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    Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder/Director, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia, Africa

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     As Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) since 1990, Dr. Laurie Marker pioneered new ideas in cheetah conservation, and has formed cooperative alliances on behalf of the cheetah that had never before been possible. She is recognised as one of the world’s leading cheetah experts.  She conducted ground-breaking research on the re-introduction of captive-born cheetahs into the wild. It was at this time that she learned about the conflict between livestock farmers and cheetahs.In 1990, Laurie founded her international non-profit organisation and set up its headquarters in Namibia in 1991. From humble beginnings in a tiny farmhouse in rural Namibia to an unparalleled conservation model for predator conservation, Laurie has built a world-renowned organisation.

    Laurie’s tireless work to unite a nation, continent, and the world in the effort to save the cheetah is impressive.Laurie chairs the Conservancy Association of Namibia (CANAM). She has learned that with improved livestock and wildlife management techniques, cheetahs, people and livestock can peacefully co-exist.

    Laurie has received many international awards for her work in cheetah conservation. In 2000 she was recognised as one of Time Magazine’s Heroes for the Planet and in 2008 was presented with the Gold Medal Award from the Society of Women Geographers. She also received the Conservation Medal of Lifetime Achievement Award from the Zoological Society of San Diego, was the Intel Environmental Prize Laureate of the 2008 Tech Award, a nominee for the 2008 and 2010 Indianapolis Prize, the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Wildlife Film Festival, and the 2010 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement.



    Have a Magical Week,

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    Traveling through American and Namibian history

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    Today, World Footprints will explore elements of American history from small towns and historic hotels to Fort Monroe.  We'll also visit the shanty town of Mondesa which sits just outside of Swakopmund, Namibia.  There we will mingle with the locals and witness how black Namibians are preserving their history and traditions.

    Fort Monroe in Virginia has been defending America since 1607 and today it remains the largest stone fortification in the United States.   Tour guide Robin Reed gives us the backstory of the Fort's rich history and the important role it has played in American history.

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation is on a mission to preserve and share all of America's history.  We'll share the work the organization is doing and we'll introduce two interesting historic hotels in Washington, DC--the Mayflower and the Morrison-Clark.

    Small towns in America are often overlooked as tourist destinations but if you really want to experience real Americana you should go off the beaten path and visit a small town where you can uncover a treasure trove of goodies. Some of the most authentic travel experiences and unique stories can be found in small and rural towns and we will explore a few. 

    The beach resort of Swakopmund, Namibia is an example of German colonial architecture and culture.  However, a majority of the population of Swakopmund lives in settlements that were developed for indigenous black Namibians.  We will introduce you to some of the locals we met on a walk through the Mondesa district.


    Photo credit:  Ian Fitzpatrick

  • O YE DRYBONES : WAR in the name of G.O.D = GOLD ,OIL,DIAMONDS

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    Al-Kahina was “the queen of the Berbers” who led the most determined resistance to the early Arab invasion of North Africa. Arab records describe her as having “dark skin, a mass of hair and huge eyes.

    A legendary figure, she is also supposed to have had the gift of prophecy. She had three sons, which is characteristic of witches in legends. Even the fact that two were her own and one was adopted (an Arab officer she had captured), was an alleged trait of sorcerers in tales. Another legend claims that in her youth, she had supposedly freed her people from a tyrant by agreeing to marry him and then murdering him on their wedding night.In 639 AD when the Arabs invaded Africa, ending 600 years of Roman occupation, spreading the new religion of Islam from Egypt to Morocco and also into Spain, African people were destroyed or enslaved. Kuseila of Mauritania resisted but he was defeated and killed in 688 AD. His position as leader of the African resisitance was taken over by his relative, Kahina. Under her leadership the Africans fought back fiercely and drove the Arab army northward into Tripolitania. These fierce counter-attacks made some of the Arab generals doubtful that Africa could be conquered. When the Arab general, Hasan ben Numan captured Carthage in 698.Realizing that the enemy was too powerful and bound to return, she was said to have embarked on a scorched earth campaign.  She ordered that the fertile districts be laid waste so that the lack of food and shelter would discourage the Arabs from returning.{Serica Energy has said a drilling campaign will start offshore Morocco in October.2014 Serica is also a partner in drilling planned offshore the UK in H1 2014, on the Centrica-operated East Irish Sea Doyle prospect, 20% equity owned by Serica.. ...Namibia - derived from the Namib, the desert .

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    Out of the Fog: Way of the Bushman with Bradford and Hillary Keeney

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    Step into the imaginative realm of one of the oldest continuous cultures on Earth as Bradford and Hillary Keeney share their experiences with the Kalahari Bushmen in Namibia. The Bushmen believe they receive direct transmissions of God's love in the form of the universal life force, n/om. Having one’s heart transfixed by this force enables true healing and spiritual growth to occur. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

    Bradford and Hillary Keeney are coauthors of the new book Way of the Bushman: Spiritual Teachings and Practices of the Kalahari Jul’hoansi. Find out more about them and their work at keeneyinstitute.org.

