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  • "Nature Of Reality Radio" New Year's Eve Entheogen Extravaganza

    in Spirituality

    On the December 31, 2014 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I host the show alone to do a special on psychoactive substances that have been used as entheogens throughout the course of human history. This specific show is more focused on the science and history behind entheogens and not laws which pertain to entheogens. The source for the info in this show is Erowid, the official website of which is http://www.erowid.org

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    Nature Of Reality Radio Equinox/Solstice & Wave X Special

    in Spirituality

    On the September 24, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I ride solo as a lone wolf and will be doing a special show where I not only discuss the science and spirituality behind the phenomenon known as "Wave X" which we are presently in the middle of, but also discuss the science and spiritual significances behind the spring/fall equinoxes and the summer winter solstices. My sources for this show will be some in5d.com articles for the Wave X stuff and articles from belsebuub.com for the solstice/equinox stuff

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    R. Scott Lemriel: ET/UFO Phenomenon, Time Science, & Multi-Dimensional Reality

    in Spirituality

    On the September 30, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome R. Scott Lemriel who is a experienced based hidden truth researcher who is passionate about revealing to others what he has discovered and is continuing to discover regarding purposefully hidden truth on Earth and on grand inter-dimensional Galactic scale. After forty years of extensive direct experiential contact research into the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena, and via numerous conscious out-of-body travel and bi-location explorations into parallel and higher dimensional realities, as well from journeys along the past and future time track, Scott has finally put forth THE SERES AGENDA book. He also authored information of new uplifting transforming energy or RAY IN THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY by OMNE ONEC. Scott Lemriel is also an actor, author, producer, director, and music composer, who recently fulfilled the role of a UFO-Extraterrestrial consultant for the Producer/Director on a feature film. In the past, he directed 50 weekly TV shows with the theme “Exploring Your Spiritual Life” in Washington State. Over three decades, Scott has written numerous books and related screenplays. In addition, he previously wrote THE PARALLEL TIME TRILOGY feature film screenplays and books that disclose part of the long-forgotten ancient history of Earth and our solar system and how benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials were secretly operating behind the scenes then just as they are today. These up and coming projects will be available to the worldwide public in the near future.

    Lemriel's site: http://paralleltime.com

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    "Nature of Reality Radio" New Years 2014 Special

    in Spirituality

    On the New Years Day 2014 episode of Nature of Reality Radio, I will be riding solo as I couldn't find any guests who were able to come on. While topics of discussion will be coming to my mind as I speak, I do plan on taking time on this episode to discuss principles of liberty and freedom, and on the flip side discussing the principles of tyranny. I will also take some time to discuss the Freedom of Information Act war that I am waging against the NSA. I will also cover news, take calls, and make predictions for 2014.

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    Rob Gauthier: Psychic ET Channeler & Meditator On A Mission To Awaken Us All

    in Spirituality

    On the October 7, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Rob Gauthier. As a child he was blessed with psychic abilities but as he digressed so did they. He started learning from the great psychics andI learned many things. Including many experiences that he had as a child which were not figments of his imagination. He continued to learn more meditations and after a couple years of years he met an entity named Treb Bor yit-NE who explained that reality wasn't how I saw it and that there is so much more to the universe. He also told Rob that he can take my newly found meditation ability and use it to permanently remove that loneliness and that there was so much more evolution in not just the physical ideas, meaning that of the soul.

    Since then, Rob has built a relationship with this brother of space and feels a duty to share the information Treb, Aridif and all other entities he channel are willing to impart to humanity. Rob has been privy to new communications between new entities such as Aridif, and Ancient Pleiadian, Metatron, and more.

    Rob owns a radio station called The Enlightenment Evolution Network and he invites TReb and Aridif in on the first Wednesday of each month and whenever else he wants to connect. 

    Rob's site: http://www.etwhisperer.com

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    #215 - Waking Gods & Goddesses: "The True Nature of Reality" with Marja West

    in Spirituality

    This Episode #215 ~ "The True Nature of Reality" from Marja's new book, F'd Wide Open

    Topics explored:

    Formless and Form
    Absolute Balanced Mastery
    One Man, One Woman
    Another Puppet of the Patriarchy: the false New Age
    Big Fat Lies
    Masculine-Feminine 101
    The Seven Senses of Our Sensual-Sensorial World
    Our Core Essence is Feminine or Masculine
    You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh
    The Nature of Reality and Perception
    Duality into Oneness
    Our Emotional-Energetic Blueprint and Energy Mastery
    Our Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings
    The Time is Now
    Chapter 1 Journaling Exercises

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    "Nature of Reality Radio" Premier episode

    in Legal

    On the premier episode of Nature of Reality Radio I was forced to do the show myself since my expected guest Eddie Craig of Rule of Law Radio on the Logos Radio Network did not call in for some reason. I will try to get him on the December 4th show.
    But since I mention Craig, I strongly advise that you schedule a 2.5 hour opening to watch Eddie's masterpiece presentation "Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3nok7Cby28 which holds the key to keeping billions of dollars in stolen money out of the hands of the corrupt cops, courts, politicians, and car insurance companies. Also check out the relevant scripts on Eddie's site http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/

