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    NDE; What is the Light? - The Disclosure Project Working? MUFON, Good or Bad?

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    Topics and Extras:

    Supposedly when you die there is a light at the end of the, so-called "tunnel". Go into the light or stay away? What is it? --- The Disclosure Project. Is it making progress or a waste of time? --- MUFON is the largest group & oldest UFO investigating organization on the planet. Good & bad points will be discussed. --- PLUS Paranormal News from all over the globe.

    BONUS! THE AFTER SHOW ROUNDTABLE ON GOOGLE HANGOUTS - Once the show ends on Blogtalkradio the show continues it's new Roundtable Discussion continuing for another 30 - 60 minutes by clicking here - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ytl/sSPRzi9D_lVmhH0-dmpeCikZ5_-6BZIprpgtZu2T2n0=?authuser=0&hl=en_US

    2 HUGE LIVE HOURS - Call in to join the conversation or join the chat room.


    LINK #1 - Allows you to join the hangout and interact with the show by clicking here - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ytl/sSPRzi9D_lVmhH0-dmpeCikZ5_-6BZIprpgtZu2T2n0=?authuser=0&hl=en_US

    LINK #2 - Allows you to watch the show and listen to the show on Our You Tube channel but you can only interact with other YOU TUBE users, not the show. It's a great way to watch the live show without any interaction. Click Here - http://www.youtube.com/ufochroniclesofrichg


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    NDE: A Collection of critical reviews of all NDE research for the past 30 years

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    Dr. Janice Holden

    In 2009, leading near-death experience (NDE) researchers published The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation, a collection of comprehensive, critical reviews of all NDE research for the 30 years since NDEs came to public and professional attention. 

    Dr. Jan Holden, lead editor of The Handbook, will present a summary of the book, including updates since 2009. She will illustrate her presentation with an on-camera, in-depth interview with a young woman who had her NDE in Austin, Texas. 

    Dr. Holden will welcome comments and questions both throughout and following her presentation. 

    Dr. Holden is professor of Counseling and chair of the Department of Counseling & Higher Education at the University of North Texas in Denton, and she is editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies,  the scholarly publication of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

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    ERA Cop - Consciousness, OBE, NDE, Soul Energy,ET

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    Thomas A Sinisi aka Tommy Hawksblood, Thomas Becker, Jairo Ammun Bennu, Nick of Canada will share a Round Table Discussion with Theresa J Morris on Consciousness, OBE, NDE, Soul Energy, and ET Topics. Season 1 Episode 2-

    ERA Cop a creation of TJ Morris Media. Theresa J Morris became Author of Books 2007-2014 include Roswell Encounters, Roswell Connection, Taken Up, Enchanted Development, Theresa of Ascension, Knowing Cosmology, ACO Alien Contact Organization. TJ became a Radio Host June 3, 2012 as TJ Morris ET Radio and Cosmos Connection and has panel discussions and interviews authors. TJ is a motivational speaker in paranormal and spiritual communities with ET UFO, OBE, NDE, Dreams, and conscious experience shares. Belief, Belief networks, Christian worldview, Cognitive bias, Contemplation,Cultural identity, Eschatology, Extrospection, Ideology, Life stance, Mental model, Metaknowledge, Metanarrative. Metaphysics, Mindset, Ontology, Organizing principle, Paradigm

    Perspective, Philosophy, Psycholinguistics, Reality, Reality tunnel, Received view, Religion. Scientific modeling, Scientism, Social justice, Social reality, Socially constructed reality, Subjective logic, Time, Truth, Umwelt, Attitude, polarization.


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    NDE: Is there a Purpose for life and The Existence of a Creator of All.

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    Yvonne is the co-creator of Think Heaven Now (THENOW), a member of both IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) and ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences) and has a successful career in the IT industry.

    Prior to her NDE, her professional career background includes working in the diplomatic field. Yvonne has lived the last 20 years on a journey of spiritual growth, seeking the meaning and purpose of life and the existence of a Creator of All.

    A summary of her NDE and the changes it brought into her life is available on NDE Radio.

