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    NCAA College Football Weel 7 Preview

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    NCAA College Football is the topic tonight as many teams have their hands full with ranked in-conference opponents including rivalries. Find out which teams are on upset alert vs. unranked programs tonight ONLY on the MINOR sTATEment!!!

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    NCAA College Football Rivalry Week 2 Preview

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    Week 2 of NCAA College Football begins tomorrow and it all starts with tonight's rivalry segment including South Carolina @ Georgia who fell out of the top 10 last week in a 38-35 defeat to ACC power Clemson in the primetime battle of college gameday. The dawgs have an opportunity to redeem themselves vs arguably the best defensive player on college football's biggest stage Jadeveon Clowney and the Gamecocks whom embarrassed Georgia just last season. The Michigan Wolverines will have their own opportunity to showcase their final meeting in a rare nightcap showdown on college gameday when they host the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame who made an appearance to the National title game before being ousted by eventual champion and SEC power: Alabama...lastly Florida will travel to Miami in a highly anticipated in-state rivalry when they invade Sun Life Stadium vs the 'Canes...all of this and much more including a complete breakdown of the poll rankings ONLY on the MINOR sTATEment!!!

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    NCAA College Football SEC Segment

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    For years (especially the past 7) the SEC has been widely considered amonst the elite by a large margin on the scale of the sport in College Football. Most notably the conference's top team entering the season in the 11 day kickoff vs Virginia Tech @ the Georgia Dome in Atlanta; seeking their 3rd consecutive title and 4th of the past 5 years while building a dynasty under HC Nick Saban. All of this and much more including the top 25 teams also ranked in preseason polls including Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M and LSU. Can anyone dethrone the SEC or Alabama's dominance? These questions answered tonight on the MINOR sTATEment!!! 

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    NCAA College Football Saturday Preview

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    No more running and no more hiding...it's finally here. The beginning of the end for some teams chances to solidify themselves as a serious contender, all for those hopes and dreams to play on college football's biggest stage crushed in week 1 and for others...an opportunity to survive and advance, increasing their chances to perform @ its highest level on that very same stage. Join the roundtable as we take a brief look inside week 1's season openers for most teams around the nation and its key matchups heading into the weekend including 3 SEC national ranked teams and 2 nationally ranked teams outside of the conference. All of this and much much more tonight on the MINOR sTATEment!!!

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    Mizzou Football Players Lead Ouster of University President...Right or Wrong?

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    On today's podcast, noted sports attorney Don Jackson talks about the University of Missouri situation with host Clay Dade. He'll discuss the football team's refusal to play, its impact--real or imagined. as well as examine athletes' role in campus society. Jackson has been at the forefront of NCAA student-athletes' rights for decades and he has successfully litigated hundreds of cases on behalf of athletes facing eligibility issues, against the NCAA.

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    Episode 5, Part 2: Johnny Not So On the Spot

    in Football


    Manziel and the Bye Week Drinking Video

    What the F@*! is a Catch?

    Concussions, Case Keenum

    Zeek Elliot Speaks Up


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    NCAA College Football Week 5 Preview

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    Entering week 5 of the college football season, its all about the SEC to feature premier weekend games...well, almost...joining 1Alabama and 21Ole Miss in what's expected to be an unanticipated slugout from the season's start in Tuscaloosa followed by a mid-afternoon game 'Between The Hedges' where 9Georgia will host the 6Bayou Bengals of LSU in the Peach State. Following, 22Notre Dame welcomes 14Oklahoma into the home of 'Touchdown Jesus' in an annual rematch of last season's victory for the Irish in Norman. Lastly, how long will 4THE Ohio State Buckeyes remain undefeated without preseason Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller under center as they invite the home of cheese 23Wisconsin Badgers to the Horseshoe? All of these questions answered tonight on the MINOR sTATEment!!!

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    NCAA College Football Week 8 Preview

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    For nearly a decade, the SEC conference reigns dominance as the face of college football. Today's show format will feature 4 of those teams (in which all are nationally ranked) including an undefeated 14Mizzouri Tigers ballclub that welcomes powerhouse 22Florida to Columbia. Just years ago, we saw another Tigers program convey a national title as the 24War Eagles of Auburn this time minus their All-American & Heisman trophy winning QB Cam Newton will travel to the 'Home of the 12th Man' vs. the current Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel & 7Texas A&M. Furthermore, 13Stanford looks to redeem themselves coming off a heartbreaking defeat to Utah when they host top-10 foe 9UCLA. Lastly, college gameday expectedly gets its most intense pregame ever when a battle of arguably 2 of the sport's most mobile and agile QB's meet in South Carolina as 2 undefeateds 5Florida State travel to 3Clemson. See who we predict as winners & a complete breakdown of each game tonight ONLY on the MINOR sTATEment!!!

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    NCAA - College Football Playoff - Did the committee get it right or wrong?

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    Breaking down the College Football Playoff Teams

    Are these the Top 4 teams in College Football?

    Which team/teams deserve to be in that are not?

    Is Florida St being penalized for off the field issues?

    Which team could still fall out of the Top 4?

    Who will be the final Top 4?

    Who has the best chance to win the College Football Playoff?

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    SLZE Sports at the Basment Capitol North - 11.17.2015

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    Tonight... CFP Week 3 will be out and we'll respond angrily and accordingly, we'll also give you our Top 5, Bottom 3 for the NFL and as always, our SLZE of the Week!

    Listen in as Caoch Scott, Sweet Lou, DNash, and Zo tear apart the Sports World!  Hear our weekly segments: SLZE of the Week, Scotty Doesn't Know, the Hot Seat (outside of Football Season), our 10 Picks of the Week!

    LIVE every Tuesday night at 9:00pm from the Basement Capitol of the World.  Check us out at SLZESports.com, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Periscope @SLZESports and call us 917-889-8806!

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    November 12: The Power Of Solidarity

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    When sports and social issues collide, things can surely get asinine. That's where Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo come in handy.

    On the campus of the University of Missouri racial tension sparked a hunger strike and protests by the football team. This was all fueled by wanting the school president to resign. In light of the protesting, now former Missouri President Tim Wolfe did decide to resign. Could this create a dangerous "slippery slope" effect? What does this say about the power of college athletes, especially football players? Is there more controversy ready to erupt with this story? A connection between recent social issues in the NFL is made.

    From drama for one college football team off the field, to drama on it. It's another edition of the college football playoff rankings. Did LSU drop too far after a loss to Alabama? Does Notre Dame deserve to be among the top four? Will the Big 12 be destined to be left out again? How should Iowa be properly viewed? Mike goes off on the hypocrisy of the committee.

    George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins continue their battle of immaturity and Kristaps Porzingis proves the critics wrong.

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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