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    Soul Truth: Sacred Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Isn't it funny how we trust our intuition and then try to rationally explain this?

    Maybe it is part of our balancing of mind and heart...
    Maybe it is our own insecurity, so we're trying to convince ourselves first of all...

    Maybe it is our way of speaking our truth, carefully...

    Follow your heart, always!

  • The Leaven of Narcissism

    in Religion

    Coming to you live from San Antonio, Texas on this 18th day of December 2014. Tonight is the third night of Hannakah. Tonight we will be listening to a Talk by Bill Watson from the Church of God International. He will Be discussing Narcissism. I think Art should listen because he is the Biggest Narcisist I have ever met. We are also going to be listening to a talk by Jim Cox, one of my former Mentors as he talks about Seeing ALL Things Spritually. Both Talks are Excellent and I enjoyed listening to them very much. I have to be up very very early in the Morning to head towards Houston Texas to get Loaded... (I am a Trucker). So tomarrows going to be a very long day. If your listening to the Program on iTunes you can also find the show at www.blogtalkradio.com/thekingdomofgodornothing or at www.kingdomarchieves.com To send your questions or comments you can call or text 801-368-1490 or listen to the program on your phone by calling 619-924-0710. In fact if you are listening Live, the third hour can only be heard by listening on your phone by calling that number. You can find me on my face book group at www.facebook.com/groups/thekingdomofgodornothing or find my personal account at www.facebook.com/Lazurus1977


    You can also contact me at GodismyCompass@gmail.com and www.twiitter.com/Lazurus1977 


    Once again, Thank you for listening to the show, Take Care and God Bless. 

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    Using Your Intuition in Your Business and Life

    in Spirituality

    Wow! We are people Sensitive Souls who rely on our intuition to advise others in their lives, but we hesitate to judge others. There are times when we avoid cutting people out of our lives - people who make us feel bad or who set our warning bells off - because we want to be nice or inclusive or non-judgmental. 

    Today, we will talk a little bit about learning to trust our intuition - even when it feels like we are being mean or judgmental. 

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    Intuition and Insecurity.

    in Spirituality

    Virginia Blank is joining me for this show. It is an important topic and it does take two of us.  ;) 

    Do you trust your intuition?  Do you know when you are having an intuitive hit or when it is insecurity and ego chatter? 

    Intuition is a muscle like energy, the more you practice with it the stronger it becomes. Insecurity and second guessing yourself can derail this.   Add into this being empathic and it can be a lot of energies to sort through. 

    We will share our tools for discerning the difference between insecurty and intuition.  


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    Social Media Narcissism | The Mob Life (Organized Crime)

    in Politics

    Hr1     Where are all the news reporters covering all the big corporate layoffs and bankruptcies? Dell, IBM, Radio Shack.

    President Obama slams Christians... again. And excuses ISIS barbarity because of the Christian Crusades.

    Where are the LGBT activists on ISIS throwing a gay man off a 7 story building for being gay? There's more noise made about a Christian baker who denies baking them a wedding cake than throwing someone off a building for being gay. Why? Fear!

    Hr2   Socialcide: Social Media Narcissism Destroying the Fabric of Society

    Leo Battenhausen? takes a frank look at how pathetic, if not pathological, American society has become in pursuit of self-gratification via social media. Narcissism. He calls it "Socialcide".

    Study shows, marijuana really does negatively affect developing teens. No, it's not safe, even if you make it legal.

    California duck liver ban. Are you serious?

    Hr3   The Mob Life (Organized Crime) 

    “Ubatz-Crazy Sally” Polisi talks about life in the Mob and the Federal Witness Protection Program. (What is he doing talking to Joe?!)

    Vanderbilt University teacher encourages students to pleasure themselves during sex class. Yes, this is really a college course.
    Do you know what classes your kids are taking? Are you paying for something like this? It isn't just happening at Vanderbilt.

