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    Quick Hits: NCAA Football and NFL Playoffs

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    The first College Football Playoffs are here and there is plenty to debate and discuss. Baylor and TCU are the teams left out after much controversy. Both teams won their regular season finales but TCU (who was ranked 3rd) fell to 6th and Baylor, who beat TCU head-to-head, remained outside the top 4. Alabama and Oregon remained in the top 2 with Florida State (WHO DIDN'T LOSE A GAME) at 3rd and THE Ohio State University at 4th. 

    It should be a quality Final Four and the games will be good which means all the questions will be answered, right? No. Not even close. This playoff system is "good" but we want "great". It'll change over the years but for now, this is a start. 

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    Marlene Green - Professional Certified Coach

    in Business

    Marlene Green is a Professional Certified Coach, trainer, and author who has provided team building, executive coaching expertise and talent development for senior executives in Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations and academia. Additionally, she is a lecturer and resource on executive coaching for The Kellogg School of Management and is a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team.

    With more than 25 years of experience, Marlene designed and presents on the Distinction of Leadership Presence, Seven Secrets of Attraction and The Art of Leadership Intelligence. She is known internationally as an expert in talent development and executive coaching, consistently providing successful results with groups and individuals within companies. Marlene trained with Newfield Coaching in Boulder, Colorado in its Coaching Excellence in Organizations program, which focuses on training specific to business organizations. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and is certified in Generative Leadership in Coaching Excellence in Organizations. She is certified to deliver sales training for the Sandler Sales Institute, where she is a leading resource on transforming professional image. Marlene also participates as a presenter on Leadership Presence in the Face of Overwhelm for the European Mentor and Coaching Council in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Prior to launching her own firm Marlene worked for Warner Brothers and the Jenny Jones Show where she was nominated twice for an Emmy. The Jenny Jones Show, and other properties of Warner Brothers (Jerry Springer, and Tele Pictures) utilized her expertise to develop on-air talent. Marlene has served as a contributing writer for Vogue and Glamour as well as numerous articles in the Chicago Sun Times, in her area of expertise, and has appeared on Fox News and NBC.

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    Joy Keys chats with Actor Stephen Hill

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    Special Guest: Actor Stephen Hill.Stephen Hill is an award winning actor (Best Male Actor, ABFF Star Project 2010) and is known for solid work in a variety of roles in film, TV, theater, web series, etc. As an accomplished actor, he can be seen on Law & Order SVU, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie, Political Animals, and Do No Harm. Hill can also be seen in the award winning documentary, Jackie Robinson: My Story, as he embodies the role of Jackie Robinson. Known for his versatility by seamlessly delivering compelling performances in both comedic and dramatic roles, Hill gives stellar performances as the lead in the feature films Christmas Wedding Baby, and Stay Cold, Stay Hungry. On the small screen, he stars opposite Jane Curtain in an episode of the CBS series Unforgettable, and plays the role of Clarence, right hand man to Jeffrey Wright's Dr. Narcisse on the final season of HBO's hit series Boardwalk Empire. Hill recently enjoyed the opportunity to display his "leading man" charisma in the short film/video Runaway by Grammy nominated vocalist Carolyn Malachi. http://stephenhillactor.wordpress.com/

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    David H. Nguyen, Ph.D., Studies Link childhood Trauma and Cancer.

    in Self Help

    David H. Nguyen, Ph.D., is a tumor biologist interested in figuring out why childhood trauma increases a person's risk of cancer during adulthood. His research seeks to make predictions about the biological mechanisms linking childhood trauma and cancer. He is the founding editor-in-chief of Cancer InCytes magazine, a free public health e-magazine (www.CancerInCytes.org) that talks about the deep connections between childhood trauma, cancer risk, and social injustice. He has published numerous cancer research articles in peer-reviewed journals and is author of the forthcoming graduate textbookSystems Biology of Tumor Physiology: Rethinking the Past, Defining the Future (Springer Science + Business Media).  