    Deep emotional life crisis lead to Yvonne’s NDE in 2008. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which Yvonne visited a part of the place we call ‘Heaven’,  transcended her faith and heightened her understanding of Love, Compassion, Goodness, Kindness, and Acceptance of All.

    Yvonne is now working in collaboration with Sabine Van Den Bulke, psychotherapist and movement therapist with expertise in NDE Experiencers, in bringing spiritual and emotional support to help cope with the NDE after-effects.

    www.crsradio.com caribbeanradioshow@gmail.com

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    Ripples in Our Lives: Near Death Experiences of David Brundage

    David Brundage experiences three near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences while in the hospital! During the first surgery, his heart stops as soon as the incision is made in his abdomen. The second surgery is done after the doctors check his heart out, which completes the original surgery. The third is after he gets an infection and eviscerates, requiring emergency surgery and a colostomy bag. And the fourth is to reverse the colostomy. David develops "ripples" in his fingernails after each near-death experience. While the ripples are present in his fingernails, he has a connection to the spirit world and the paranormal. Take a walk in David's shoes as he sees Jesus, spirit guides, angels, ghosts, dark shadows and entities. Read about the physical and emotional horror he and his family go through while experiencing surgeries, infections, hallucinations, depressions and so much more.

    ABOUT ME ....I have MS and am the host of this show...  and I am a grieving mother of 2 chidlren lost to Cystic Fibrosis while in their 20's and a bestselling author on Amazon and also a intuitive medium ...we do free readings to bring your lost loved ones through and comfort you through this journey of grief and life especially after losing a child ....


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    Near Death Experience - NDE

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    Have you or someone you know had a Near Death Experience? What is it? What does it mean? Is it proof of an Afterlife? The NDE offers some insight into what happens after we pass, and often shapes our understanding about this world.  If you are interested in the afterlife, or the phenomenon of near death experiences you will not want to miss this episode.

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    "Jessica Haynes bringing you the best of the best!" Every Monday Night 9pm ET, Jessica will be my guest and will be bringing on with her a different talented guest every week! Jessica in 1983, at 27years old I had a near death experience. I was a passenger in a car in my home town Carmel, CA. The driver crashed at accelerating speed into a tree. The driver walked away from the accident, but the impact on my side of the car crushed my face beyond recognition. My vertebrae suffered multiple fractures, my discs smashed/bulging and the bones in my feet shattered. I was diagnosed to have lasting nerve damage and possible paralysis below my waist. I looked grotesque.After the surgery to re-attach my jaw and rebuild my face, I had a Near Death Experience. I went through several stages on "the other side" including, three life reviews.  The first review showed me the life I had lived. The second, I saw a different  and better life I could have lived if I had made better choices (but still the accident would have happened). The third, making completely different choices, I saw a life I would have lived and the accident would not have happened.
    I was fortunate to get my life back. With my NDE awarenesses I had a miracle healing. Within six months I was fully healed. The X-rays showed no sign of  injury to my back and feet. My crushed eye healed itself and the multiple scars on my face and body disappeared. I was running up steep hills, hiking long distances and looking like myself again.  I "came back" very psychic/intuitive.I have 3 books, GPS for Success, Discover Your Inner Strength and Get What You Want Now - Money, Love, Power.  http://www.lifewithjessica.com 

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    NDE:John Scott had a NDE which gave him a quantum level experience

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    Near Death Experience (NDE)  Death and Life Review

    John Scott an Australian Artist suffered a NDE (near death experience) approx 20 years ago.  
    He had accidentally poisoned himself on Amanita Muscaria mushrooms whilst on a camping trip.  During the experience he went right though nature and saw everything at a quantum level and saw that nature is alive and communicating. 
    After this he went through the tunnel of light and met the light. 
    He telepathically dialogued with the light for a few days whilst being shown humanities whole history, which spanned hundreds of thousands of years. 
    The dialogue was so intense, he lost his job and his life changed dramatically, he spent the next twenty years as a recluse taking down notes. 
    Subjects such as reincarnation, karma, extra terrestrial life and origins of religion have become some of his subject matter.

