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    Morning show

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    Just saying goodmorning. Sharing the things I am thankful for. Im attracted to happiness. is happiness attractive? If you see someone smile. Does it make you want to smile,or laugh. What do warm weather and good smelling fragrance do for you? For me it makes me happy!



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    Victory 2013

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    Man is a creature of dependency . The purpose intent and plan of god is that we depend on him in all things. Our line of communication to him is prayer and currency in his kingdom is faith.
    The tragedy in any ones life will be to transfer this dependency to man ,position power or fame. That is a perfect recipie for failure and tragedy
    We   advocate drawing close to God thru studying his word ,praying his word and acting on his word as God prooves his unfailing natue in every sector  and battle of our life.
    At Mt Zion prayer centre we pray the will of God and we pray untill something happens  pursuing piece with all men and holiness without which no man can see God