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    Connecticut Shooting Dorthy Speight of Mothers in Charge

    in Moms and Family

    Add this show  as a favorite please to make a impact add a comment .... Tune in this morning Dorothy Johnson-Speight, MHS, LPC talks   about how mental Illness leads the nations in one of the causes of violence in this country. Dorothy Johnson-Speight, MHS, LPC - highly regarded leader, lauded conference workshop speaker, and guest television commentator is a clarion voice against the war to end senseless acts of violent crime. Her work, though rooted in the city Philadelphia, has led to national appearances and presentations across the United States and abroad.   A licensed family therapist, Dorothy has been a long time supporter for the rights of children and families over her distinguished career in victim advocacy. Following the tragic 2001 murdered son .  
    Adam Lanza and his mother lived in a well-to-do part of prosperous Newtown, about 60 miles northeast of New York City, where neighbors are doctors or hold white-collar positions at companies such as General Electric, Pepsi and IBM.The gunman raised by kind, nurturing parents who would not have hesitated to seek mental help for him if he needed it. Stated the Aunt about her nephew

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    The Delicate Dynamics of Mothers and Daughters

    in Entertainment

    I have always been intrigued with the plight of women and the mechanics of our relationships with other women. More specifically, the dynamics of best friends, mothers and daughters, and how we interact with women we don’t know.

    I want to give this subject a platform because I find it difficult to understand how women, the most nurturing human beings on earth, are unable to unify and support one another. Why are we so envious of each? What creates that volatile atmosphere? What is creating the poor self-esteem and lack of confidence so many of our sisters and young girls have?

    This discussion will be broken down into a series of micro conversations which will specially address the various relationships we cultivate as women. The first conversation will address Mothers & Daughters.

    We're lucky to have Life Coach, Cherie Avinger, as our guest.  Cherie will be sharing her professional advice and guidance regarding how to improve or maintain that special mother/daughter relationship.  We will also be joined by Ms. Cheryl Laylock.  Cheryl will be sharing her advice on how she has been able to sustain a very respectful and nurturing relationship with her two adult daughters. 

    Please feel free to join the conversation this Sunday, March 22 at 5pm. Guest dial-in (713) 955-0703.
    Thank you!

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    The Charge w/Mark Anthony Masters

    in Christianity

    Sound the Charge, it's time to be the soul winners God has called us to be through the gospel of the Kingdom and Christ to change the nations of the world.  Mark Anthony Masters will help you realign your vision, goals and apirations with the King and His Kingdom that you again would be used of God to reconcile man back to God in the same way that the Father was and is in Christ reconciling man back to Himself.

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    Top Secret Success Tips for the Woman in Charge

    in Women

    "Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position." ~ Brian Tracy

    There is a change of the guard going on at the top. More and more women than ever before are guiding corporations, holding political office, and starting and driving movements. But along with title and position comes considerable responsibility. Sometimes that responsibility is made difficult for the woman in charge more by what she doesn't know than what she does know.

    You've probably heard of several so-called "secrets" to success touted by every expert imaginable. The problem is that those secrets sometimes seem to work for only a privileged few. It's time to spread the wealth! If you're a woman who is leading IN ANY CAPACITY and you're ready to break into your full potential as a leader, you need to tune in today.

    Get the details about what you can do right now to become the leader you've always known you could be. Join our chat with guest, Colonel (Ret.) Jill Morgenthaler, author of the captivating new book, The Courage to Take Command: Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer.

    Call in, 646-716-6910, or chat with us LIVE during the broadcast in our Javammunity chat room.

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    in Relationships

    Join us TONIGHT at 9PM GMT as we bring to you another episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, your candid radio show on relationships.

    Our topic of discussion is LONELINESS. You will have the privilege of hearing true life stories from our special guests as well as the Panellists weighing in their views on the topic.

    What is loneliness?

    Common reasons for loneliness.

    Loneliness versus 'Aloneness'.

    Loneliness in marriage.

    Sustained loneliness.

    Spurts of loneliness.

    The thin line between loneliness and depression.

    How to create a balance.

    How to overcome loneliness.

    All of these and much more will be discussed on this week's episode. Please do share with your friends and family. Call in to the studio to share your views too. Thank you.


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    "Being You Thursday" image: Who’s in charge of your life?

    in Motivation

    That might sound like a strange question. But bear with me here. How often have you said something like:

    I’d start my own business if only my partner was more supportive.
    It’s my uncle’s fault that I smoke.
    Well, I wouldn’t drink so much if it wasn’t for my friends.
    My boss really stresses me out.
    I can’t quit my job to travel the world … what would people think?
    I have to lose weight so that I can look more attractive.

