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    Alternative Therapies In MS>Naturpathic/Holistic

    in Health

    Join Stu and Deanna as they speak with Dr. Marco Vespignani about holistic and naturpathic therapies that can help with MS. And Sandy Silvi will be join us to share with us her Stem Cell Transplant story and how it transformed her life with MS.

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    AGurlzGuideOnAir ~ Changing The Face of Women's Health Care

    in LGBT


    What happens when two friends believe they can change the face of women's health care?

    When they create a business around the following beliefs system...

    The belief in a world where all individuals experience love and empowerment.


    Belief in the power of being yourself.
    Belief in the power of acceptance.
    Belief in the power of knowledge and education.
    Belief in the power of enlightened choice.
    Belief in the power of inspiration and motivation.
    Belief in the power of being healthy.
    Belief in the power of paying it forward.
    Belief in the power of unity.

    Join Host Michelle Alexander as she speaks with A Gurlz Guide's newest Wellness contributors, Dr.Danielle Lewis and Dr. Ashley Russell to talk about their movement to change the face of healthcare...  Health care from a Naturpathic approach with a focus on  the whole woman. 




    A Gurlz Guide is a powerful collection of LBTQ writers who passionately share their hearts, spirits, personal experience and love for the community in an effort to bring love, reconciliation, healing and humor to some hard hitting topics; real people writing about real experiences. 

    In July 2013, A Gurlz Guide On Air was launched on Back2Us Radio Network.  Give away that what you need the most.

    Pull up a chair, put on your headphones, and join Michelle Alexander on Wednesdays at 8pm for a few hours of empowerment. 



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    What is really affecting your health?

    in Self Help

    Live blood cell analysis has the answers. Dr.Stefan Bajon is our quest and he has an amazing journey of

    health challenges and health knowledge that he will share with us. He has been a pharmacist, naturpathic doctor

    and nutritionist. He will discuss live blood cell analysis and all the benefits it offers in determing what are some of the root causes of disease.

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    Resolving to be free in Wellness - PART II

    in Self Help

    Today we will continue with week II of our 8 week series on "Flipping the Switch" in your health. We will talk with Naturpathic Doctor, Dr. Erica Oberg who will discuss the scientific stages of change. She will also share ways to balance and embrace the underlying causes to personal weight gain and difficulty in releasing the unwanted pounds.

    We will also hear a personal story of an amazing woman who released over 50lbs, Candie Harper and her final resolve to beat emotional eating, forever.

    Join Us for lunch on the next All Things Holistic Radio Show.

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    Resolving To Be Free In Wellness PART I

    in Health

    “Flipping your switch to living holistically”  I will share my personal story of being “ill” as a holistic health practitioner, then the live changing moment of resolving to be healthy once and for all. 

    Weight release is a conscious resolve and self discovery to freedom of thought towards food and joy in living. 

    PART I - I will talk about my journey from the beginning diagnosis to today's 53lbs less weight and new thoughts on life and food.  We will talk about balancing hormones and simple steps and nutrients that can change your metabolism for good.

    PART II - Interview with Lorrie Hall and her over 100 lbs of weight release. We will talk about emotional eating and knowing the signs of food addiction. And we will interview a Naturpathic Doctor who will open our minds to natural ways to keep our bodies balanced.

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    Herbs, Homeopathy and Arvigo Mayan Massage for Fertility

    in Health

    Join your host Bridgit Danner, LAc as she interviews Naturpathic Physician and Licensed Massage Therapist Kathryn Kloos of Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center.  
    Kathryn specializes in the field of women's health, and uses the techniques of Arvigo Mayan massage, Holisitic Pelvic Care, herbology, homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage and nutrition to help women both conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.
    Here's what I look forward to asking her:
    How did you come to specialize in this field?
    What specific conditions have you seen really respond well to your work?
    Please compare Arvigo Mayan Massage and Holisitic Pelvic Care and explain how they benefit fertility.
    Please define homeopathy and biotherapeutic drainage, and how you use them in your practice.
    Please talk about herbs:  Which are your favorites?  Which are safe to use without professional guidance and which are best used only with professional guidance.
    What advice would you give to every woman trying to conceive?
    How can some follow up and work with you, or find a qualified practitioner in their area?
    Kathryn's practice (skpye or live)
    Cascadia Folk Medicine
    Arvigo Therapy
    Holistic Pelvic Care

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    Living With Hope with host Trudy Thomas

    in Health

    My guest today is Dr. Greg Nigh, Naturopath who owns Nature Cures Clinic and specializes in cancer treatment and support as well as Stress Management. He has people around the world visiting his clinic, many whose doctors have given up treatment or hope for them. Dr. Greg Nigh uses a variation of IV therapies and other supportive treatments including nutrition support and supplements.

     His clinic was featured as Top Docs in his area in the Portland Monthly Magazine. You can find more at the clinic site as well as the TV segment show at http://www.naturecuresclinic.com

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    Join us w/ Founder of New Body Products Dr. Paul Goss

    in Culture

    Please join us as we welcome renown founder & CEO of New Body Products, Dr. Paul Goss!!!
    Dr. Goss is a Naturpathic doctor, Iridologist, Herbalist, Motivational Speaker, and Author of "Forever Young" and "The Rebirth of the Gods". Call in with your questions in this rare interview!!
    "Lets make Peace Speak." 
    Call 619-789-1953 7pm cst, 5pm pst, 8pm est

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    SYMTOMETRY: A special presentation of PEACE Talks...

    in Culture

    Dr. Maxwell Nartey is a therapeutic scientist and founder -of a breakthrough- healing method -that addresses the root causes of illness- called: SYMPTOMETRY   SYMPTOMETRY Is the applied therapeutic science that removes the health disruptors from a person’s cells and from the circulatory systems.    For more information ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB go to syptometry.com    Join us TONIGHT!! 619-789-1953 7pm cst, 5pm pst, 8pm est 

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    Fast Food, Fast Life and Early Disability

    in Culture

    Dr, Gary Kiefer A Naturpathic Doctor will explain the unknown factors surrounding the 21 Century Metobolic Crisis.
    "Tune in and lets begin to make Peace Speak." 
    Call 619-789-1953 7pm cst, 5pm pst, 8pm est

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    Food As Medicine>One Pot Meals>MS and Food Allergies

    in Nutrition

    Stu and Deanna talk with Dr. Elizabeth Yarnell, who is a Naturpathic Doctor and MS patient herself and how she uses "Food As Medicine" to help with her journey with MS. She is also a published author of "Glorious One Pot Meals" and discusses her MS Food Project.