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    BlaccTopp 9:15

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    BlaccTopp was raised on the streets of South Dallas, Texas. After the death of his father, feeling as though he had nowhere to turn he turned to the gang. The neighborhood gang, Dixon Circle 357um Gangsta Crips is where he would learn to become ruthless and unfeeling. Although he was deep in the gang and game he continued his studies for fear that his mother would make him move to Florida.
    By the age nineteen he had been shot three times and was on his way to the Texas Department of Corrections with a forty year prison sentence for distribution of narcotics. While inside he lost his youngest sister to the violence of drugs in 1996. After serving seven years he was granted parole (mainly due to his mother's efforts). He used the education that he obtained inside to land a job at a top engineering firm in Texas. He used his love of word play to push himself to local fame on the hip-hop scene in Texas and Florida but, he would lose his mother to cancer in 2006, only to lose his oldest sister to cancer in 2008 and he knew something had to change. He began to chronicle his life, his mishaps and his capers which gave birth to The Hustle Chronicles, his debut novel and soundtrack of the same name. He is a father to three young children and husband to a beautiful and supportive wife. They reside in the state of Florida.

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    THE HOTWASH WITH CJ Presents: Melony Butler and Mike Moore

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    Melony Butler is a proud military wife to MSG Blaine Butler and they reside in Staples, Minnesota. The Butlers have three adult sons who serve in the Minnesota National Guard.  As a family they have endured four deployments to OEF and OIF.  Melony has been on a mission for many years advocating and helping veterans. She has been a Family Readiness Leader for 14 years and volunteered every year at the Great Falls, MT Vets 4 Vets Stand Down.  Melony has experience in the private sector in sales and marketing, management, retail, as well as health and fitness. Melony’s mission began four years ago when the VA Hospital said they had no room for her son while he was suffering from PTSD. She subsequently enrolled in school to achieve a Degree in Psychology with the intention of opening a facility to help and heal soldiers, veterans, and families. Realizing the need can’t wait until fall when she achieves her degree, she began creating the Nest. She states, “We will build the Nest one branch at a time until it is complete! A place to call home and a place to Heal with Honor!”

    Mike Moore has served our country for over 37 years. 24 years in the US Army
    serving in various Ranger Assignments including the 75th Ranger Regiment The
    past 13 years in a Law Enforcement working in uniform patrol, directed patrol
    and Vice & Narcotics. Mike has served overseas as a private contractor in South
    East Asia and is now a NAPWDA Certified K9 Handler.  His primary focus, is in the training arena, where he has built his company Sponte Tactical, which is staffed by former combat veterans, who
    served in Special Operations Units, as well as Tier One Law Enforcement Agencies.
    He now instructs classes for professionals in tactical pistol, Dynamic Carbine and
    defensive shotgun. Sponte Tactical is where “Warriors Train Warriors”.


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    DEATH of ELLIOTT SMITH -Suicide? LINDA CRYSTAL Forensic Astrologer Investigates

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    The death of Elliott Smith is fraught with questions, and few answers. Tonight Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologer and medium takes a look at Elliot's astro chart and tries to discover what exactly went on on the day of his death and the circumstances involved in it, before and after. Linda is renowned for solving many missing persons cases as well as murder cases. 

    On October 21, 2003, Smith died from two stab wounds to the chest. The coroner's report called it "possible suicide versus homicide," leaving the mode of death officially unconfirmed. Smith had been arguing with his live-in girlfriend Jennifer Chiba and according to Chiba, she locked herself in the bathroom when she heard Smith scream, and emerged to find him with a knife in his chest. The report also noted Smith's reported longstanding narcotics habit (specifically, "heroin and crack") but that Chiba said he had been clean for a year.





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    Former police officer turned author David Putnam is LIVE on Authors on the Air

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes David Putnam, retired cop turned author.  

    During his law enforcement career, David Putnam worked primarily in California on teams for Patrol, Investigations, SWAT, Narcotics, Violent Crimes, Criminal Intelligence, Internal Affairs, Detective Bureau and as child protective services coordinator.  He rounded out his law enforcement career with a few years in the Hawaiian Islands as a Special Agent-part of a real-life "Hawaii-50″ team. He's now retired from law enforcement and spends his time growing organic California avocados and writing, with his wife Mary and their three dogs.  On his inspiration:  "I was working a surveillance out in Lucerne Valley, flat desolate desert. We were watching a meth lab. When not on point, the chase cars could to do what they wanted, as long as we were immediately available to the radio in case the suspect went mobile. Some detectives watched portable TVs in their cars, some played softball and others just hung out. I always kept five or six books in my backseat for these types of investigations. I came down to my last novel and started to read it. It didn’t hold my attention. I thought: “I can do better!” So with a yellow pad and pencil I penned my first four novels, and found it much more difficult that I’d thought.