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    NDE: Reconnective Healer and a conscious channel-er share a global message

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    Paul is an NDE Experiencer and Holly is an amazing Channel. 
     Paul Marwood has embodied the clarity of vision for his life and followed his heart to pursue his passion.At the height of Paul’s career, he had a near fatal car accident that brought about a spiritual awakening and rapid changes in his perspective on life. After his body healed he began the next phase of his life, which he would describe as one of a spiritual seeker and his personal spiritual development became his priority. Eventually, he was drawn to Reconnective Healing®. With a reputation as a successful practitioner in this modality, Paul came to the United States where he met his wife, Holly. All of this has prepared him in a profound and compelling way, culminating in the creation of Akasha Healing.

    Today, Paul has fully integrated his background in Engineering with his passion for helping others thrive by making Akasha Healing programs available through the latest technology and modes of delivery. Paul is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing, and transformational soul and life guidance.

    Holly Hawkins Marwood is a teacher, guide, and conscious channel with a lifelong passion for transformation, healing, and assisting others on their soul’s journey. Holly is an international speaker and trainer in spirituality, energy medicine, healing as well as soul and life guidance.

    Coming from a family lineage of those who channel messages and teachings, Holly is a conscious channel for guidance from many sources, including the High Council of Orion, angelic realm who share global messages to assist all people in living fuller, healthier, happier, and more integrated lives.


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    ET, OBE, NDE, UFO Experiences of TJ Morris

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    TJ Morris dba ACIR,Business Economics, American Culture International Relations, American Community Online Social Media. Janet Kira Lessin is sharing an interview. 

    We are who we have been waiting for on this planet. We are the Alien ET UFO Generation. We were born in a time called the “Baby Boomer Generation” and now our children are the “Crystal-Indigo Generation” in the UFO Metaphysical Spiritual World of Change. Change is good and everlasting. The way we know who we are is based on the reflection of others for we mirror each other.

    Be ready to join us in the “Alien ET UFO Community”.

    Author, radio personality and spiritual intuitive, Theresa J Morris is the host of TJ Morris ET Radio and the Founder of the Metaphysical Institute of Ascension Center Energetics. She is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and is an eclectic soul as an investigative reporter. TJ covers topics in her passion as a mystery explorer in body-mind-spirit health and prosperity. TJ is best known for healing intuition, ancient mysteries, cosmology, metaphysics, parapsychology, ufology, and the universal mind. Theresa who prefers to go by TJ founded the original Ascension Center and Psychic Network. Tj began the ACE Folklife Artists-Authors Club and has a small business TJ Morris Treasure Shop.

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    NDE: Visitations from Angelic beings & Channeling with Pleiadian & Arcturians

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    Geoffrey Faulkner's spiritual journey began with visitations by angelic beings and a childhood, and a later drowning NDE while in the Navy. He recounts how these episodes opened up his receptivity to the visions and visitations---including a visitation by Jesus Christ; and his ongoing "channel" with Pleiadian and Arcturians, who are part of a seven nation confederation which is preparing mankind for disclosure and ultimately what could be termed ascension. Geoff outlines key events given to him in a time line from 2012 to 2018...including a third world war, China's failed nuclear attack backfires...Earth 2...also, the physics of wormholes, ET contacts over the history of Earth, the negative ETs, and more.

    Note: There are controversial topics discussed, from channeled material. Discernment and common sense should be exercised, and peace not fear should guide this, and all materials related to near-future prophecy.
    NDE experiencer and former Navy man Geoff Faulkner shares his Predictions– 2018.

    Geoff is a intuitive who was shown, by a Divine Being, many World-Wide Catastrophic Events i.e.911, and publicly predicted the 6.8 Seattle Earthquake four years ago and even had USGS contact him as to how he could have predicted the event. Several years ago the Being showed him that the Monetary System would eventually collapse and the system itself is already defunct and unsustainable and we are heading for huge and total collapse of the Monetary System because people are not working, they’re not buying anything and the Greed Game is about to end! By 2018 there may only be One-Third of the population left.
    His visitations as recently as February 8, 2014, he experienced a visit from Mary. 

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