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    The Nathan Karn Show (live)

    in Entertainment

    The Nathan Karn show will bring you whats hot in today's music news and everything entertainment. plus some music will be thrown in. so do miss a moment

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    The Nathan Karn Show

    in Entertainment

    The Nathan Karn show will bring you whats hot in today's music news and everything entertainment. plus some music will be thrown in. so do miss a moment

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    The Nathan Karn Show (live)

    in Entertainment

    The Nathan Karn show will bring you whats hot in today's music news and everything entertainment. plus some music will be thrown in. so do miss a moment

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    From Nathan to Athan Phynix

    in Blogs

    On July 27, 2012 at 2:09 am, I Nathan, changed my name to ATHAN PHYNIX.

    This was a transformation of my identity that had been in the works since I was 8 years old, perhaps longer. I used the name given to me by my parents for as long as I could, with different variations throughout the years, but none of them ever felt right. So now I have Been Athan Phynix for almost 2 and a half years, and almost everyone calls me Athan with just a select few clinging to the past and to who I once was. Listen to me ramble & rant about my journey into finding the name that felt more like who I am deep within.

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    Nathan Varni Returns

    in Entertainment

    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  Today, we're joined by somebody who's become a good friend of the show, ABC Executive Nathan Varni.  Well talk with Nathan about the recent 52nd anniversary of General Hospital, the upcoming Emmys, and anything else that pops in to our minds.  It's always fun when Nathan stops by the show, and I don't expect this time to be any different.  As usual, I've got my lovely and talented co-host/sidekick Emily with me, so let's do this thing!

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    Nathan Leal - Further Analysis of Jade Helm & the "Human Domain"

    in News

    Conspiracy theories about the military exercise Jade Helm 15 abound. Most of these theories, however, are limited to the obvious and fail to look at the exercise through the lens of the larger globalist objectives. Few investigative researchers are using the important combination of world history, known tactics of warfare (including non-combatant techniques as described by Sun Tzu), and a biblical, prophetic view of this event.

    We've seen extreme changes to our military over the last ten years - and longer. We've seen the militarization of the police. We've heard lawmakers describe the "homeland" as a battlefield. And, we've seen the U.S. Constitution shredded by fiat and a disregard of law. This - in tandem with the molding of people's beliefs through the media and by other means.

    We are experiencing a conditioning process - one where the presence of military and paramilitary groups on the streets of America is being presented as the new normal. We are also experiencing something even more nefarious; something that is as effective as it is subtle. It is the infiltration of various Christian, Conservative and Constitutionalist groups by those who want to destroy any opposition to world plans. It is truly, as the Jade Helm logo clearly states, "Mastering the Human Domain."

    Listen as Nathan Leal provides critical information from his exhaustive research into not just what Jade Helm 15 appears to be, but what it seems to "kick off."

    New information will be presented on this program that all people need to hear, fully comprehend, and understand through a much larger lens.

    Guest: Nathan Leal

    Learn how the New World Order, Bible Prophecy, Social Conditioning is converging.

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    Bless You Boys Podcast 142: So long, Joe Nathan

    in Sports

    In this week's episode of the Bless You Boys podcast, HookSlide talks Tigers baseball with Rob Rogacki, and chats with Max Rieper of Royals Review about the Kansas City Royals in preparation for their upcoming series with the Tigers. Royals topics include: what's behind the Royals' hot start, why is their offense suddenly so good, how much did losing James Shields hurt the starting rotation, why is there suddenly bad blood with the Oakland A's, and how is Ned Yost's approval rating so far? Tigers topics include: why is David Price doing the one-good-outing/one-bad-outing thing again, what happened to Anibal Sanchez, Joe Nathan's season-ending injury, and what to expect out of new reliever Alex Wilson given his recent results in Toledo.

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    The Nathan Karn Show Afternoon Drive (live)

    in Entertainment

    The Nathan Karn show will bring you whats hot in today's music news and everything entertainment. plus some music will be thrown in. so do miss a moment

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    Radio Program Mr. SV Nathan, Deloitte India

    in Motivation

    S. V. Nathan, a partner with Deloitte India is the Sr. Director & Chief Talent Officer for Deloitte India. He has 30 years of experience in Human Resources management, across diverse industries including Manufacturing, Services, Telecom, and Information Technology. He has vast experience in building and leading high performance teams in both multinational and Indian organizations, as well as serving as a trusted advisor to the business in transforming Talent to be a strategic growth enabler. 

    Nathan has been working with Deloitte for over 10 years, and has played a leading role in the rapid growth of the India region of the Deloitte U.S. Firms into a truly global organization. 

    He has been conferred several awards, including: One of the 50 Most Powerful HR Professionals in India, by the World Human Resources Development (HRD) Congress in 2011; 2011 HR Role Model Award, by Star TV Network; and 3rd Tarun Sheth National Award for Ethical Leadership and Innovation, by the Asia Pacific HR Congress. Recently, he has been honored with Distinguished Alumnus award by XLRI, Jamshedpur.

    Join the People Matters Radio Show Talking Matters. Be a part of the exciting conversations on motivation, passion, drive, learning, dreams and much more. A monthly radio show that brings to our readers learning from business & HR leaders about career, leadership, future and many more – First Friday of every month!

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    Computer America - Popzara's Managing Editor Nathan Evans

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Both Hours: Popzara. Nathan Evans, Managing Editor

    pop·za·ra is defined as being a bazaar of popular culture spanning the world of arts and entertainment, fronted by an anthropomorphic, cap wearing dinosaur mascot. Popzara is there to help you wade through much of it. Throughout Popzara you'll hear views on video gaming, movies, technology, cultural movements and icons, even politics. There you can find opinion pieces, debates, reflections, reviews, analyses, news tidbits, and so much more.  So back with us on a Friday night is the Managing Editor of Popzara, Nathan Evans.

    Tonight's topics include:
    Google gets sued by the EU
    Star Wars Trailer!
    Max Max Trailer!
    Batman v Superman Trailer!
    Impending E3 2015
    Presidential Campaigns launch online (via Social)
    Daredevil Netflix Show (ties into Netflix record earnings

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    Guest: Nathan Clarkson and then Christians Fight Back for Marriage

    in Christianity

    Today we're going to talk to Nathan Clarkson, who is the producer, writer and filmmaker of the new film Confessions of a Prodigal Son.  You can see the trailer here.

    Then we're going to hear some audio from a rally that Judge Roy Moore spoke at, as well as other breaking news today.