    THIS IS A LIVE INTERVIEW BEGINNING AT 9PM/ET  /   6PM/PT.  HERE IS THE LINK  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheair/2015/10/28/former-police-officer-turned-author-david-putnam-is-live-on-authors-on-the-air

    This is a trademakred, copyrighted podcat solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Find us on social media everywhere of send a Tweet @authorsontheair and @PamStackHost.

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    Interview with David Crain - Candidate for Caldwell Parish Sheriff

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    Caldwell Parish Citizens to elect David Crain Sheriff 2015

    I, David L. Crain, am seeking the office of Caldwell Parish Sheriff in the October 24th  election this year.
    I am not a seasoned politician, but I have the experience and the desire to serve the citizens of our parish and enforce the law fairly to everyone.

    My wife, Beckie Ledbetter Crain, and I have raised our five children in Caldwell Parish and now are blessed to have five grandchildren being raised here. It is my desire to see Caldwell Parish and its citizens prosper without the fear of the drug criminal element infesting our schools, homes, and neighborhoods.

    I began my law enforcement career in 1996 in Caldwell Parish under the administration of Sheriff Charles Thompson. In 1997, I graduated from the North Delta Regional Training Academy. While working in Sheriff Thompson’s administration, I made numerous narcotics arrest and diligently worked to rid our parish of illegal drugs due to the fact that the majority of all other crimes revolve around the drug trade....

    Join the conversation and get your questions answered. (773) 897-6398 or visit www.thesmokingglasshour.com

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    David. C. Morrison
    A veteran law enforcement officer having served and excelled in Corrections,Prisoner Transport,Patrol,and Special Operations (SRT and Undercover) Among his vast training and experience,he attended and graduated from the United States Air Force’s Elite EST School (Hostage Rescue and Counterterrorism)He began his celebrated military career in the US Army with Army Legend and America’s Badass Dale Comstock,Mr. Morrison was decorated for advocating and beginning the first Combat Operations Refresher Course for Reserve and National Guard members before deployment to Combat Area theaters.Has an Assoc. Degree in Corrections,a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with emphasis in Law Enforcement, and a Doctorate in Law.He was a trial lawyer for over 10 years and served many high profile clients such as Three Doors Down and Hector“Macho” Camacho,world Champion Boxer.He also defended a Navy Sailor,assisted by US Navy SEAL Founder and legend Roy Boehm and Admiral Harry D.Train,father of Rear Admiral Elizabeth L. Train,current head of ONI & NMIO.Mr. Morrison has retired from Law and now writes prolifically and consults in areas of his expertise.And uses big words to fluster Dale Comstock.

    JOHN D. SKJEFTE Expert Combat Operations Specialist- Airborne Law Enforcement Professional-Operations/Training Army 1977-1985 Combat Arms Specialist/Member of the U.S. Rapid Deployment Force Non-Commissioned Officer (Staff Sergeant)1985-1989 Corrections,Patrol Division,Criminal Interdiction,DUI Enforcement Lakeland Florida Police Department 1989-2009 Patrol Division,Special Investigations Division:Vice-Narcotics-Organized Crime-Intelligence)Traffic Division:(Motor School/Accident Reconstruction/Vehicular Homicide)Meritorious Service Medal: Life threatening actions taken during an undercover assignment.Medal of Valor:Detective of the Year Officer of the Year USA 1999 KOSOVO/Albania (LEP) Advisor Field Training Supervisor

  • The ROAD TO RECOVERY-Hosted by Daniel Czuba - More on the 4th Step.You can't...

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    We began the Show this week reviewing the 4th Step. As always - we want you to know that we are NOT Doctors, or Counselors, or Therapists, or Psychologists, etc...just individuals who work programs in recovery - living life on a "One day at a time" basis.We struggled to find a way to live our lives without all of the problems, hassles, challenges, etc... We found a way by working a 12 step program - TOGETHER! We welcome you to join in with us on our journey into a world of SOBER people - filled with ever improving SOBRIETY!

    This is a LIVE call-in talk show and we are prepared to do our very best to share with each and every one of you - aspects of our own personal recovery from our addicitions in an HONEST AND OPEN MANNER. No Sugarcoating just real life discussions filled with valuable and informative information that you can use to overcome your addicition or help direct those you know with addicitions to find help and HOPE.

    Our Show is LIVE from 7 to 9 PM CST EVERY SUNDAY EVENING! Our call-in number is 323-580-5755, and we welcome any and all comments, questions and requests. Wish to drop us a line during the week? Email me at daniel@daare.com and I will do my best to respond in an appropriate manner as well.

    Remember we are going to delve deeper into working the 4th Step over these next few weeks. You won't wanna miss out on these invaluble conversations/workshops.

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    SWAG RADIO PRESENTS: Peter Mack and Tonya Barber

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    Peter Mack is the author of Dirty Licks, his forth published novel. It follows his erotic romance trilogy featuring Ayana Cherry. He is from Los Angeles, California and writes with a witty flow that is dramatic and innovative for its delivery and content. Dirty Licks is a novel collective that finds twin brothers caught in a scheme to kidnap a murderous drug dealer's wife whip trying to escape a crooked narcotics detective. The reader is thrust into a world of sexual fetish and amateur criminal hijinks..

