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  • The Positives and Negatives that Follow "I Am"

    in Spirituality

    How often in life do we say or hear, "My head is killing me," when we have a headache and continue to feel the pain, or "I am sick," or "I am crazy" or whatever?  On the other hand, how often do we hear or say, "I am well," "I am strong," or "I am smart"?  We seem to find it much easier to follow the words "I am" with something that describes pain or a tragedy than it is to follow them with words of strangth, hope, and love for ourselves.  The same is true when we say to another person, "You are..."  On Purpose Talk Radio, Friday, Oct. 23, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, host Cindy Freeman will discuss ways we can re-frame our words, thereby re-framing our thoughts. 

    Join in the conversation through Skype (after the show begins), calling 347-205-9074, or in the Facebook group Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    KITM/News/Are U Satisfied With Your Life?/How To Move & Shake The Negatives Out

    in Radio

          Well if you heard yesterday's show, Jay hasn't lost his MUTE touch, like MIDAS touch, but only MUTE.  Too much noise when people are not aware of - the sounds in their background, are not obvious to THEM, but VERY OBVIOUS to the rest of us - 347-205-9366.  Mama Virgil on her GET DLW out of the loop campaign.  I compare that to the Republican campaign for President.  One by one, they are falling out of the running and I quote Donald Trump from FOX NEWS yesterday morning - "Well"  Ha ha ha ha ha ha - maybe the people will wake up soon, and see we've been duped all this time, ALL THESE YEARS - well you won't find a DUPE here, but a DOPE, guess which one it is - 347-205-9366.  KINGS IN THE MORNING - WE WILL UNCOVER!  347-205-9366

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    Dream Catchers - The Attitude of Excellence - with Les Paul Morgan

    in Dreams

    Dream Catchers - The Attitude of Excellence - with Les Paul Morgan

    It’s time for each of us to Expectant Attitude of Excellence fully and truly believing and expecting good and great things are going to happen in our lives! I believe very strongly the reason so many people disability or not fail in life is the lack of discipline to see your goals through and stay the course even in the hardest time and especially by stopping being a people pleaser and instead doing what is right and just!

    Are you tired of fighting a seemingly un ending battle of pain, fatigue, mental exhaustion and struggling just to survive and make it through your life without losing your mind in great desperation and feeling like you just can’t figure out why everything you do is just so hard?

     Well if you feel that way I want you to know that you can gain power in strength through God and finding the power to become an over comer by using your life story to help others for the greater good of society and by taking back the reins of your own life others can learn from you and then they can pay it forward for others as well!


    Knowing you can be successful

    Accepting responsibility

    If it’s my life I’d better start living it

    Discipline and self determination

    Creating positive and bold moves

    Reclaiming our vision or having a new one

    Power in self-control and regulation

    Knowing in your heart and soul you can do it no matter what

    Positive steps to change our outcomes

    Let God be God and you be you

    Closing the door on negatives for good no matter what

    Open Floor

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    What The HELL Was That!?; Why NOT To Dabble In The Paranormal Field!

    in Paranormal

    Hosts Carlee Robbins and Deb DeRousse will open the lines up to discuss with everyone who is interested in becoming an investigator in the paranormal filed. This is sure to be exciting and explosive if your ready to debate the issue. Ghost hunting is very serious and not to be taken lightly, it is not a game nor is it like television. if you are not 100 percent serious about the scientific aspect of ghost hunting and it's not a passion worth the risks you are taking, ghost hunting may not be for you. On occasion we will have a case where there is a true haunting, sometimes something darker than human spirit.  We have to walk into every case knowing that this is a possibility... although not a probability.  We have to remember that negatives lie, manipulate, hide, tease, pretend to be human, and can do harm... and not only in an outwardly way, they can mess with our families, our lives, make us sick, depressed, angry, cause personality changes and sometimes make us sick enough to die.  We cannot take any case lightly.