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    Beauty Talk Panel with Crystal Wright and Marietta Carter Narcisse

    in Blogs

    Join us tonight at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST for part 2 of last Sundays' discussion with Crystal Wright about the PYP Summit.   This week, its a paneldiscussion with The Tunnell Sisters, Crystal Wright and Marietta Carter-Narcisse.   We are discussing the business of the beauty industry and how to have and maintain a successful career in it.  Join the conversation with your comments and questions by calling 914.803.4399. Follow our Tweetchat by using the hashtag #BeautyLounge

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    in Relationships

    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW w/KELSI, DAVID, & TONY – TOPIC: "ARE YOU READY TO ADD THEIR BAGGAGE TO YOUR BAGGAGE?” –The truth of the matter is everyone has baggage. Yes, you too! The person you decide to let in your life must learn to accept, embrace, and endure your baggage and you must do the same in order for the relationship to work. If you try to pretend it’s not there the airlines of life will charge you for the extra baggage before your relationship gets off the ground. Join us on Tuesday evening at 10pm (EST) all with Kelsi M Arceneaux, David Massey Sr. and Tony L BWord. You can listen to my show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet. You’re also welcome to call in and press #1, we would love to hear from you.

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    Squared Circle Cafe: A Takeover Sounds Awesome

    in Entertainment

    On this week's edition of the SCC, NXT Takeover has passed. Do we have new champions? Also, does Jerry Springer regret trying to get in feud between the Bellas? In addition, 1st round matches have been announced for the Chikara King Of Trios tournament. See who is facing who right here. All that and who is R-Ziggler?!

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    The Right Side of the Pond - What next for Bray, Who's the Bunny & Cena Nuff

    in Wrestling

    On this week's show, Mazza and Shinobi are joined by TRSOTP Director of Operations, Randall to look at a few things on Raw.  They work out who Adam Rose's bunny should be, discuss the impact of Jerry Springer, have a look at the Raw main event and look at potential opponents for Bray Wyatt now his feud with Jericho is done and dusted.  In the second half of the show Mazza rants on why John Cena's promo on this week's Raw was the tipping point in his ability to cope with WWE's posterboy.  He is joined by 'Plan and they try to explore why in addition to looking at the bigger picture of the feud, people being turned off by the product and how the company is in the midst of change.  Tune in at the usual time of 9pm UK/4pm EST. 

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    Carmen Harra, PhD Live with Scott Cluthe on Positively Incorrect ! Radio

    in Spirituality

    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK HERE

    Join the FREE Positively Incorrect Newsletter HERE

    A Special Guest on a Sacred Day, 9/11. Carmen Harra Ph.D..Call in: 347-308-8478

    Carmen Harra is an internationally acclaimed intuitive psychologist, author, relationship coach, spiritual teacher, and karmic counselor.Carmen earned Ph.D.'s in Hypnosis and Alternative Healing from Albert University. Carmen earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and her first book, Everyday Karma, has been translated in 20 different languages.
    Carmen has been featured in the NYT,New York Post & more. She has been on GMA,The View etc. She is releasing Karma Queens by Penguin Books in 2015. 

    Carmen has been fortunate to meet and coach the elite of Hollywood and eminent politicians, including Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, Gabourey Sidibe, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasslehoff, Nancy Pelosi, Candice Bergen, Jennifer Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck, Liza Minnelli, Kathy Najimi, Ann Curry, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Rhea, Jerry Springer, Denise Rich, Courtney Cox, etc.

    Carmen is a co-chair in the Vital Voices Global Partnership led by Hillary Clinton, a delegate member of the Women in the World Foundation, an honorary member of the Alliance for a New Humanity founded by Al Gore and Deepak Chopra, and a member of the Clinton Foundation founded by Bill Clinton.

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    No one has cracked the encrypted language of plants. Insects chirp, bees buzz, animals grow, hiss, hum and even transmit low-frequency sound waves. But plants, as far as we know, never say a thing…or do they?

    Flower Power is the subject of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, September 10, 3 pm ET when Halli welcomes her guests author of the celebrated book PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE, THE JOURNEY INTO THE HEALING WISDOM OF PLANTS Eliot Cowan and Michael Largo, author of THE BIG, BAD BOOK OF BOTANY, THE WORLD’S MOST FASCINATING FLORA.

    Eliot Cowan is the founder of the Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, New York, where he provided training in Plant Spirit Medicine and other traditions. For many years, he apprenticed with the shame Don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, who in 2000, ritually recognized Cowan as a guide to Shamanic apprentices in the Huichol tradition. He is a member of the Council of Elders for the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

    Michael Largo is the author of GOD’S LUNATICS, GENIUS AND HEROIN, THE PORTABLE OBITUARY, the Bram Stoker award-winning FINAL EXITS: THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYLOPEDIA OF HOW WE DIE, and three novels. He is the former editor of New York Poetry and the researcher/archivist for the film company Allied Artists.

    The Power of Plants on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, Wednesday, September 10, 3 pm ET online @ http://bit.ly/hcjblog


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