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    The Natural Running Q&A Show!

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    Today's caller, wants to know how to progress from a run/walker to soley running.She is experiencing some calve pain and apin along the inside of the knee. Our host hopes to provide a soultion and some tips for success!

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    Running for Your Life

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    This episode was drawn from our archive of shows done 2 years ago.  It is an interview with Gilbert Tuhabonye a genocide survivor, world class runner and now an amazing running coach thriving in Austin Texas. This show is hands down one of them most powerful interviews we had ever done and if you had not hear this story, you really need to listen. It’s about faith, running, hope and achievement.

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    The Dangers of FKT Ultra Trail Running

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    For those out of the running jargon loop, an F.K.T. is the acronym for a “fastest known time” event. Generally orchestrated by a few brace souls who develop an event never run before to establish a record.  Running a trail race that has never been attempted comes with a great deal of risk. Getting lost, being in inaccessible terrain for extended periods is very dangerous and not for the meek.  Join us as we invite Charlie Engle back to share the exploits of his and Nickademus Hollon’s attempt at the Sea to Sea Ultra F.K.T. project, an Ultra trail running event of over 140 miles of unforgiving terrain.www.naturalrunningnetwork.com

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    Power Running - “The Future is Now

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    Jim Vance is an elite triathlon coach who has co-authored “Triathlon Science”. He is a two time Amateur World Champion in ITU and Xterra and holds an IronMan PR of 8:37:09.

    I brought Jim onto our podcast because he has been at the forefront in research of Power Running.  Many believe that when power can be effectively measured in running, as has been cone in cycling, it will be a major game changer.  In sports science thus far; heart rate is the most effective metric used to identify work relative to performance.  This is an interesting time in endurance sport technology and our goal is to share some insight as to the potential of power as it applies to running performance.

    “All records, from 100 meters to the Marathon will drop, when we are able to effectively measure power in training”.

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    Powerful Tips to Improve Grip Strength and Running Injury Free

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    Learn simple exercises that will greatly reduce your incident of upper and lower body injuries that are common among runners and OCR athletes from the ground up offered by Dr. Emily Splichal, world renowned podiatrist and human movement specialist.  In the sport of Obstacle Racing there are a lot of demands placed on grip strength. Improper approach to training and racing can result in extensive injuries to both the upper and lower extremities. Dr. Emily shares a few exercise techniques that develop “stability from the ground up- foot to core” by adopting these simple exercises you will gain a significant improvements in running skill, upper body strength while greatly reducing the incident of injury.  

    The Host of “The Natural Running Network” Richard Diaz says: “This episode provides the most useful take away training advice we have offered all year. Dr. Emily is on the cutting edge of evidence based sports science and her research on the subject of developing functional stability is unparalleled. If you put your body to task, you should not only listen to this episode over and over until you completely understand these concepts, you should also share it with your friends”.


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    The Natural Running Year in Review

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    Just a reflection from our host Richard Diaz over some of the interviews we have done in 2013 and a few quick comments before we leave 2013. Looking forward to great things in the New Year!

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    The Natural Running Network Q&A Show!

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    Running your first marathon? Are you dealing with nagging injuries? Have questions about heart rate, hydration or program design? Need some great advice? This is the show for you!
    Today’s Q&A is our first of a weekly series of Q&A between you our audience and our Host Richard Diaz and guests. We encourage our fans and visitors to call in live or chat us up to ask any question they may have on the topics of running, fitness or nutrition. This will be a shorter format only 30 minutes but our goal is to provide straight answers to your burning questions, it should be awesome!
    Our Friday show has historically provided excellent information regarding: heart rate, running form, functional strength, program design, hydration, nutrition and much more, however we felt the need to expand our offerings. We could not imagine backing away from the amazing featured guest interviews, yet we know that our audience is hungry for information, so now we have two shows, one dedicated to Q&A every Tuesday morning 9:00 am (PST) and our feature guest interview show each Friday morning at 8:30 am (PST).

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    Barefoot Training Tips to Improve Running and Reduce Injuries

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    I am not a Barefoot Running advocate where unnatural surfaces are concerned; however, training unshod holds a wealth of benefits that translate into your running with shoes on.  We’ve brought back Dr. Emily Splichal, podiatrist and world renowned human movement specialist to share her insights on running related injuries, shoe selection and her pre-run barefoot movement prep training which all runners should add to their training racing practices.  If you find yourself chronically suffering from running related injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin, knee or back problems you really need to hear this episode.

    You can thank me later-

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    The hottest program in running,The Natural Running Network

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    Introduction to the most innovative training network for runners, "The Natural Running Network". Learn why this program is so different than a typical running club, the benefits and how you can become a member. We will also discuss The Natural Running Network's Coaching Program Certification. The program host is Richard Diaz of dhp elite training with over 25 year's experience in the field of human performance and clinical diagnostics of athletic energetics. This will be a highly informative program with interviews of some fascinating athletes and highly respected coaches.

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    Self Help Tips to Improve Running Form

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    Everyone knows that to be successful in the sport of Obstacle Racing you must develop your running skill. Never mind that of all recreational sports, running leads in the number of injuries that athletes endure. What’s interesting is that the leading cause of these injuries is improper running skill and could easily have been avoided with proper training.

    Our host Richard Diaz is a highly sought after running form specialist and performance diagnostician. In this episode of “Listen and Learn” He hopes to point out the principal flaws runners make and what they should do to correct these flaws and get back to running injury free and optimal performance. If you are setting out to run your first marathon or are an avid Spartan Race aficionado, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

    ”Running more often or at greater intensity with bad form is a hell bound train!”

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    Learn to Run Better, why to adopt Natural Running!

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    Running well, staying healthy and performing at our best is the goal of most recreational runners. Natural Running is at the forefront of the running craze today. Listen while your host, Richard Diaz, of diaz human performance, Erica Gratton our trail running Diva and highly acclaimed author and running expert Matt Fitzgerald shed light on the most current trend in running. Learn why and or, “if” you should make the shift to Natural Running and how heart rate plays into your training.