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    Increase Your Intuition with The Silva Method - Trainer Ken Coscia

    in Self Help

    Ken Coscia is the International Training Director for all Silva Instructors and has facilitated transformation and coached over 100k people from all over the world. Ken has been teaching the Slva Method for over 43 years. Ken is best known for helping his students discover and apply the practical skills to: 

    - naturally and easily increase productivity, naturally lower medical costs by increasing health and resilience, get focused, naturally shift mindset and improve mood, and use natural intuitive ability to create solutions and get into “Flow”.  Ken is the lead instructor and teaches all of the core material as well as specialty advanced courses like the Silva Mastery Seminar, PowerLearning and Intuition & You workshops. 

    Ken was handpicked by Jose Silva to serve on the elite Silva International staff and is also on the Board of Advisors for Silva International and in his spare time serves a growing corporate, union and physician group client list with emotional intelligence and dynamic meditation workshops. 

    Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Managerial Psychology. He stays up-to-date with related topics in brain science and behavioral studies. You can find him at www.kencoscia.com, www.silvamethodct.com

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    SOUL CIRCLE with Laura & Rose - LIVE READINGS - Love & Intuition

    in Spirituality

    Join Psychic Medium Rose Retelle and Intuitive Laura Wooster in the Soul Circle! 

    THIS WEEK'S TOPIC:  It is Valentine's Week!  How can we learn to let our intuition be our guide when it comes to love? Tune in and find out! 

    Insightful conversation about all things metaphysical and LIVE on-air readings.

    Click HERE to learn more about Rose.

    Click HERE to learn more about Laura.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight, On the Dr C Robert Jones Situation Report

    Are you one, Do you Konw One...Or two?

    With the classic narcissist, language is used cruelly and ruthlessly to ensnare one's enemies, to sow confusion and panic, to move others to emulate the narcissist ("projective identification"), to leave the listeners in doubt, in hesitation, in paralysis, to gain control, or to punish. Language is enslaved and forced to lie. The language is appropriated and expropriated. It is considered to be a weapon, an asset, a piece of lethal property, a traitorous mistress to be gang raped into submission. --Sam Vaknin, author, Malignant Self Love.

  • FSL68: "Socialcide" and the rise of narcissism

    in Christianity

    On Thursday's podcast: Sean talks with therapist Leo Battenhausen about his new book, "Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death." Leo talks about the rise of narcissism, the role social media plays in our collective self-obsession, and the spiritual dimension that he believes is driving this trend.

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    Out of the Fog: Intuition (and Tarot) for Personal Growth with Benebell Wen

    in Spirituality

    Author and tarot practitioner Benebell Wen discusses her new book Holistic Tarot and how tarot can be used to hone intuitive ability so that intuition can be incorporated into important decision-making. 

    Benebell Wen is the author of Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth (North Atlantic Books, January 2015). She is a long-time tarot practitioner, feng shui and I Ching consultant, and numerologist. Find out more about Benebell and her work at benebellwen.com. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 


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    High Vibrations/ Getting a Better Innerstanding of Your Intuition

    in Education




    Offering info on vibrations and its affect on us mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and on our health. We discuss topics ranging from hip-hop, culture, fashion, the foods we eat, people we allow around us and everyday life! We encourage our listeners to challenge themselves to think from a Higher Vibrational perspective on different topics that can add or hinder ones spiritual and physical growth.


    The topic and focus of this epsiode of HIGH VIBRATIONS is about the importance of becoming more in tune with our intuition. We will talk about how to be a better INNERstanding of our Intuition and the crucial role it plays in everyday life! Our intuition plays a major role in spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional state. Please Join us as we start 2015 with info that will nourish the soul!!! Lets evolve into a better us!!! We must put these old programs under the microscope and elimate those thoughts that do not serve us! We will have Mami Chi w/ Standing On the Square, Lady D with Numerology Unscripted & Orb AkB w/ Health is Your Wealth!!! We Welcome you to join us on this journey of High Vibrations!! Would like to thank everyone for your support!!!

    Please Like our Facebook Page: facebook.com/highvibrationsradio and follow us here on BlogTalk!

    We can be reached via email highvibrations1313@gmail.com , High Vibrational music, networking, business opportunities, and potential guest inquiries are all welcome



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