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    Perhaps You Can’t See Me ~ Necole Stephens

    in Spirituality

    Necole shares with you "Perhaps You Can't See Me".  This book is her personal experiences with how grief and the afterlife has been, and continues to be, serendipitous.  "Perhaps You Can't See Me" contains messages from the afterlife while providing encouragement and truth from the voice and heart of another bereaved parent, sibling, and daughter.  Life changes in the blink of an eye.  We hunger from the depth of our souls to know our loved ones are okay and are not experiencing any pain or anger.  We want to be sure they know how much we love and miss them.  We long for answers, guidance, support, healing, and some understanding of this new world in which our loves have become a part of...  “Perhaps You Can’t See Me” incorporates all of the challenges, filled with love and divine guidance from the afterlife.


    Necole Stephens is a highly sought after Spirit Medium and Inspirational Speaker who communicates with spirit and passes along messages of hope and healing. Necole has been receiving messages since she was a little girl, from around the age 3.  After many years of conveying messages from loved ones in spirit, Necole decided she wanted to do more.  She not only wanted to convey these beautiful messages, she listened to her heart and knew that… where there is spirit, there is grief, which lead her to become a certified Grief Specialist.

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    The journey of integrating grief, hope, and living. ~ Necole Stephens

    in Spirituality

    Necole discusses her personal experience with grief and the afterlife; life as a spirit medium and bereaved parent.  Mediums have grown in popularity, yet little is truly known and understood about them and their abilities.  Necole explains her extrasensory gifts and what it means to be a Medium. As a Certified Grief Specialist, Necole has extensive experience working with grief and those experiencing it.  Grief is the most powerful emotion, yet the least talked about.  Necole shares information from her lectures and seminars on how to become more connected to your loved ones in spirit rather than to the grief itself with emphasis on the power of love and the eternal connections we sustain.  Necole inspires while offering hope and truth from the voice and heart of another grieving person.

    Necole Stephens is a highly sought after Spirit Medium and Inspirational Speaker who communicates with spirit and passes along messages of hope and healing.


    As a nationally recognized Spirit Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and Inspirational speaker, Necole is also bereaved parent and Certified Grief Specialist, and has firsthand experience with grief.  This has created a heightened ability to empathize and provide clients with a chance to connect with their loved ones.


    Necole has dedicated her life to the helping and healing of others by traveling around the country giving inspirational talks and running her Healing Hugs from Heaven events where she incorporates messages from the Spirit World that provide grief recovery tools to cultivate hope, comfort, healing and a sense of meaning and purpose.

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    Necole Stephens .. Free Readings

    in Spirituality

    Necole Stephens is a nationally recognized Spirit Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Certified Grief Specialist, and bereaved parent. Necole has dedicated her life to the helping and healing of others. She is able to enhance the spiritual awareness of her clients and empathize from her firsthand experience with grief. Necole travels across the country giving inspirational talks and running her Angel Kisses events, which provide audiences a chance to connect with their loved ones.

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    The Afterlife: Author Sheryl Hill/Medium Necole Stephens

    in Spirituality

    What awaits for us after we transition? Our guests will share their intriguing perspectives.
    About Necole: Necole has dedicated her life to the helping and healing of others.Necole Stephens....is a spiritual conduit between the physical world and the afterlife. She is a Spirit Medium and she will deliver evidential messages from the other side that will have great meaning to you and validate the existence of your loved ones in the Afterlife. Even for the skeptic, your session will leave you enlightened and wanting more. She has dedicated her life to the helping and healing of others. She is a bereaved parent and founder of a non profit 501(c)3 organization, in loving memory of her son, Zachary Tompkins. Zachary was a healthy, athletic 11 year old boy who passed unexpectedly in his sleep in March 2010.
    Her website is www.necolestephens.com
    About Sheryl: Sheryl is mother to Tyler Hill (1991-2007) who died a preventable death on a People to People Student Ambassador Trip to Japan.
    For decades Sheryl was an award winning IT professional with US West and Honeywell Information Systems, primarily in healthcare major markets.
    Her first book, "Walking on Sunshine, NRG - A Divine Transformation," is a USA Book News award winning finalist.
    In June, 2011, Sheryl and her husband, Allen, launched ClearCause Foundation to protect and inform America's children and students who are encouraged to go on student trips, cultural exchange and study abroad programs in a $20 billion federally unregulated industry. www.clearcausefoundation.org
    Sheryl is a World Speaker, American Pen Woman, and member of IANDS and Women, Wisdom & Wine.
    Her website is: www.walkingonsunshine.org

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    Spirit Medium Necole Stephens Returns

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as I welcome back the amazing Necole Stephens to the program.
    Last time she was with us her readings were right on and her spirit lit up the show so tune in and call in and let Necole help you find those answers you seek and who knows just maybe a love one from the other side might stop in for a visit.
    We will be talking tonight about hope and how to move forward through lost.
    Free readings through out the program
    Call in 347-327-9316

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    Saints News Radio: Saints Ultimate Draft Guide with Emory Hunt & Barry Hirstius

    in Sports

    Saints News Radio presents the Saints Ultimate Draft Guide with Emory Hunt & Barry Hirstius  

    The SNR Krewe with our professional NFL Draft experts, Emory and Barry, will give an in-depth analysis of the Saints potential draft picks for 2015.

