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    It's FRIDAYYYYYY!!! Time to sit back relax while you are at work or at home & remember the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I'm talking about the 80's & 90's y'all!!!

    Join me & my co-host Jasmine P. Rain for the Illest Old School Hip Hop show on the planet. We will have you bobbin' your head to all the CLASSICS.

    In celebration of the 20th year since the CERTIFIED CLASSIC 'ILLMATIC' dropped & the release of 'ILLMATIC XX', the entire show will be about 1 of the GREATEST MC's EVER... NASTY NAS.

    Come Rock with us as we take you on a journey & have you sweatin' them perms & jerhi curls out.

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    Jay Z vs NaS

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    Check out the 12 RADIO SHOW. The 12 RADIO SHOW is the most innovative and interactive show on Blog Talk Radio. Tune in tonight at 9pm EST as the host, 12kyle, informs and entertains! Don't just listen to the show...be a part of the show and participate in the interactive chat room...or call in to speak with 12kyle and his co-hosts.

    On this episode, we're going to discuss the hip hop battle between Jay Z & NaS.  Join me & my co-hosts...Dluvhall & VA Eazy as we look back on this epic battle. You don't want to miss this!!! *programming note* The show will only be 1 hour.  

    You can listen online (www.blogtalkradio.com/12kyle) or via phone (347)215-7162. Press #1 if you want to speak to the host. You can also send tweets if you want to have your questions answered or comments to @12kyle

    Follow the show on twitter: @12RadioShow. Also follow the host 12kyle on twitter: @12kyle

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays - Listening Session: [Freak Show] by Sir Nasty

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    Turn It Up Tuesdays hosted by Magi Love, the spot to get connect with aspiring individuals worldwide.

    Playing some of the best indie artists, interviewing individuals from all walks of life and discussing random topics.

    Exclusive Listening Session: American Horror Story: FreakShow by Sir Nasty

    A few times in each entertainment era, the game gets an anomaly. January, 1983 in Berlin,
    Germany such a star was born. Residing now in Macon, GA. after years of
    worldwide travel, Sir Nasty developed an affinity for music at just five years
    old. Now a father, songwriter, and devoted Christian, Sir Nasty is breaking
    every mold known to industry with his new genre, “Horror Music.”
    Praised by fans as a “Gothic Gangster,” Sir Nasty goes against the grain that
    most mainstream are wooed into following. Connecting early on with the
    gothic nation, and saving lives with one on one interaction, influenced Sir
    Nasty to mold and create within his own genre of rap music. Often wearing
    skulls, masks and black threads, Sir Nasty makes a clear statement that his
    individuality is not for sale.
    Sir Nasty and his label “Graveyard Entertainment” dismiss the notion that one
    has to sell out to make it. The skull gang, and urban gothic movements, are
    more powerful than ever. Putting to rest the cross cultural theories that are
    manipulated by media. Sir Nasty's out of the box style has fans from all over
    roaring for more. "Horror Music" makes bold, stand alone statements that not
    just any artist can live up to.



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    back from a nasty fall

    in Spirituality

    dust yourself off and try again!!

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    Who You Rock Wit? Daily Bread Edition w/ Sir Nasty from Graveyard Entertainment

    in Entertainment

    Sir Nasty takes a second to chop it up with us for our first special daytime edition of "Who You Rock Wit?" Listeners and supporters of "Gothic Nation," Horrorcore, Horror Hop, and all others are encouraged to call in for one of the most soul stirring interviews on daytime radio. 

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    SEXUAL ADDICTIONS: Are They Real Or Just An Excuse To Be Nasty? - COMEDY CAFE

    in Comedy

    Sex addiction is climbing in America at such a rapid pace that it was recently described at epidemic levels on the cover of a November 2011 Newsweek issue. Also on the attention-grabbing cover is a powerful quote about the loss of marriages, career and finances linked to sex addiction.
    No longer in the shadows as a possible addiction, growing numbers of science-based studies are validating what addiction experts have said for years – sex produces a reward-based response that is highly addictive for some people. An addiction that can be as strong as drugs like cocaine. It is estimated that at least nine million people in America are living with a sexual addiction, spanning diverse demographics and age groups.