    Tonya M Barber was born and raised in Newark, NJ where she currently resides. Her love of the written word began at the tender age of twelve, developing poetry that read like stories. During her writing journey, she discovered that her craft was not only entertainment, a way to pull people into her imaginary world but it was and always will be a form of therapy, a way to cleanse her soul.
    To date, Tonya has had a few of her poems published in anthologies in the UK. She has self published three poetry books, one short story, four romance novels and four urban literature books including "The Changing The Game" series.
    You can contact Tonya at:
    On Facebook and Twitter @ladytb


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    Justin Murray

    I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1988 after graduating from Shawnee Mission North High School in 1987.
    Upon completing Boot camp and School of Infantry, I spent 2 years in the Marine Corps Infantry. In 1990 I volunteered for Recon selection and training. After completing Recon selection and training, I was deployed to the Middle east in support of Operation Desert Storm and participated in humanitarian relief efforts in Bangladesh. Also participated in Counter-Narcotics missions supporting various government agencies.
    After completing various schools and training missions, I was deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia in early 1993 in support of Operation Restore Hope. Was later redeployed back to Somalia in 1994 in support of Operation Continue Hope. Last several months were spent as a Recon Instructor. Departed the Marine Corps in 1995.
    A. Rank - Sgt.

    B. Branch - U.S. Marine Corps.

    C. Years served - 1988 - 1995. (7 years).

    D. Specialty. - 0321 Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine. - ReconTeam Leader. Recon Instructor.

    E. Deployments. - The Gulf War (Desert Storm). 1990-1991. Mogadishu, Somalia. 1993 and 1994.
    Multiple training deployments.

    F. Awards. - n/a. Would rather not announce all awards if that's ok.

    G. What you do now. - Retired/Disabled Veteran. And President of local Kansas City based organization called SSOF. (Support Special Operations Forces).
    Our mission is to provide direct support
    to Special Operations personnel and /or their families

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    Reader's Entertainment Presents: Shane Gericke

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    Tune in for a special event on Friday, September 4th at 5pm EST! Meet thriller writer Shane Gericke and enter his world of intrigue, suspense and heart-racing adventure as we talk about his new novel The Fury! Held at knifepoint, hit by lightning, and shaking the cold sweaty hand of Liberace, he was born to write thriller novels! 


    Book Blurb:

    If a grief-blinded cop can’t find the man who murdered her husband, millions will die in a doomsday attack on the United States . . .

    The Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico washes a secret cache of Cold War doomsday weapons onto a Mexican beach: VX nerve gas bombs laced with anthrax, invented by the Nazis during World War II and perfected by the United States to use against Russia during the Cold War. The bombs soon fall into the wrong hands and create an unstoppable opponent—a cartel boss consumed with hate for America. Only one Chicago Police detective stands in the way of those bombs being exploded on American soil. Reeling from the recent murder of her husband, as well as allegations of police misconduct, Detective Superstition “Sue” Davis is thrown into an undercover assignment filled with treachery, assassination, double-crosses, and death. She infiltrates the Mexican narcotics cartel responsible for the death of her husband, Derek, in order to get close to the cartel’s sociopathic enforcer, Jiménez “Jimmy” Garcia . . .

  • The ROAD TO RECOVERY Hosted by Daniel Czuba-Whats it like to be reaching a ...

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    ...a Milestone of 20 years of continuous Sobriety? Join me as I approach one week closer to my 20th anniversary - free of alcohol consumption, reviewing what it was like when I was out there drinking, what happened to get me to stop drinking, and what life is like now - 20 years later after complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Staying close to and being invol;ved with the 12 Step Program - has certainly been an important factor in keeping me on the straight and narrow. What would it take for you to find SERENITY free from the effects of your Addictive personality and free from your "DRUG OF CHOICE" whether it be Alcohol, Pot, Presciption Meds, Gambling, one thing I have learned - is that "I DID NOT HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM" - I HAD A THINKING PROBLEM - and once I stopped using alcohol - I had to face the effcts of my Stinking thinking and work to clear the debris of my past to keep it out of my future.

    While my life may not necessarily be the poster child portrait of being Clean and Sober - it most certainly is one I am proud to be living, one filled with Gratitude to my Higher Power - (With Whom I choose to call - JESUS CHRIST). Join me every Sunday as my journey intoSobriety continues and meet some of the wonderful people I meet and interact with on almost a daily basis, as we deal with "LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS"

    Our call in number is 323-580-5755 and join us LIVE every Sunday evening from 7 to 9 PM CST. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have by sending me an email at daniel@daare.com or call me during the week on my TOLL FREE NUMBER 1-800-427-5968 (1-800-I-ASK-YOU) I hope to hear from you soon