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    Born & Bred In The Un-Neighborly "HOOD"

    in Relationships

    Today On HELP Relationships 102, we talk about the 3rd pillar in the shaping of the so-called "Mad Black Woman"! After being failed by desperately hurting parents  where does the young African American daughter turn to in an attempt to salvage her mangled sense of self worth. And what tragic domino effect is set into motion that will effect not only her life but, her children and even her children's children??!!   

    Join us as we carefully explore the anguish behind her anger— in a life that is deeply rooted in tragedy upon tragedy!    

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    Our People In Usury

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    While I will have a few additional comments on the Feguson, Missouri situation, I'm moving on to another subject with this look at history and biblical law and how it all comes together, or should come together, in America.  Usury can in modern terms better be defined as debt or actually best be defined as money lended with interest tacked on to it.  That pretty much is not God's way of doing things, and it really shouldn't be the way we do things either.  Taking advantage of the poor or those who are in a pinch certainly is not Christian, "neighborly", nor should it be "American".  Today I'll take a look and share some verses on how God does want us to do things when it comes to saying helping a poor brother or sister, and hopefully today even looking a little bit at the Year of Jubliee and the cancelling of debt that I believe God still wants us to follow.  That's today at 4:30 Eastern and archived afterward.

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    Cantor's Tea Party and GOP v. Liberals: Who's a Better Neighboor?

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    Today's episode talks on the ramifications of GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor's loss to tea party novice David Brat.  Plus, Matt, Alex and Darius spar over who tends to be more generous neighbors: Republicans or Democrats?  

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    Audio Books - Death of the Couch Potato's Wife by Christy Barritt - Chapter One

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    Death of the Couch Potato's Wife by Christy Barritt

    Welcome to Boring, Indiana, home to patio cookouts, homeowner dues, carpeted lawns, and neighbors so welcoming they’re dying to meet you — literally. 

    City slicker turned suburbanite housewife Laura Berry isn’t taking well to life in her new neighborhood. She moved to follow her husband’s dream, and now she can’t tell if she’s clinically depressed or just bored half to death. But Boring becomes anything but when Laura discovers her neighbor Candace Flynn face up on a sofa with her hand buried in a snack bag. With a healthy dose of neighborly suspicion and street smarts, Laura sets out to find Flynn’s killer, but her curiosity becomes desperation when the killer targets Laura. 

    Someone is determined to stop her from digging deeper into the murder, but Laura is just as determined to figure out who’s behind the death-by-poisoned-pork-rinds.

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    Neighborly Neighbors

    in Blogs

    When is being too neighborly too much?

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    Relationship Issues Are Solved - Neighborly Dispute

    in Self Help

    Have you and your neighbor had a disagreement?  Today Dr. Joan discusses ways to have a meeting of the minds.
    Are you experiencing relationship dilemmas? Are you having problems with a partner (partner of your heart or partner at work)? Are you going through a divorce? Are your children rebelling? Are you unsure of whether to accept a proposal (such as move in with someone, marry your fiance, or accept a job offer)? Is your roommate untidy?  Did someone lie to you? Are you in a dispute with your boss?  Did your sister rat you out? Has your friend gone silent?
    Like the advice columns of old, Harmony Keys is the place where you can anonymously lay your problems on the table.  Dr. Joan is ready to listen and aid you as you sort it out. Her goal is to help you identify possible solutions and guide you toward new ways of looking at the issues.
    A portion of each program is devoted to the reading of Dr. Joan's stories about fractured relationships and how people mend them. Her new novel is a work of historical fiction about two Irish families who immigrate to Utah in the early 1900s. Gra Im Thu! I Love You! is a story about how to build tolerance and respect for others when diversity of thought abounds, even in the delicate areas of religion and politics!  One family is Catholic, the other is Mormon, and even Methodists are in the mix. Politically, some support non-militant means to obtain Irish independence from the British Crown, while others believe in militant methods, with one character joining the Irish Republican Army.
    Please join the conversation.  You'll be glad you did!

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    Aunt Jewel Bedtime Stories Halloween

    in Family

    Halloween Neighborly Giving?   Neighbors, communities, schools ,  and friends have an opportunity to visit with each other for the Second most Celebrated Holiday. The Fun is celebrating with your "favorite/selected "costume gatherings "treats/candy" .  Of course, all is inspected by parents /family. An Evening Event :) like Bedtime you must be aware of SAFTEY TIPS ; Adult Supervision , Visible Clothing &  Tools  &  most important Equiette (Thank You & Your Welcome.).  
    Join Aunt Jewel Bedtime Stories for SPECIAL PRE-HALLOWEEN on Sunday evening at 8:30 PM (PCT) & 11:30 PM (ECT).  Remember you Can DOWNLOAD & Play as NEEDED :). They & We need our Rest :) Listen to Stories and Sing Songs with Co-host Starfish and You the audience.  Tune in Children, Moms, Dads, Nana, Poppi and others.   Call in and be a part of the Aunt Jewel Bedtime SHOW.(914)338-0695.

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    Pet Supplies Plus Meets with Franchise Interviews

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    We are meeting with  Larry Flaherty, director of franchise development with Pet Supplies Plus.
    With more than 275 locations in 23 Eastern states, Pet Supplies Plus has earned the reputation as America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store by offering a wide array of pet food, pet products, grooming services and animal expertise in a welcoming environment.  With a friendly, pet-centered culture, where store managers and associates actually know the names of hundreds of their pet customers and their pet parents, each Pet Supplies Plus is large enough to house a broad selection of food and equipment, yet small enough to still feel neighborly. 
    The company, headquartered in Livonia, MI., has earned its success by understanding the unique bond between humans and their pets, while championing the conviction that ‘People Don’t Own Pets, Pets Own People.’

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    Panda Report / Raggamuffin

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    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us -  347.324.3704       Join our live chat and listen at  http://www.freedomizerradio.com
    The PANDA Report Tonight, we welcome New Hampshire State Representative Mark Warden of the Free State Project
    Mark has twice been elected to the New Hampshire legislature, where he serves on the criminal justice and public safety. He was recently named “Legislator of the Year” by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance for his consistent, outspoken defense of limited government, less regulation, reduced spending, and preserving civil liberties.   The Free State Project is an effort to recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from any and all walks of life, of all ages, creeds, and colors, who agree to the political philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.   www.FreeStateProject.org Ragamuffin Radio  
    Danny Panzella discuss news, politics, love, revolution and sovereign living every Sunday night from 7:30-9pm EST. Join the ragamuffin Ξ√OLUTION

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    American Daily Review

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    North Carolina Republicans boldly point out that the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment applies to the federal government, not the states - God help them; The ObamaCare wrecking ball contiues, right on schedule and target; The North Korean-Iran nuclear pincer movement against Obamerika continues, right on schedule and target - with O's active cooperation; and see if the weekly Jen signal gets a neighborly response.

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