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    Inspire And Influence with @BriSeeley featuring @LindseyPHorvath!

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    GUEST: Lindsey P. Horvath

    For almost a decade, Lindsey worked as an entertainment advertising executive, creating award-winning campaigns for movies and television. Then, she worked as the Vice President of Communication for NationBuilder, the world's first community organizing system. She continues her service on behalf of women and girls as a Global Coordinator for the V-Day One Billion Rising Campaign, a global effort to engage one billion women and the men who love them to end gender-based violence. She is also an Advocate for A Window Between Worlds and CARE; Los Angeles Advisory Council Member for Running Start; and Co-Founder of The Bridge Project.

    Her commitment to community service extended to her local government. She was first appointed to the West Hollywood Women's Advisory Board in 2007, focusing on the issues facing women and families in West Hollywood. When an unexpected vacancy became available, Lindsey was unanimously appointed to serve as a City Councilmember.

    She also represented the City of West Hollywood on the Los Angeles County Library Commission and on the Executive Board of California Contract Cities. Lindsey has since served on the Los Angeles Unified School District Redistricting Commission, and now serves as Chair of the Transportation Commission in West Hollywood.  Join us to listen to her story!

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    SOPA strike, Chris Dodd meets the Internet - Colin Delany

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    In what's being called the largest protest in the history of the Internet, web giants like Google, Wikipedia and Mozilla helped drive Internet users to the phones, emails and faxes on Jan. 18 to protest anti-piracy bills in Congress that had far-reaching implications for remix culture and online publishing. The resulting pressure on members of the House and Senate resulted in many members announcing their opposition to the bills, effectively stopping their progress.
    On this episode of NationBuilder's Leaders and Creators, Adriel Hampton talks with Colin Delany, founder and editor of e.politics and director of online communications and outreach for the National Women's Law Center, about the historical online action, former Sen. Chris Dodd's old-school lobbying efforts to push the SOPA/PIPA bills on behalf of the Motion Picture Association of America, and what this battle between traditional entertainment industry interests and the web means for the future of tech industry lobbying in DC.

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    #Occupy for a Gift Economy

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    In this inaugural episode of Leaders and Creators, the NationBuilder interview show, host Adriel Hampton interviews Austin Guest, Olivia Leirer and Greg Basta, three of the organizers behind Occupy The Board Room, an online action bringing together more than 70 groups to promote "pen pal" actions directed at the executives and board members of large U.S. banks. Hampton, Guest, Lierer and Basta discuss the gift economy in action at Occupy Wall Street, and the role community organizers play in the movement that began on September 17 in New York's Zuccotti Park.

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    People don't see politicians as people

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    He's been called "The worst person in the world" by Keith Olberman; he's opening a new office in San Francisco, and he's got a "man blog" that mixes Sunday School, Pulp Fiction and whiskey reviews.
    In the latest episode of NationBuilder's Leaders and Creators, I talk with South Carolina political operative Wesley Donehue about the GOP presidential field, his start in organizing as a 13 year old on public assistance, and his experience defending Rep. Joe Wilson after the 2009 "You lie!" incident during a presidential speech to to a join session of Congress.

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    Steve Jobs called her campaign 'bullshit'

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    In the latest episode of NationBuilder's Leaders and Creators, I talk with Robin Schneider, director of Texas Campaign for the Environment about flashmobs at Wal-Mart stores around the country, and her organizing start as a 17-year-old canvasser engaged in "door-step democracy."

    Schneider's victories include convincing Dell, Apple and Samsung to recycle their obsolete computers; as vice chair of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, she works to ensure that mistakes from Silicon Valley - home of the highest concentration of Superfund sites in the U.S. - aren't repeated in other tech hotspots around the world. 

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    Kirk Torrance: Scottish sovereignty and the Facebook Nation

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    Kirk J. Torrance is one of the digital strategists who helped lead the Scottish National Party to its most sweeping victory in history this past spring. Newspapers in the U.K. called the SNP's win a "Facebook revolution." 
    On "Leaders and Creators," Kirk tells NationBuilder's Adriel Hampton that his plan for the parliamentary elections started with a message he wrote on his bathroom mirror - "SNP Everywhere." The roll out included a digital organizer with each SNP candidate and twice-daily conference calls to discuss the campaign's social media messaging. 
    Kirk's background includes education in how to monetize technology innovation, which he now uses to turn tech innovation into votes and political muscle. After leaving a job in the Los Angeles film industry to help the SNP take power in Scotland, he's recently founded Industrial New Media and is working on a referendum to restore Scottish sovereignty for the first time in 300 years.
    Political organizing online will also impact the future of social media itself, Kirk says, with individuals developing a kind of collective consciousness that means, "revolutions will take place very rapidly online."

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    "I'm proud of my work with ACORN" - Nathan Henderson-James

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    Lifetime community organizer and long-time ACORN leader Nathan Henderson-James describes how external pressure and lack of internal controls brough down the organizing giant - and offers lessons for other advocacy groups looking to expand their influence.
    Nathan, online director for the Leadership Center for the Common Good, also offers his analysis of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and where community organizing should be focused in 2012.

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    Move to Amend Reports w/Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies

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    Today’s Guests Ashley Sanders is a member of the Move To Amend Leadership Team and a member of Salt Lake Move to Amend. Miguel Nieto (Media Team) and Verne Cotton (Volunteer Coordinator) will also be on the show.
    We will be asking them about the external ins and outs of their work.  They will discuss their internal process and structure, and also how they used Nationbuilder to do outreach and build their support for the ballot initiative in their city.
    Visit the blog post here.

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    The Adriel and Allison Hour

    in Technology

    Gov 2.0 Radio hosts Adriel Hampton and Allison Hornery talk about the lastest in Gov 2.0, including an update from the World Summit on the Information Society, Adriel's first week at NationBuilder, progress on the SF Fire App initiative, the DC Let's Do It World "World Cleanup 2012" workshop held on Saturday, and the upcoming CityCamps in Raleigh and San Francisco.

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    Internet Radio Mashup Episode #1

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    Join Joe Hackman with guests Adriel Hampton (Nationbuilder), Melanie Burkie (SonRise Equestrian Foundation) and Rachael Seda (Host of 2 JMU Alum Podcast) for Internet Radio Mashup Episode #1. The concept is simple, bring together several interesting guests to discuss issues of the day, foster conversation amongst the panelists, the audience and get an update on the panelists activities.