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    Natalie DePriest

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we will be talking about Natalie DePriest. Natalie is serving 2 - 15 year sentence for 12 Marijuana Plants. This entire episdoe will be focused on sharing her story. Every detail about her case. How you can contact her. What she is doing to fight her case. How you can help Natalie. And, how to protect yourselves so, this does not happen to you. Because, No-one belongs in jail for a plant.

    Guest call in at 347-324-5311

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    Will Santa Boehner Save the Santa Rally on Wall Street?

    in Finance

    There are multiple deadlines for Congress now through early December, including lifting the Debt Ceiling (Nov. 3, 2015 deadline) and passing the budget (December 11, 2015 deadline). Getting these deals passed without any drama now is very important. Treasury Secretary Lew says that he won't be able to pay bills on November 3, 2015 without action now.


    Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been meeting with President Obama to come up with a compromise before Boehner splits town on Friday.


    Both sides know there isn't much of a choice on the Debt Ceiling. It must be raised. The only question is when and what kind of budget deal goes along with it. If there isn't a compromise fast, Wall Street will react, as will the credit rating agencies.


    I'll examine the risks and the probabilities, as well as what lies beyond these crises for 2016, which will be the 8th year of the current bull market.

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    November's Money In The News

    in Finance

    Good Morning Family! Today we are talking about Money In The News for November. With  Thanksgiving a few days away and Black Friday right after that who's spending money. Are the retail stores  making a profit this year? Will you be getting better deals on your purchases? With all these the wars going on around the world is our stock market safe are we for that matter? We have all these questions and much more we will address today on The Cheap Cheetah Show.

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    Money Mark Radio

    in Wrestling

    J.P. Jones and Chandler anderis discuss Money mark productions huge up coming events

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    5 Investor Alerts. 9 Superstar Stocks.

    in Finance

    In the good news department, I’ve featured nine different companies that have gone on to score between 20-100% gains in the last few months alone. My current track record is 81%. The 2015 Company of the Year jumped 50% in less than two months.

    On the other hand, this is the seventh year of the current #bull market. The last time a bull market went on this long (in 2000), it resulted in the Dot Com #Recession, a pullback that cost #NASDAQ investors 75 percent of their money. It took 15 years for the NASDAQ to return to the high set back in 2000.

    Whether the next recession is months or years away, it will pay (a lot) for you to get safe NOW.

    5 Investor Alerts. 9 Superstars. by Natalie Pace. Time to get safe and to get hot. http://www.nataliepace.com/np.php?fxn=article&id=20150602

    The Gratitude Game (audio edition) on Amazon

    The ABCs of Money  audio version

    Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is on Amazon (audio version)





  • Liz Ann Sonders, SVP and CIO, Charles Schwab & Co.

    in Finance

    Liz Ann Sonders is the Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Her investment experience spans decades and her wisdom and expertise are the most respected in the industry. We'll discuss...

    Where the markets are headed in 2015 and beyond.
    What's driving the markets in today's world.
    Your best strategy for getting hot and safe.
    The $18.152 trillion debt: good, bad or indifferent?



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    Episode 2991 - Spiritual Warfare Strongholds - Natalie Olson

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2991 - Spiritual Warfare Strongholds 
    Minister Natalie Olson 
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/drnatalieolson
    Recorded 11-13-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Natalie Olson

    in Christianity

    Natalie Olson

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    Money Mark Radio

    in Wrestling

    "The International Superstar" J.P. Cage Jones and Chandler Anderson discuss the major happenings in Friday Night Championship Wrestling as well as the big event coming to Lewisburg on  Saturday night, December 19th, "Fight Night" presented by Saturday Night Championship Wrestling.

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    Money Mark Radio

    in Wrestling

    Chandler Anderson and J.P. Jones discuss wrestling on the indepedent circuit today. This episode is sponsored by TNT Transportation Services. Big news regarding Saturday Night Championship Wrestling and the return of professional wrestling to Lewisburg, TN. As well, the big main event for December 19th, 2015 is announced, as TNA/ROH/WWE star Matt Hardy will challenge "The Cardiovascular Massacre" Shawn Hoodrich. Jones and Anderson reveal they are concerned for the safety of those who have talked trash about New Jack, and "Mr. Lewisburg" Bubba Morton open challenge remains unanswered.

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    Gratitude and Money

    in Motivation

    We had decided to do this episode on Money, but being that we will be broadcasting the day before Thanksgiving we decided it would be fun to through gratitude into the mix. Lorrie and Danielle use the tools of Access Consciousness, and the wacky phrase we use like a magic wand is known as the clearing statement, more info on the clearing statment can be found at www.theclearingstatement.com 

    Lorrie can be found at www.living-in-magic.com 

    and Danielle can be found at www.danielleclaudiabearre.com