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    MMA JAM SESSION 1-on-1 With Eric Jackman

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    This is an exclusive !-on-1 session with the man, Eric Jackman. We went into many different topics from basketball to mma, to Jack Taylor Public Relations.

    We also got heavily into Glory 21, which takes place this Friday, May 8th 2015.

    We talked about Metamoris and their new idea for dark matches where the only way you can see these epic matches are via stream.

    We also went into Public relations, and what that means. As well as Invicta as well as quite a few other topics.

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    Jam Session: The Return

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    Sorry Folks, there was no Jam Session last week. But this week The Jam session returns and we have ourelves a great show for you guys. Doctor Howard Fidler has decided to join us once again and open our eyes with his 1000 years of knowledge and his several degrees in body science as well as many others. You know those diagrams where the mins and body are open and you see that aura line around the person? Fidler created that.

    Out of the Door, we are blessed to be graced with the Presence of The Argentinian assassin. The undefeated powerhouse. The

    Invicta star! Deanna Bennett to talk about her victory against Jennifer Maia at Invicta 10 as well as a bunch of other fun topics.

    Up next, we have the Golden Girl, the future star of womens mma, The youthful, yet talented Caitlin "Meat-hook"" Kelley! This one is going to be fun for myself as well as Doctor Fidler, because future stars always have a lot to talk about.

    The third guest may or may not show up to the show. But if she does, all I can say is she is a legend already. A dynamic individual. She recieved a call and answered it in dramatic fashion at a more local organization to myself, WCC. Great organization, by the way. And Gave the company their first Omoplata Victory!

    There will be many more things discussed on this edition of Jam Session. TUF talk, Invicta words, UFC chat.

    This 45 minutes is a minimal investment wit a great deal of return. We gonna hit you so hard, you can put us on a wheaties box!

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    Hey everybody! Thank you to all of the people who listened to the first episode of JAM Session.

    This is the second episode.

    Whew! Those first show jitters are now a thing of the past.

    In this episode I will try to give you, the listeners, something different that you can get from any other podcast.

    This week is a tough one. Bellator, UFC and WSOF all in one day. I will do my best to do every company justice.

    As I always say, all in under one hour. Ive got one guest Secured from WSOF and the lines are always open.

    Im working the studio, as i always do, so if you call into the show and dont get processed right through, that means i didnt get it fast enough.

    As I constantly say, this is not made to be a perfet science. Its organic nature at its finest.

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    Im just gonna be honest with you, radio land. I forgot what episode of JAM SESSION this is, so this is the next episode. Im quite terrible at remembering things. That doesnt mean this episode of JAM SESSION isnt going to be something amazing, as is every show in my opinion. By the way, im Cole Vick, your host and comedy expert (novice).

    Doctor Howard Fidler has decided to join this lovely show yet again. And when Fiddy is in the building, things get extremely technical

    Our special guest is a woman who really touches my heart, which i can say about any woman who gets in the cage, but Jessica Phillipus REALLY touches mine. She is a woman who can take your soul, and sing to your heart before you even step on the scale with her. I am very proud to bring Ms. Phillipus to JAM SESSION as the final guest, because this is going to be something like the matrix, so take a pill and let the three of us take you to a wonderland.

    There will be lots of other topics discussed, time permitting. There will also be minimal committment. I aimed for not going over the hour limit, but with the woman who we had, as well as the many things going on in the world of MMA, we may have surpassed that. This is JAM SESSION!!

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    MMA Jam Session - Vinny Paz

    in MMA

    Join Cole Vick and Doc Howie this Thursday as for another high energy episode of  MMA Jam Session, produced by Fresh Start MMA. Here at MMA Jam Session, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news in the world of MMA.

    This Thursday the boy's will be joined by5x world boxing champion Vinnie Paz at 9:45 pm est. We've got all this and more coming up on MMA Jam Session.


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    MMA Jam Session: Tabby Patterson; Maureen Riordon

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    Join Cole Vick and Doc Howie for another episode of MMA Jam session! Joining the boy's will be WMMA up and comer Tabby Patterson, and Invicta FC flyweight Maureen Riordon.

    As alway's expect a fun filled show with the most electrfying introduction in the world of MMA podcasting combined with knowledgable and informative MMA chat. MMA jam session is not your average pod so tune in this Thursday at 9 pm est and get in on the fun.


