND of course we will dabble into her personal feelings and find out how she is really handling all of the fame from being a cast member on RHOA.

    This will be a LOVELY pot of tea for your nerves, darlings so be sure to have plenty of crumpets.

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    Stephanie Speaks: What is bothering me today?

    in Current Events

    What is bothering me today? The shooting at FSU earlier this week. I woke up to the news of the shooting and my prayers were with the victims. Days later I found out by the shooter and my prayers are with the Tauton family. Mental illness is real. Ferguson and No verdict from the grand jury. After all the hype and leakes since last weekend still no verdict. I personally believe that they will wrap before Thanksgiving, Darren Wilson will walk, and Micheal Brown Jr. is still dead. Also the officials of Ferguson has not learned anything from this tragedy. In the past few days there have been a suspicious death of a young man in North Carolina, a shooting of an unarmed African American male in New York by NYPD, and a shooting of a young boy in Cleavland by police because of a toy gun. It has been a rough trying week!

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    Pastor Harry Toussaint Anniversary Service

    in Self Help

    Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church will honor Pastor Harry Toussaint for 30 years of faithful service on Sunday November 23, 2014, time 3pm. The church is located 322 Davis Ave, Pass Christian, MS, 39571. Pastor Toussaint was born November 21, 1950. He attended Opelousas High school in Opelousas Louisiana, graduating in 1969. He served four years in the United States Navy as a Ship Serviceman Barber 3rd Class, and later served in the United States Navy Reserves. In January 1972 Harry married Dominiciana (Nene) Manlubant and to this union, two children were born, a girl Roland and a son Armando. In 1984, Reverend Toussaint accepted the call to lead Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church. These 30 years have both fulfilling and challenging. After the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Pastor Toussaint was instrumental in obtaining financial and physical help for the Church, its members, as well as the community of Pass Christian. We are proud to call Reverend Toussaint our Pastor, man of God, Father, Leader and Friend. We pray that he will continue to be an instrument that God uses to strengthen his people.

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    Writing RoyaltyRadio-"Wet...And Wild....."

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    Special Guests: JL King And Robert Helm

                             Author  Nah'Sun

    JL King And Robert Helm will talk abouyt their National Writing Contest

    Author  Nah'Sun was born in Lilbourn, Missouri, Nah’Sun would later move around the Midwest before temporarily settling in Chicago. An aspiring cartoonist, Nah’Sun never gave writing a thought until him and his mother relocated to the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in the early 1990’s.Finding the gift for writing while living in the most notorious housing development in Chicago proved that anyone can prosper no matter the trials they face. His writing would lead to him majoring in Journalism with a minor in English at a 4 year university in New York.  He graduated with  of cultivating his literary talent led him to publish his first novel in 2009.Nah’Sun struck fast in his first year in publishing by winning the 2009 Best New Male Writer Award at the 18th Annual UBUS Black Book Awards for a novel written under another nom de plume. Traveling throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest built up his fan base. Taking a break from the industry during the first half of 2010 blazed the eternal fire he possessed since childhood. Regrouped with a new state of mind, Nah’Sun decided to write under his current name which means “the shine through negativity.” His muse appeared in the form of the curvy and sexy as Nah’Sun’s attraction to full figured women inspired him to pen the drama/erotic novel Thick When the Chances are Slim which was released in 2011..


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