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    The Natural Running Year in Review

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    Just a reflection from our host Richard Diaz over some of the interviews we have done in 2013 and a few quick comments before we leave 2013. Looking forward to great things in the New Year!

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    The Natural Running Network Q&A Show!

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    Running your first marathon? Are you dealing with nagging injuries? Have questions about heart rate, hydration or program design? Need some great advice? This is the show for you!
    Today’s Q&A is our first of a weekly series of Q&A between you our audience and our Host Richard Diaz and guests. We encourage our fans and visitors to call in live or chat us up to ask any question they may have on the topics of running, fitness or nutrition. This will be a shorter format only 30 minutes but our goal is to provide straight answers to your burning questions, it should be awesome!
    Our Friday show has historically provided excellent information regarding: heart rate, running form, functional strength, program design, hydration, nutrition and much more, however we felt the need to expand our offerings. We could not imagine backing away from the amazing featured guest interviews, yet we know that our audience is hungry for information, so now we have two shows, one dedicated to Q&A every Tuesday morning 9:00 am (PST) and our feature guest interview show each Friday morning at 8:30 am (PST).

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    Running to Stay Young, Fact or Fiction?

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    Will running keep you young?  As we get older should we walk instead?  Many people assume they need to quit running as they get older, fearful of causing injury.  Is it healthier to walk and does walking spare our joints?  Are you too old to run a marathon? 

    We’ll give you some insight into these questions and you’ll be surprised to learn the scientific facts. This is an interesting topic for anyone who is running over the age of 45 and has experienced running related injuries.

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    The hottest program in running,The Natural Running Network

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    Introduction to the most innovative training network for runners, "The Natural Running Network". Learn why this program is so different than a typical running club, the benefits and how you can become a member. We will also discuss The Natural Running Network's Coaching Program Certification. The program host is Richard Diaz of dhp elite training with over 25 year's experience in the field of human performance and clinical diagnostics of athletic energetics. This will be a highly informative program with interviews of some fascinating athletes and highly respected coaches.

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    The Running Revolution with Dr Nicholas Romanov

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    An Interview with Dr Nicholas Romanov, author and creator of The Pose Method of Running. Dr Romanov is arguably one of the first running coaches to identify the importance of shifting to a Natural Running style to reduce injuries and improve performance.

    Pose Running is named relative to the “Pose” position a runner creates as the initiate proper running technique which is describes as an “S” like body position with slightly bent knees with the driving leg lifting the foot under the hip.  The matra is Pose-Fall-Pull.  This technique allows gravity to act as the primary force of forward movement.  Being that our show is named The Natural Running Network Live, this interview should make for a very interesting as well as informative for our audience.

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    Marathon Running Tips for those who Struggle to Break 5 Hours

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    Running a Marathon is tough, when it takes 5 hours, even tougher. Richard Diaz shares tips with a runner who struggles to break the 5 hour barrier. Marathon Running Tips that focus on what to do and how to feed when the race takes longer than planned.

    Look at any major Marathon and you’ll see that greater than half of the participants run within the 5 hour range.  This may be because more and more people are meeting the challenge than ever before.  Unfortunately, there is little information provided for these runners.  Most of what is written on training focuses on runners who hope to run in the sub-4 hour finish time.  One of our listeners asked that we address this problem and serve up some running tips.  If you are running a marathon for the first time, or have struggled when you are beyond 20 miles, this show is for you!

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    Learn to Run Better, why to adopt Natural Running!

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    Running well, staying healthy and performing at our best is the goal of most recreational runners. Natural Running is at the forefront of the running craze today. Listen while your host, Richard Diaz, of diaz human performance, Erica Gratton our trail running Diva and highly acclaimed author and running expert Matt Fitzgerald shed light on the most current trend in running. Learn why and or, “if” you should make the shift to Natural Running and how heart rate plays into your training.

  • The Top 5 Mistakes that cause Running Injuries

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    Runners get injured, often needlessly. Join Richard Diaz and his guest Jason Fitzgerald-USATF Certified Running Coach as they share insights into the cause of most running related injuries and the misconceptions of what does NOT prevent these injuries.

    If you have been sidelined by running injuries, incapable of finishing a marathon and are unsure why you often plagued by reoccurring problems with your run, this is a show you don’t want to miss. Some of the information may surprise you, the solutions are simple to employ and may be what is needed to get you back on track and running with confidence once again.

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    Running Shoe Selection and Running Form

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    The Running Shoe Industry does not design shoes that help us perform better and safer; they make shoes based on market research and fashion trends.  Listen as Jay Dicharry PT and gait analyst helps us sort through the confusion of running shoe selection.  The industry served up high heels, heavy cushioned shoes for nearly 30 years. They then did an about face and went minimalist to chase the trend.  Now they have turned back to heavily cushioned shoes.  Clearly we, they or both are sorely confused!  Nothing could be worse for a marathon runner than to shift from one extreme to the other and back again.  Jay Dicharry is one of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of running mechanics today.  This is a great show for all runners to hear.

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    Can Changing Running Form reduce injury and improve my Performance?

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    Many runners are afraid to change the way they run even though they are plagued with running injuries. Richard Diaz and guest Peter Faletto, PT, gait correction expert, explain how a runner would change the way they run to reduce injury and improve performance.

    Both Richard and Peter are highly experienced in the practice of neuromuscular re-education through a very unique system of unweighting and passively correcting poor gait mechanics while in motion. Any runner who is engaged in marathon training, half marathon training or even high intensity sprint speed athletics should tune into this episode.

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    Exotic Running- The Havana Half Marathon

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    Join Richard Diaz and his guest, Coach Jenny Hadfield as they discuss an exotic running vacation: The Havana Cuba Half Marathon.  Due to the US embargo, Cuba has been restricted for US travelers. This is a unique chance to visit and run on the forbidden Island of Cuba.

    Few Americans have had the pleasure of visiting Cuba since we blocked trade with Cuba as far back as October of 1960 back.  Through the efforts of InsightCuba, a non-profit travel organization specializing in legal people-to-people travel to Cuba for Americans, runners from the US can legally visit Cuba to participate in this event.

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