    The show had so many good pieces in it, it must be listened in its entirety in order to achieve full awesomeness. There was music incorporated to the special introductions in order to boost the morale. The questions that were asked were well rounded and at times very Funny.

    The first guest,Tabby Patterson, Joined us at roughly 15 minutes into the show, and she turned it out for a full 30 fantastic minutes where many issues were discussed. A standout amateur who is continuing her rise to the highest Level, she is a veteran as an amateur with 11 fights under her well powered hands.

    Our second Guest can only be described in the intro that she recieved. The sweetest taboo, of sorts. Maureen Riordon is one of the most well rounded athletes that I, Cole, have ever had the opportunity to showcase. She joined us about 45 minutes into the show, and the only thing that stopped the interview was an asteroid, it was the hardest act to do, to end such a fantastic interview. Intelligence, power, beauty, this is everything that Newly signed Invicta FC Powerhouse, That was Maureen Riordon.

    I hope everyone enjoys this super episode of MMA Jam sessions.

  • MMA Jam Session - King Mo & Charmaine Tweet

    in MMA

    MMA Jam Session is normally on Thursday nights at 9 pm est. But tonight is a very special show, a star studded event, of sorts. Cole Vick and Dr. Howard Fidler are on the 1’s an 2’s spinning thunder twice this week, so the airwaves better take notice of a double shot of espresso that we call mma chat. Big Shout out to X-ion-x as well as Fresh Start Entertainment and the “Great One”, Jay General!

    Our first guest is known as the Cult of Personality. The Chef of Extravagance. The King of Bellator!! King Mo (14-4) is our first guest scheduled on this dynamic, powerful, special wednesday show! And the best part is, we are not limited on time to speak with him, because he is not limited on power, precision or personality. His next victim is Cheick Kongo. A noted heavyweight, so King will be temporarily increasing weight and will be bringing lots of speed and power to the heavyweight division and dethroning any thoughts of Kongo fighting for any chance at Bellator gold. King Mo has the potential to be a 2 division champion, and Kongo is where he will start taking out the Heavyweight division at Bellator.

    The second guest is Invicta Featherweight Title Challenger and Fancy queen, Charmaine “Sweet” Tweet. She is on a powerful 2 fight win streak. This guest may or may not make it, seeing as she is wrapping a lasso around Orions Belt as we speak. Yes, she is that powerul. Like an immovable object, its going to take a show as big as The sweet one to hold all of that awesomeness. Tweet is the Main Event fight on Invicta 11, and We would be honored, moved, thrilled if our second guest shows up and graces the stage that we call MMA Jam Session.

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    MMA Jam Session - Amberlynn Orr & Bobby Cooper

    in MMA

    Join Cole and Doc Howie as they bring you Episode 2 of  MMA Jam Session, produced by Jay General! Here at MMA Jam Session, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news in the MMA world. Tonight Cole and Doc Howie be joined by V3 womens bantamweight champion Amberlynn Orr, Gaston Reyno and Bobby Cooper. We've got all this and more coming up this Thursday on MMA Jam Session!

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    MMA Jam Session - Maegan Goodwin & Tonya Evinger

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    Join Cole and Doc Howie as they bring you Episode 1 of  MMA Jam Session, produced by Jay General! Here at MMA Jam Session, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news in the MMA world. Tonight Cole and Doc Howie be joined by Invicta FC's Maegan Goodwin and Tonya Evinger. We've got all this and more coming up this Thursday on WMMA Jam Session!

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    #2: Basketball Mecca With NBA Great Kenny Anderson

    in Basketball

    On episode 2 of The Instant Offense NBA podcast, I'm joined by former All Star Kenny Anderson (@chibbs_1 on Twitter). From starring at Archbishop Malloy to excelling at Georgia Tech to dazzling under the bright lights in NBA, he's has seen it all, and he hops on to talk 90s basketball, the modern point guards and today's league, and how the incoming rookie point guards stack up. You won't want to miss this one!

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    MMA Jam Session - Jennifer Chareunvong, Melissa Sheppard & Clint Hester

    in MMA

    Join Cole Vick and Doc Howie for another fun filled and entertaining episode of MMA Jam Session. Joining the boy's tonight will be WMMA up and comer Jennifer Chareunvong, Melissa Sheppard and Clint hester!

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