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    Need for Speed, Veronica Mars

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    The day has finally come for all you die hard Veronica Mars fans! The true power of kickstarter is on full display as this crowd funded movie brings the cult hit to the big screen! Also up is Aaron Paul in his first role since the end of Breaking Bad as a street racer out for revenge in Need for Speed. 

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    Need For Speed & The Armstrong Lie

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    NEED FOR SPEED! Does it break the video game-to-movie curse? NO, is the short answer. The slightly longer answer is it’s a terrible film. Come hear us explain why! We also look at Alex Gibney’s new doco The Armstrong Lie and tear up the headlines of the week’s movie news.

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    movie review : need for speed

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    was a purdy cool flick not much recent recycling ..   smokey and the bandit (10%), an even older movie (much mor forgotten) 15%


    Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.



    Scott Waugh


    George Gatins (screenplay), George Gatins (story), 1 more credit »


    Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Scott Mescudi | See full cast and crew »

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    CR #54- Need for Speed; Veronica Mars; Lindsay Kay Hayward Interview

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    Former professional wrestler and the tallest leading actress in Hollywood history, Lindsay Kay Hayward, steps into Cinema Royale to talk about her career and bizarre new film, R100! Hayward, who measures up as 6' 9", worked in the WWE as Aloisia and grappled under the ring name of Isis the Amazon!

    Plus, we'll take a look at three very different movies this week. Welcome back to Neptune, marshmallows! We'll take a look at the return of Kristen Bell as every fan's favorite feisty detective, Veronica Mars! Is the Kickstarter-funded film everything fans hoped it would be? Then we'll feel the Need for Speed with Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, and Michael Keaton! Then we'll check-in to Wes Anderson's star-studded comedy caper, The Grand Budapest Hotel.


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    Movie Reviews: Need for Speed, Veronica Mars, Bad Words, Enemy & More

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review six new films. They include Aaron Paul's new movie Need for Speed, the Kickstarter funded Veronica Mars, Jason Bateman's Bad Words, Jake Gyllenhaal's Enemy, Le-Weekend, and Shirin In Love.

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    Need For Speed (Breaking Bad Style)

    in Entertainment

    Tonights epsidoe is only about 30 tonight you guys but what an Action Packed 30 it is!
    New Featured Artist Proverb The Wyse! Second Rap artist on the show and this dude has TALENT!!
    Introducing new Guest Co-host George! Old friend from High School that You guys are REALLLY going to love! We will be talking about Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and the upcoming Need For Speed movie.
    All this and More, on Supafi64!

  • Being More Creative In Your Business/also-The Need Project

    in Business

    Have you ever wished you were more creative? If you do creative work, have you suffered from a creative block and been stuck wondering what exactly is wrong, and how you can get yourself out of it? of course you have, I mean who has not? Lets talk about this on #TheNetworkingDiva Hour this week. The topic is How to encourage more creative thinking with your business. 

    This week is the last of the summer series for the showcased Non-profits.  My guest is Bob West with The Need Project, Inc. a non-profit ministry dedicated to supporting families with special needs children and adults. Tune in to hear how these great resources are available in one place to help those with different needs. Check them out @  


    Feel Free to call in to the show with your questions @646-478-3651.

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    Animals and Heat Stroke (What You Need to Know)

    in Pets

    It's that time of year--Summer.  And along with that, comes hot temperatures, (and in some areas stifling humidity).  In these remaining scorching months of summer, it's important to make sure your pet is cool and comfortable.  Heat stroke is not just a condition that can befall humans; animals are also at risk--especially outdoor pets.  Indoor pets can also be affected if they are left in a hot vehicle or by simply being in an indoor environment that is not properly cooled.  In this episode of The Missy Show, find out tips to protect your pet from suffering a heat stroke.  Join us Saturday, August 1st at 5pm Central.

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    Line Upon Line, Precept Upon Precept

    in The Bible

    There is no need for Christians to defeat the devil, christ has already accomplished that. We just need to believe it. Its your individual responsibilty as a believer to repent and believe the truth that will set you free. NOBODY else can do that for you. I can't put on the armor of God for you, believe for you,repent for you,forgive others for you, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ for you, but I can help you. Finding your own freedom in Christ and helping others to do the same is my primary focus so sit back and have a open mind and hear what thus sayeth the Lord through His vessel for such a time as this.

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