    Join us as we cruise down this road and lets see if your ready for this.


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    SCI Encouragement Group-The Cynic

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group, host David Gerber relates the following Oscar Wilde quote to recovery: "A cynic knows the price of everything , and the value of nothing." Many people enter into treatment and recovery as "yes but" people. They look at the negatives in recovery, the loss of their drug of choice but don't pay attention to the value that lies in sobriety. Michael Boccia lends to the discussion by offering a second look at often used cliché's that make little sense in recovery and only serve to bring us down. Listen in as miracles will be shared.

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    DANIEL CLARK NETWORK RADIO "The Vibes Radio Talk Show"

    in Entertainment

    Join us every Wednesday from 7 to 10 p.m. as we discuss GOOD NEWS and how to turn negatives into positives!

    Host:  Deone "Flavor" McWilliams, Sr. Editor & Publisher of Northside Vibes by Flavor News, Former Talk Show Host (Washington, DC), and Career Coach (Richmond, VA).  

    Co-Host:  DJ Randy Von, Broadcast Radio Announcer & Public & Motivational Speaker

    Featuring community awareness and concerns, variety of topics (including accomplishments, employment opportunities...and so much more)!  

    We're all "Neighbors Growing Together"!


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    in Entertainment

    How well do you deal with CURVE BALLS (negatives)??

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    Dana Wendt - CEO of Golden Family Co. Talks JOUZGE & It's Effect on Teen Girls

    in Parents

    What GIRLS Need & What They Want 

    Our girls are bombarded by negative messages from the magazines they simply see on the shelves at the grocery store to the labels on the food they eat. This makes them think they have to be skinnier, prettier and sexier. While raising her daughter, who is now 16, Dana Wendt realized most food products for women, which teenaged girls see their mothers eat and want to emulate, reinforce the negative messages with weight management names and taglines. Can you believe 80 percent of 10-year-old girls are on a diet? A diet! Before their bodies have even hit puberty. And, by the time they become teenagers, more than half are unhappy with their bodies. That number increases to more than three-quarters by the time they are 18. These statistics, combined with Dana's experience, forced her to take a look at the industry and figure out how we can change the message. It became a call-to-action to create a great snack line for girls that ditches the crappy messages and crappy ingredients and instead reminds girls that they are amazing. That they have JOUZGE. Tonight, parents and teens will have the opportunity to learn valuable tools that will empower and inspire all girls to activate their Power To The Girl!  

    Meet Dana Wendt ~ CEO of Golden Family Company and Founder of JOUZGE. I am here because of a passion to remind my daughter and all girls that they are amazing; that they have JOUZGE. 

    Meet Becca Moore ~ Education Expert in Massillon, Ohio & Director of Education for Non-Profit Organization Girls Above Society. Becca's genuine voice empowers parents & girls to rise above the negatives teens face in today's society. 






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    On The FinSide

    in Sports

    The Dolphins are currently reeling in many ways.  Following a recent high after the absolute shellacking of Tennessee and Houston, the Dolphins crashed to earth against the division rival Patriots and Bills the past 2 weeks.  There were several postives amidst some mind numbing negatives in this game!  The Dolphins will move on to face an awakening Eagles team in a challenging matchup.  Join Brian "Cat" Catanzaro, Paul Picken and Brian Miller for week 10 of our 2015 regular season coverage, and we've got a full show tonight!

    Special Guests this week:

    Tommy Lawlor (@LawlorNFL)  From Iggles.com, Tommy joins us this week to discuss this weekends matchup in Philly.

    We want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this team.  We'll be taking your calls during the show with any questions or thoughts you have on the Fins. If you have questions or comments, you can reach us directly at 714-333-3302 or you can Tweet our show @OnTheFinSide using hashtag #FinSideQ

    In addition to the show, you can follow our hosts on Twitter:

    Brian Miller: @TxMedic5

    Cat: @BrianCat13

    Paul: @Phinatic_Pick

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