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    In-Sights from a REAL time Natural Disaster

    in Relationships

    This is my first show.  I was pondering what I wanted to start my first show with as it has changed many times...with that said, our experience with Living through the Boulder County Flash Flood Natural Disaster seemed to be the perfect launch pad for me. 
    How was I navigating the "Waters" of a Flash Flood in my REALationship to myself, my husband, the folks of the town of Lyons, where we were camping, and of course to Earth herself?? 
    Join me, Che'lisa Corey and then my husband, Tim to hear what is still unfolding inside of us, the insights and the strong sense of Blessings and Humility...

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    REFUGE! Earth Change Natural Disaster Safe Places: Michelle Rios Rice Hennelly

    in Religion


    Author of A Time of Fire~A Way of Fire

    As many of you know, the Divine Mother, best known to many as Mary the mother of Jesus, began to appear to less-then-orthodox (kind of a renegade in fact) Catholic Michelle Rios Rice Hennelly several years ago and to reveal to her the changes that are coming to our world. At that time, Mary told her that natural disasters and earth changes would become more intense and more frequent as time went on.

    In a message on September 6, 2005, Mary disclosed to Michelle that we have reached a point where a major natural disaster will occur every two weeks somewhere around the world. This was a confirmation of the same message Mary had given to another visionary.

    In this message, Mary also stated, as she has many times before, that a natural disaster will devastate California. She indicated that this will entail massive loss of life and irreparable damage to the West Coast. At other times, she has shown to Michelle other disasters of a similar magnitude in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

    Mary went on to say that these events are God’s urgent pleas to us to awaken. She related that God has been trying to get through to us for thousands of years, sending at different times His Son, many avatars, and groups of masters. But few people have listened.

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    Are you Prepared?

    in Prepping

    Are you prepared? Can you protect yourself from any attack, Illness, natural disaster?

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    If Prevention Is Half The Cure, Be Ready For Anything!

    in Fun

    Are you ready to weather a natural disaster or man-made disaster?  How would you keep yourself and your family safe?  How would you get by if there were no government provided services like police and fire, or a loss of communications infrastructure like no phones or internet, no electicity or running water?  What if armed thugs are prowling the streets looking for vulnerable victims?  In our unstable world you need to be ready for anything.  In the 1960s we built bomb shelters that were never used.  What kinds of things can we do today that are relevant and useful?  Join Ken and Beth in a disccusion on preparedness and safety in this week's episode of The New And Improved Lifetalk Radio Show With Ken And Beth Show!  9:30pm PDT Thursday 6/18/2015.  Call in to speak with the hosts at (347) 215-9971, join our online chat room or just sit back and enjoy the stream.  However you do it, we recommend that you DO IT.  Don't say we didn't warn you!  

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    How To Keep Your Family Together After A Natural Disaster

    in Women

    What do you do when a tornado rips your house apart and everything you have is lost? Or a fire spreads through the house and destroys every trace of your life? Or flood waters rise and wash away your residence?  It's perhaps one of life's greatest challenges when you lose everything you own, including your home, and you must find a way to keep your family togther. This is when a marriage is really tested. How do you keep it all together after a natural disaster? Workers who have volunteered during some of the most recent disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires, talk about how they help devastated families to regroup and continue a normal life despite the loss of all their material possessions.

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    Whats going on around the INBA/PNBA? Our guests will let you know!!

    in Sports

    Diana Kakos and Kathy Saldana are checking in with...

    *PNBA PRO Amy Myers. She'll share her latest win in Chicago and her appointment as the editor of the INBA's International Flex Magazine! Whats her first move?

    *PNBA PRO Wiliiam Long resurfaces at TEAM USA! Whats he been up to and what can we expect!

    *PNBA PRO Ron Anderson shares these cool Facebook images we've been seeing. Is he the artist? and of course his plans for the Universe, World Cup or The Natural Olympia, any of them or all of them?

    *PNBA PRO Figure/ PNBA PRO Physique Angela Yoe! Full of energy coming off the North American stage, what should we expect from this duel PRO athlete?

  • A Galactic Perspective with Sierra Neblina and Sacha Stone from the ITNJ

    in Spirituality

    A Galactic Perspective with Sierra Neblina and Special Guest Sacha Stone of the New Earth Project and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice or “ITNJ”.

    Sacha joins Sierra to talk about the vision and the mission of the evolving and expansive platform for personal, social, economic and environmental platforms for change in our world. Yes, this platform has the potential to help sift the world into the new paradigm. 

    Join us as we take a close and intimate look at what the New Earth Project and the ITNJ has in store for us.

    The New Earth Nation is a group of people from all over the world that have joined their voice and hearts with social justice as well as economic and environmental justice and sovereignty. 

    The New Earth Treaty is the covenant of peace and fellowship which births the Supreme Jurisdiction of New Earth Nation.


    New Earth Treaty: http://bit.ly/1OLo94K


    Join us in Egypt this October!!  http://galacticu.com/sacredjourneys.html


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    "So You're New To Energy Work!"

    in Self Help

    For those who are new to energy work and holistic lifestyles, you've come to the right place! Not only is our show aimed towards promoting awareness and education about the world of enery work and holistic or natural lifestyles, I will be offering several resources to launch you into your journey.  Come discover what energy work is and how it can benefit you.  Learn the difference of Christ-centered energy wrork and energy work in general.  Grab a paper and pencil or pen and let's get started!

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    Feedback From Natural Interaction Class

    in Entrepreneur

    On July 27,15 Rosa's  Resources host a workshop for beauticians in Bklyn at Diana's Event Space on, Rogers Ave. The educator Marion Council had the stylists at edge of their seats.  Feedbacks heard here are from the attendees that wanted to give their views on the class. Charito Cisneros from the NY Cosmotology Chamber was also in attendance to upgrade stylists on new regulations in the beauty industry.


    For bookings /sponsorship/guest apperance on Beauty Chat Radio show please visit www.rosasresources.biz

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    A night at the Book Club, with Jack July

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me, Jack July, as we join an actual book club, LIVE, while they discuss my first novel, Amy Lynn. I have no idea what's going to happen but it should be a lot of fun, or real embarrassing, or a disaster. Whatever happens, buckle up for great radio.

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    The Radio Show

    in Pop Culture

    EZ,The Jerk,Atl Diva,and M-16 discuss Dr Dre,the woman who wants men she dates to pay for the babysitter and a great interview with Andrew Worthy turns into a disaster that has to be heard to be believed