    But there are still those that will use this as an excuse to cheat, and to possibly receive sympathy and forgiveness from their Significant others.

    COMEDY CAFE on KLJN 107.7 with Comedian Even Stevens and Lady Jaz The Entertainer.

    CALL THE SHOW (347) 237-5342 to join in on the discussion


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    The Ole Skool Show w Dj Scarface

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Ole Skool Show w Dj Scarface

    feat Real Ole Skool Hip Hop, R&B & Reggae

    Rakim, Nas, Biggie, Eminm, Jay Z, Public Enemy, KRS1, Snoop Dogg, DR Dre, Ice Cube

    Guy, New Edition, Al B Sure, Sade...

    Thursday at 3pm est

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    The Big Perm Show #43 - Inside The Cage w/ Big Perm & Vic Nasty

    in MMA

    This Sunday night Big Perm & Vic Nasty go " Inside The Cage " !! Join us at 8pm CST !!

    Joining the show in the first hour will be UFC fighter and Central Illinois native Kenny Robertson. Kenny visits to talk about his January 24th fight at UFC on FOX 14. We'll also catch up with Ryan Blackorby. Ryan has quite the storied Muay Thai background and works with Kenny Robertson as his Muay Thai coach.

    At 9:30pm CST it's " The Marty Monologues: Kinda Like The Vagina Monologues But With A Real Dick. " featuring Marty Wombacher of the wildly popular blog MeanWhileBackInPeoria.com. Each week Marty joins us and lays upon us the linguistic stylings and knowledge that can only come from years of great experience!

    At 10pm CST we'll talk with UFC veteran and Central Illinois native Chris Tickle. Chris will be fighting February 7th at WXC 55 " Fully Loaded " up in Riverview, MI.

    Then, at 10:30 we catch up with our homeboy Dave " The Butcher " Clifford, Michigan's BEST ring announcer and rabble rouser. We'll cover everything from MMA to Aliens !!

    This is a show you don't wanna miss !! Ya never know what might happen !!

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Dealing with your Nasty Attitudes

    in Family

    Here's a Scary Truth About all Relationships

    Love can be strong; but it may not be enough. How do I know? Well, let me ask you a question? Do you know of any couples who broke up or got divorced? I can give you a ton of examples. Nobody is immune - not rich people, famous people, beautiful people, or couples who have great sex.

    One of the most important things about relationships, moodiness, and attitudes isthat it's all about give and take. Your love life requires attention and effort. The problem is that most people are not smart about it. Couples make it harder than it needs to be.

    Don't let this happen to you and your Baby. Do not let any irritation, disappointments, arguments, and grief fester to the point where it ruins what you want out of your love life. Don't let it take over and destroy what attracted you to your Sweetheart in the first place. Instead, I encourage you to take advantage of these precious little gems I discovered.

    You have an idea of how love relationships should work and you want yours to go smoothly.







    You don't want to deal with the grief and strife of arguments, disappointments, and seemingly dumb stuff that gets on your last nerve. Then there are those annoying habits and attitudes. Or maybe your Sweetheart is just downright moody.



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    It's Nasty out, Warm up with us! - 03/01/15

    in Sports

    We're sneaking a Sunday Night show in as we'll be attending a viewing and Funeral for Tony's Brother in law tomorrow night. So call in tonight and relisten again tomorrow (Monday) at the regularly scheduled programming from 8-10pm EST

    We just came back from the Flyers Wives Carnival and interviewed Brian Propp, NHL great. What a great guy.

    David Boreanaz was also in the house, we caught him on a short video, which we'll play (it's also posted on our YouTube Channel) he was going to come on, but is trying to get back out to LA where he is scheduled to shoot Bones tomorrow. They WILL NOT be happy if he misses his schedule. Ha!

    Luigi Curto manning the phones, Miss Robin will have some wacky updates and we're supposed to get a call in from Joe Corrado who decided to go to a BDay party instead of coming here. Outrage!

    Call 914-219-0864 & Press 1 to talk to Tony at any time during your call.

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