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    Episode 12 - #OccupyWallStreet: It's a Mindbomb!

    in Culture

    This past weekend was the #Occupy National Gathering in Sacramento. A crew of about a hundred (50 at any given time) came together for teach-ins, assemblies, comraderie, and to share their struggles. The event was a far cry from the building tide that Ian Mackenzie experienced at Zucotti park back in 2011. He had spoken with Kalle Lasn, whose magazine Adbusters claims credit for igniting the Occupy firestorm, just after the conspiracy to forcebly evict the camps had begun. He was curious, how a movement based on and called by it's primary tactic, would survive after there was no physical space to, you know, Occupy. 

    Lasn had a surprising, and somewhat brilliant response. It's a mindbomb. A type of meme that will endure through replicative evolution in the sphere of human thought that is the basis of the Earths 3rd renaissance. 

    Contemplate that. Remix that. Replicate that. 

    What will the next great mindbomb be?

    The resistance is alive and well and fighting for a brighter day for all of the 100%. We often forget that the greatest gifts are those that we don't realize we already have and were born with. You are here for a reason. The very fact of your existence is proof enough. You have a necessary and important gift to offer the world. Now is the time to be courageous. Now is the time to offer your gifts in service to humanity. We are all interdependent. Every one of us reflects the fractal nature of the whole. You do not have to save the world alone. Treat every action as significant, and tap into the a-causal process of change. This is the realm of synchronicity, where the events of your life align according to a mysterious intelligence. This IS the emergence.

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    Occupied Radio - #NATGAT coverage wall to wall.

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    Julie, Ramblin' Sean, Trinh and others report from the OCcupy National gathering in Philly. 
    Occupied Radio is a production of Occupy Utica in upstate NY. 
    We have music for, by and about occupiers
    AND you can call in with any news, comments, or just general messages of support you may have.
    Submission your own work is how we continue to operate, please submit your stories, songs and even written or recorded reading of poetry and other great artist works. Please e-mail Mp3's or just written word to occupymediagroup@gmail.com and be sure to visit our blog were you can donate and comment. Thank you for occupying and for listening. 

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    Voices Of The 99%: Eyes Open with Justin Jacoby-Smith

    in Politics

    Tonight on Eyes Open: what the NatGat may mean for the movement, a congressman gets unusually honest, Anarchopanda fights on in Montreal, and more!  Tune in!