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    The U.S. Military rounded up Nazi scientists and brought them to America. It had originally intended merely to debrief them and send them back to Germany. But when it realized the extent of the scientists knowledge and expertise, the War Department decided it would be a waste to send the scientists home. 
    President Harry Truman agreed in September 1946 to authorize "Project Paperclip," a program to bring selected German scientists to work on America's behalf during the "Cold War" However, Truman expressly excluded anyone found "to have been a member of the Nazi party and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Naziism or militarism."
    The then CIA director Alan Dulles had other ideas and so the Nazi scientists dossier's were re-written to eliminate incriminating evidence. As promised, Allen Dulles delivered the Nazi Intelligence unit to the CIA, which later opened many umbrella projects stemming from Nazi mad research. (MK-ULTRA / ARTICHOKE, OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX) Military Intelligence "cleansed" the files of Nazi references. Thanks to the work of Werner von Braun one of the "good Nazis", "our Nazis," notes Eli Rosenbaum (director general of US war crimes director) the space race was on and eventualy the alleged moon walk took place.
    Guests include John Hamer author of the book The falsification of history - our distorted reality

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    Re-run of an interesting recent show!

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    How and why intellectual people fell into Naziism in the time of Hitler.

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    Gulag Night: Eco-Fascism Guests William Kay & Mark Musser

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    The hard core fascism behind the Green movement in America and the world.  Trace its corrupt development to the present Soft War on American Sovereignties.

    In our first interview with Mark Musser, he related the European, Nazi side.  Today, we will further discuss the American side, including Wisconsin's own Aldo Leopold.


    Mark Musser, who documented the beginnings of the green movement in NAZI and pre-NAZI Germany, in his book Nazi Oaks, on his site, on the Web including Gulag Bound (articles: "NAZI Political Biology: The Hotwiring of Power Politics, Naturalism, Environmentalism & Racism" and " Raddical Muslims, Environmentalists, and the Green Jihad" - first Gulag Night interview, 4/4/2011, here)

    William Kay, of the site, Environmentalism is Fascism (ecofascism.com).

    Join the Bound, Arlen Williams, Tallulah Starr, CJ in TX, and Janet Smiles -- perhaps others -- this Gulag Night.
    See this announcement at GulagBound.com for links.

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    Nazi UFO's and the New Age movement

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    Echoes of Enoch ministries founder Jim Wilhelmsen is our featured guest tonight. Jim will be sharing with us the stark realities of our occult based Technological Society. Many intrigueing topics will be brought fourth such as the Occult foundations of Naziism and its signifigance in the Roswell event of 1947, and how this introduced us to the New Age movement through the use of UFO's. Including the occult 'Boost' given to modern technology. So come and bring your thinking caps, relax and enjoy the show. The final 30 min segment will be dedicated to listener call ins! Thank you.......Ian Henry

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