    Will the Saints decide to choose Defense or Offense?  Will they get a "big named" player?  SHELTON, BEASLEY, GREGORY, RAY, DORSETT, SMITH, WAYNES, COLLINS or ___________?  You fill in the blank.

    Will Loomis and Payton trade up or trade down?  Can they continue to find hidden gems in the later round?   Will they finally find the "Heir" to Drew Brees?


    WHEN:  APRIL 24th 

    TIME:  8:00 PM CST/ 9:00 PM EST

    HOW TO LISTEN:  www.blogtalkradio.com/saintsnews 

    CALL IN STUDIO:  818-739-8961  (WE ANSWER ALL CALLS!!!!)

    HOST - Kyle T. Mosley; ANALYST - Derek D"Professor Stephens;  Co-Hosts - Remy "The Professional" Jones, Charita "Diva" Batiste, Kevin Buckles,and Jay Calbos

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    come and learn the word of God ! Bible study is powerful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in The Bible

    Welcome to Prayer line on the Scenes
    Join in with Prophetess Stephens and family we are on tonight, yes tonight call in .
    prayer line on the scenes is back on the radio , we have a new number call in @ 516 -418-5808 call in tonight at 10 PM Eastern standard time and 9 PM central standard time.God is up to something incredible, expect a miracle!We decree and declare on Prayer line on the scene that our latter days are filled with great blessings, great provision, and that we walk continually and without interruption in the perfect Will, Plan, Purpose, and Identity of the Father. we pray and believe that the anointing power of God breaks every yoke off of us and our life, and that victory in every area of our life is made manifest beginning now and stays permanent. I call forth that we constantly walk in God’s Holy Spirit and His Holy Spirit Power.we decree and declare that we are walking in the full manifestation of God’s Will, Plan, Purpose, and Identity for us and our life from this moment forward with no sorrow added it to. call in tonight in Jesus name!

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    in Sports

    @Habs360 is a weekly podcast on the Montreal Canadiens hosted by Chris G (@chrisg1980). It is the most interactive and informative Canadiens podcast as we take your phone calls (1-877-455-4945) and read your tweets (@Habs360). 

    This week's topics:

    Canadiens 2-0 series lead over the Senators
    Max Pacioretty back in lineup
    PK Subban in the spotlight
    Rick Stephens (@All_Habs) joins to talk Habs
    and lots more!

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    Review of Week 3 of Weekly Racing and Waycross for NeSmith Touring Division

    in Sports

    7:30 - Cruz Skinner - Winner at Talladega Short Track and new Sunoco Young Guns Challenge Point Leader

    7:45 - Chase Edge - NeSmith Touring Division Winner at Waycross Motor Speedway

    8:00 - Landen & Branden Harris - 6 Year-Old Landen is Crew Chief on Flomaton Speedway Winner/Dad Branden's NeSmith/AR Bodies Street Stock 

    8:15 - Richie Stephens - NeSmith/AR Bodies Street Stock Division Winner at Talladega Short Track

    8:30 - Cliff Williams - NeSmith Weekly Racing Series Winner at Whynot Motorsports Park


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    Sunday night songs just because

    in Music

    Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    Sunday night songs just because

    Four Star Rhythm Section, A: Moonglow

    B: Oh Lady Be Good

    Ink Spots: Knock Kneed Sal

    Firehouse 5 Plus 2:   12th Street Rag

    Wabash Blues

    Radiotjänst (Swedish) Bird songs

    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions1 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or oscssw@juno.com

    ALL credit is due to the Artists, Companies, locations and everyone else.

    All on Shellac 10” 78 RPM

    Four Star Rhythm Section, A: Moonglow

    B: Oh Lady Be Good

    Label: Rhythm Records ‎– R-104

    Released: 1945

    Genre:  Jazz

    A: Moonglow

    Written-By – Delange, Mills, Hudson Track A: Key of F 

    B: Oh Lady Be Good

    Written-By – George &Ira Gershwin Track B: Key of B? 

    Credits: Bass – Phil Stephens

    Ink Spots:  Knock Kneed Sal (On the Mourner's Bench)

    Label: Decca ‎– 2286  1939

    B Knock Kneed Sal (On the Mourner's Bench)

    Written-By – Zilner Randolph


    Firehouse 5 Plus 2, ‎– The Firehouse 5 Plus 2

    Disneyland Jazz Band

    Year: 1953

    12th Street Rag

    Wabash Blues

     Good Time Jazz was an American jazz record label.

    The label was founded in 1949 by Lester Koenig in Los Angeles; its first releases were from the Firehouse Five plus Two.

    Radiotjänst (Radio service) can refer to several entities:

    Sveriges Radiotjänst, the name of Sweden's national public broadcaster from 1925 until 1958, when the company was reorganized as Sveriges Radio

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    SATURDAY WORSHIP SERVICE / Preacher Joseph Stephens

    in Religion

    Welcome to our Saturday Morning Worship Service for those who may not be able to attend church on Sunday and/or anyone else for whatever reason they choose to join us in this worship experience. ALL OF US AT RFCM WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU ARE WELCOME :-)