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    Seals of Namibia

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    "Seals of Namibia "

    Francois Hugo, Founder of Seal Alert-SA (South Africa) is in talks with the Namibian Sealing Industry toward ending the South Africa seal cull and saving the Cape fur seal species.
    Be a part of history in the making! In just a matter of days 91,000 baby Cape Fur seals will be clubbed to death on the shores of South Africa, but you can help keep this from happening.
    This is a call for global action for every animal lover to step up to the plate in support of ending this annual slaughter once and for all.

    Host: Katia Louise

    Featuring music from "Song for Canada's Harp Seals" by Alice Bruckenstein, Composer, Lyricist. Vocals by Lora Lee Ecobelli.

    The chat room will be open.

    To learn more and to listen on demand: GO!

    Please note that this is a special broadcast. WFL Endangered Stream Live is currently on hiatus and is producing this program on an emergency basis to help save these seals from this barbaric mass killing which is due to begin on July 1st without your help. Please listen and help spread the word. Donations are needed. No amount is too small.

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    Traveling with Jack Hanna

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    Today we travel to Namibia and beyond with animal conservationist and television personality Jack Hanna; we will discover Cuba through its people with Insight Cuba’s Tom Popper and Rebecca Rothney will share how people around the world are leaving positive footprints through Pack for a Purpose.  Jack Hanna, nicknamed “Jungle Jack” is one of the most notable animal experts in the U.S.  Jack took some time away from his many filming schedule, David Letterman and other show appearances to talk to us about the successes and challenges in the world of animal conservation.  We are going to discover Cuba through its people with Tom Popper, President of Insight Cuba.  Tom has traveled many times to Cuba and his company is one of a few that are licenses by the U.S. Treasury Department to provide tours to the beautiful island. Our friend Rebecca Rothney will give us an update on how many travelers are leaving positive footprints when they Pack for a Purpose.  Rebecca will also share how her foundation has grown since the O Magazine feature.

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    Travel to Africa Oct. 11 when Dan Schlossberg and Christine Tibbetts talk about the greatest wildlife recovery story ever told with elephant expert Dr. Caitlin O’Connell Rodwell.
    Namibia is the nation: vast, rugged, liberating, soulful. Tune in  at 8 pm Eastern for more Travel Itch Radio insight. Be inspired at www.namibiatourism.com.na

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    KTL RADIO presents DR MAKEBA JUDGE "Africa Awaits You Family"

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    Join Us tonight on KTL Radio as We Welcome back to the program our Beloved Sister, Dr. Makeba Judge, Who Will be Sharing in detail her Month Long Trip to the Motherland of Africa, More Specifically Namibia in Southern Africa. We will Discuss the Abundance Of Opportunities awaiting the Family ready to Invest in African Ventures, The Truth about the Modernization of Africa, The Role China & India plays in Africa's Development, The Different Tribes, The Emphasis that Africans place on Education & Family. 

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    MyNDTALK - Germany's Black Holocaust - Dr Firpo Carr

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    Germany's Black Holocaust

    In the 1890s Blacks were tortured in German concentration camps in Southwest Africa (now called Namibia) when Adolph Hitler was only a child. Colonial German doctors conducted unspeakable medical experiments on these emaciated helpless Africans decades before such atrocities were ever visited upon the Jews. Thousands of Africans were massacred. Regrettably, historians neglected to properly register the slaughter--that is, to lift it from the footnote in history that it had been relegated to--until now. In an attempt to give the incidents their rightful recognition in the historical context of the Holocaust, Dr. Firpo W. Carr discusses his book, Germany's Black Holocaust: 1890-1945."


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    Saving Seals of Namibia

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    Special update by Francois Hugo live from South Africa together with representatives from international organizations with anti-sealing campaigns who have been invited to join in for an opportunity to talk with Francois Hugo; to share their view points and also ask questions about the current "buyout".

    Featuring music from "They Wanna Kill" Written and performed by Maria Daines & Paul Killington

    Learn more at:
    Seals of Namibia

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    I was just thinking…Mind control,African holocaust and Agent Provocatuers

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    Can we believe what we see and hear in this society? Do we know the hidden history of the African Holocaust? What lies are we being told today? What are agent provocateurs? Our minds....oh our minds!

    My husband loves to keep newspaper and magazine clippings…it was so bad at one time that we had a room with boxes full…thank God for USB’s. But it is important in understanding the past to understand the future…we need to follow the bread crumbs.  We are being fed suggestions on the back of shock and trauma.

    Assassinations, threats of war, earthquakes, tsunami, floods, terrorism and constant police murders are all shocks and Trauma are followed by the Power of Suggestion to get us to believe contrived lies.

    Listen in or call...

    Friday @ 5pm pacific time or 8pm eastern time.