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    PODCAST: Nate Rushfinn, Principle Enterprise Architect at CA Technologies

    in Technology

    Welcome to the Federal Technology Insider Podcast series. Today we are speaking with Nate Rushfinn who is the principle enterprise architect at CA Technologies, about APIs, satellite and GPS technologies and much more.

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    PODCAST: Nate Rushfinn, Principal Enterprise Architect at CA Technologies

    in Technology

    Welcome to the Federal Technology Insider podcast series.  Nate Rushfinn, Principal Enterprise Architect at CA Technologies, about Digital Government initiatives and much more.

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    PODCAST: Nate Rushfinn, Principal Enterprise Architect at CA Technologies

    in Technology

    Following is an exclusive recent Federal Technology Insider podcast with Nate Rushfinn, Principal Enterprise Architect at CA Technologies, who discusses the future of mobility and government.

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    The Enormous Little Show with Nate and Renee

    in Family

    My Rays of Light presents: The Enormous Little Show with Nate and Renee

    Call in and join the conversation at 646-564-9708

    Or listen in online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mrol/2015/04/30/the-enormous-little-show-with-nate-and-renee

    "The Enormous Little Show" is America's hour long online radio station with sibling Co-Hosts Nate and Renee Anderson, airing Thursdays at 7pm.

    This show features a combination of smooth R&B Soul,Gospel and Pop music along with current events,entertainment,and new info for health, mind and spirit,plus sensational interviews!

    Nate and Renee entertain us, inform and inspire!They talk to real people with real issues and bring their funny,fresh and insightful and common sense approach to everyday people. " We ALL want to experience the fullness of life",say the Anderson's.

    On the show Nate and Renee mix signature segments like "The Medicine Cabinet" ,which brings Nate absolute pleasure to share "crucial information"on alternative solutions to better physical health and endurance or the touching "I See You Star" Award , always sincerely presented by Renee ,how about the unforgettable "Life Nugget Of The Day" and "What's Next?",where we stay current with new "cutting edge developments" that effect us in the present and future!

    This hour is filled with efforts to inject positivity, feel good music,do better,live better and know better into the listeners space! There's something for everyone! Come see what America is talking about! Tune in Thursday night at 7pm for "your little weekly dose of enormous inspiration!

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    NyAirWaves Radio Show 5-7 PST 5/1/15 Featuring Blade Hudson

    in Music

    Tune in From the People's Perspective LIVE from 5-7 PST! Get The HOTTEST gossip, fashion advice, interviews, and music!



    Born & raised in Greenville,MS. Brenton Hudson better Known as ''Blade'' to many people and other musicians in the music scene. Grandson of blues harmonica player Nate''LittleAddison''(Freddie King) and Nephew of the bluesman Eddie Shaw who was Howlin' Wolf's Saxophonist, fuses the blues-based roots of hard rock-n-roll with a bit of classic-metal mixed in. You have the rockin' "Bastard Child of Blues" known as Blade. Taking on the industry with his producion team Solid Zero Entertainment! Businessman, musician, and much More!!!!

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    Economic Implications when RESOURCES are Lost or No Longer There

    in Christianity

    Tonight, in the wake of so much controversy and turmoil, we will end our monthly (April 2015) series on Resources by letting all who are willing, come and have a voice.  The NATIONS's situation in Baltimore, MD, as was the NATION's situation in Ferguson, MO, may be those critical moments when God wants us to really focus on how important RESOURCES truly are to ALL OF US. As Believers, isn't it time to be PROACTIVE Christians rather than REACTIVE Christians? Maybe it's been time, but reality and certain things just haven't "hit home"?

    What we have and CONTINUE to witness is a matter of RESOURCES combined with a host of other socio-economic and "ism" type problems.

    Join us as we're joined by multiple voices from near and far, past and present. Tonight is NOT about solving all of the problems of Baltimore, rather, we pray that after tonight we'll ALL look inward to those challenges right in front  of our face - even if "some" of us ignore them.  Inward meaning as individuals and as parts of the Body of Christ.  This is a conversation about RESOURCES you don't want to miss.

    Hosts: Rev. Nate "J.R." Dunlap, Adia Sanders, Shatara Sherwood, Rev. Warren Feaster, and Mary Ann Williams

    LIKE us on Facebook: Possessions.Resources.Finances

    Visit our website:  www.prfministry.org

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    EXIT56 Blues Fest, Nate Myers, Toots Lorraine & 2 CKNM Mr Sipp & The Nighthawks

    in Music

    Show # 267 – Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With “Musicians You Should Know”

    The Exit56 Blues Fest takes place in Brownsville, TN on May 23rd and includes a Blues Concert, Corvette Car Show, Classic Car Cruise-In and a Deep Fried BBQ Eating Contest.  I will speak with Sonia Outlaw-Clark about the event and how you can be a part of this wonderful celebration.

    Nate Myers has been playing harmonica since boyhood.  He has performed with many wonderful musicians and he and his band, The Aces are well know for their great shows.  Nate has a new album out entitled It’s My Music and I will chat with him about the album and his career.

    Toots Lorraine and her band, The Traffic, are out of Jacksonville, FL, but their music is West Coast Jump Blues & Swing with Chicago Blues mixed in for comfort. I will speak with Toots and her guitarist husband, Chad Dant about their journey to this point and the music and the new album, Make It Easy.

    COUCH KID NEW MUSIC WORLD PREMIER! My ‘nephew’ Mr. Sipp brings his upcoming album The Mississippi Blues Child to The Couch and we get to share it with y’all a couple of weeks before it drops.  Thrilled to be doing this and let me tell you, I have been playing the darn thing over and over since it arrived!

    Then another Couch Kid New Music Segment with Mark Wenner from The Nighthawks comes by for the third time, with music from their new release, Back Porch Party.  Once again, this album is acoustic and was recorded live to tape before a studio audience.  We’ll speak with Mark about the goings on of the Nighthawks and the music on this great new album

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    Two People Arguing Podcast: Nate Rutherford Edition

    in Sports

    TwoPeopleArguing.com writers Joe Scumaci and TJ Hatter discuss, debate, argue and breakdown all the news from across the football world. They'll talk NFL headlines, recap week by week performances, who performed and who disappointed.

    It's a podcast that is sure to bring the realest football talk out there. Can't get enough of these two bros breaking down the sport we all know and love? Check out heavy.com for weekly articles and videos covering the entire landscape of the National Football League.

    Today's guest: Nathaniel Rutherford

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    The Dangers of Steroids

    in Youth

    Hosts Cady and Nate discuss the dangers of steroids including why its use in teens is a big deal, the use of steroids in athletes, and the negative side effects of steroid use. You can view the infographic discussed in this episode at http://positivemed.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/effects-of-steroids.jpg

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    Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon!

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight on Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon! on Str8Up Realtalk Radio!!

    When are we NOT Black Enough? Believe it or not, that's a question to be asked! According to some "Conscious" Brothas and Sistas like 'Neverlutionary Nate' or 'Shae Butta Betty', If you don't 'Act' African enuff (adopting African name, using the lingo, practicing rituals, etc...) then you aint r...eal.
    During this vital time of radicalization of African People, can we afford our people to be misled? Call in with Us and give us your take.....or if you are one of the ones, please call in as well to share why you feel our people aren't "True Africans"!!

    *** Call in 347-633-9516 ***
    to listen in or log on and follow us

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