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    Ted Mahr: Psychic Radio Host Destined To Raise The Metaphysical Awareness Of All

    in Spirituality

    On the Novermber 25, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Ted Mahr, the radio host for the Out of this World radio program, aired on 1150 AM in Bellevue, WA. The purpose of Ted's popular program is to raise consciousness and to bring love and light to his global listening audience.Ted has enjoyed a long interest in psychic and metaphysical phenomena. Schooled by his foster mother Teri (a master psychic), he learned how to contact spirits from the “other side” and now regularly receives and sends messages to various angels and spirits in the 5th and higher dimensions.Ted has four degrees in law, anthropology, urban planning, library science, and international economics. He has won awards for his research and writing, and is a four time international scholar to India (where he received two Fulbright grants to study law) and Australia (where he was a Visiting Research Fellow at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia). Ted is also a Tarot reader.

    Ted's site: http://outofthisworld1150.com/

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    Eden Kantrowitz: Providing Wisdom & Love With A Zen Passion

    in Spirituality

    On the November 11, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Eden Kantrowitz, a Reiki Master, Jewelry Crafter, Cook, and the Owner of A Moment Of Zen in Salem, NJ. Eden discovered her love for the holistic health approach in the early 90s and the flame has never faded. She has completed over 1000 hours of training in massage therapy alone, graduating from The Academy of Therapeutic Massage & Healing Arts, in Vineland, NJ .

    Eden became Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition in 2009 then continued her studies to become a Karuna Reiki® master.  She understands each client is unique and customizes their session through her skilled and intuitive touch.  This helps her clients return their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies back to a more balanced state. That is the essence of her goals for herself as well as for her clients well-being. Reiki can be used to energetically enhance (also known as charging), and she does so with crystals and jewelry she personally selects and crafts.

    Eden is also an amazing cook. She makes delicious varieties of gourmet food and snacks for event, made in her home with love to accommodate different diets and lifestyles.

    Eden's core belief is to find love and joy in the every day.  Never lose touch with the inner child that still enjoys watching cartoons and eating breakfast for dinner.  Keeping a good sense of humor is vital,  otherwise we can get caught up in the details of the day to day and lose sight of what really makes us happy and what is "real".

    Eden's site: http://amomentofzennj.com

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    Athen Chimenti: Mastering The Zodiac To Understand How Reality Works

    in Spirituality

    On the April 15, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Athen Chimenti who has gained an immense breadth and depth of insight into both worldly and spiritual aspects of the human experience. Surrounding the Winter Solstice of 2011, he experienced a sudden and profound spiritual awakening. Prior to this he had been living on a rural homestead in Death Valley, Nevada for two years. Being self-employed, he had the opportunity to take time and space away from society to dive deep into himself, discovering a deeper wisdom to life than his broad knowledge of philosophy, business, and world affairs could offer him. With fresh eyes awakened to the flow of the present moment, he discovered a new way of living which beckoned him to share this with others in a meaningful way. During this time, Athen delved into many esoteric and metaphysical subjects that would later facilitate his path of service. Of these he found astrology to be the most applicable and spiritually grounded.

    Athen has found Sidereal Astrology to be the perfect tool for consciously aligning with the natural flow of the present moment. Because this system is based on where the stars actually are in the sky, Athen accesses real-time information grounded in Nature. During three years of intensive practice, he learned how to clearly and accurately see events taking place within the Self, the Earth collective, and higher realms of consciousness. He has uncovered fundamentals to the astrology that would later lay the foundation for his unique approach.

    Athen's site: http://www.masteringthezodiac.com


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    Diana Gazes: Supporting Body & Soul In This Time Of Change

    in Spirituality

    On the November 4, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Diana Gazes who is a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies with direct connection to Angelic and Universal Light realms. Diana leads International Workshops, Group Transmissional Healing Activations/DNA sessions and opens the 'Spheres of Love', a healing modality new to the Earth. As a Spiritual Healer for over 30 years, Diana offers Advanced Energy Healing Sessions over Skype or phone worldwide. Her site www.DianaGazes.com offers High Frequency Healing Tools to help our selves and pets (bodies) balance, heal and integrate the new energies at this time.

    Media background includes: executive position for CBS, hosting TV series "Gazes Into The Future", featured in hundreds of TV, radio, book, magazine, internet interviews and is currently developing new media projects supporting the awakening of conscious evolution. As a firm believer of direct experience, Diana has taught millions how to bend a spoon in union with the power of their mind, heart and spirit. Diana lives on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, California. Her google phone number is 530 918- 8712 for those who wish to speak to her for both info on products on websites and healing sessions.

    Diana's sites: http://thelighteam.com & http://dianagazes.com & http://waterfilterhealth.com