    In each of these cases, there’s a “should” or a “can’t” that’s been dictated by someone other than you. Perhaps it’s a family member, your peer group, or society as a whole. And many of us are prone to ditching responsibility in this way. I know that I, for one, find it much easier to blame my problems on someone else than to admit that they’re down to me!

    Take 100% Responsibility

    Several of the personal development writers who I read – Jack Canfield and Steve Pavlina amongst them – emphasize how important it is to take full responsibility for your life.

    Yes, of course other people have an effect on us. Perhaps it’s your partner’s fault that your joint credit card is maxed out, or maybe your grandma fed you too much candy as a child and that’s why you have a mouthful of fillings. But in every case, you have a responsibility for what you’re doing about it now.


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    How did your heart get broken & what can Jesus do to heal it?

    in Religion

    Everyone single person has experienced heartbreak on some magnitude.  What happened to your heart?  Do we really have to forgive those who have hurt us?  What if I just can't - will God forgive me when I call on Him?  Has someone close to you died or suffered a horrible tragic event in life?  Do you blame God?  If God is in charge why are bad things happening to good people?  Come let Him heal your heart and share your burden.

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    Charge to Young Preachers: Challenge, Question, Respect

    in Christianity

    Having been in the preaching ministry since a pre-teen, I've learned quite a lot and have matured even more since then. I have come to discover that young ministers (not just young in age) find it difficult to maintain a healthy spiritual, social, and educational life. I have privilege of serving as a ministry trainer now and have suggestions to those who are young in ministry or on the edge of being burned out in ministry. They are: Challenge Yourself, Question Yourself, and Respect Yourself. I'll be breaking all of those down on today's show so feel free to join in the discussion.

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    Own Your Star Power with Guest Star, Meredith Liepelt

    in Self Help

    2015 is all about ACHIEVING BIG, CREATING RICHes!!!  FOLLOW the show, listen in each week, and watch your achievements soar.

    This week, my guest, Meredith Liepelt and I will be talking Own Your Star Power and Get Discovered!

    To succeed in today's market you need to know how to authentically differentiate yourself from all others who do similar work. In other words, you need a strong personal brand. Meredith Liepelt of Rich Life Marketing calls this your Star Power because it’s all about you and the unique gifts, qualities and quirks you bring to the table. Once you uncover your Star Power, you become unstoppable.  Right now is the best time to take charge of how you are seen in the business world and create the business and lifestyle you want.

    You will learn:

    Why authentic personal brands aren’t “created” and what to do instead.
    What as signature brand message is and common mistakes people make in their messaging
    6 practical ways to authentically stand out in your industry.
    The 2 things most experts do to be recognized, respected and rewarded for their expertise and how you can do them too.

    Call in 1-818-572-2910 to chat with ball of fire, Bernadette Boas, or chat right here on our Show Page... Listen and SHARE!  Be sure to FOLLOW our show to get updates on episodes and guests.

    Listen weekly LIVE, or in archive on SHEDDING THE BITCH.COM or iTUNES. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!

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    Breaking the Chains...Caring for our Elders: the Wisdom Council

    in Motivation

    I have a dream...Celebrating Our 50 Years of Jubilee!

    Our forefathers and mothers planted trees from which we gather fruit, and dug wells from which we quench our thirst. Civil Rights Activist marched for us, died for us and pleaded for our equality. So what are we leaving behind for our communities today? How will we strengthen our kids, famillies and our communities now?

    Fifty years ago, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream..." Speech debuted in Detroit and transformed a nation. Now we Celebrate our 50th Year of Jubilee for the Selma March to Montgomery, and join in struggle to teaching us all to Evolve in our Beliefs, Values and Purpose for Elevating our Consciousness on the Greatness that lies within us - all of us!

    Our ancesters from Africa knew the power of connection to the Divine, while honoring the human-ness in each other. I invite you to remember the greatness of our people, and we start by remembering our Elders, the holders of Wisdom. Our featured guest  for today's show is Pam Perry, the Communications Director for the Detroit Area Agency on Aging. She helps promote the DAAA’s services and  events to the Detroit community through both local and online media so we can empower our Elders to be safe, healthy and independent as long as we are blessed to have them with us. 

    Please join me as she shares valuable information for the elders in your family, church and community.

    Join the Movement to raise the Love Vibrations in 2015!!
    And as always......Be Amazing!

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    The Halls of Valhalla presents: The Women Of The Revolution

    in Politics Conservative

    The Show Must Go On For Tim "Loki" Kerlin!

    Join Yankeemom, and Susan Bonner as they break down the world of feminism by going back in history. We are going to fight the "war on women" because, "we are women". This episode: Mary and Catherine Byles

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