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  • 01:14

    Shark Dropper Episode 61 (Depressing)

    in Comedy

    All kinds of interesting topics this week as the whole Shark Dropper crew gets together. They talk: Dangerous cities, seating arrangments, Satan, the Two and a Half Men finale, old champagne, racist chants, sponsorships, World War Z, and sexless marriages. We also discuss our home town, aka the most depressing city in America.

  • 01:12

    Shark Dropper Episode 59 (Sandler)

    in Comedy

    On ths special episode, the Shark Dropper crew performs their first ever Skype session with friend Mallory (www.healsandheadshots.com). There are some technical difficulties throughout, but we are still able to have a fun time. We talk about the Oscars, AFI's Top 100 films, the Slenderman murders, our first s, and gross Celeb feet. We also dedicate a good ten minutes to bashing Adam Sandler films. It's a good time.

  • 01:09

    Shark Dropper Episode 57 (Hitler)

    in Comedy

    We really talk about a lot of diverse topics this time on the Shark Dropper podcast including: Life, the Grammy's, Kanye West, Herman Melville jokes, Black Knight, Whiplash, Mel Brooks movies, Randy Quaid's meltdown, best comedy directors, Backstreet Boys vs. N'Sync, famous Tampa natives, old Betty White nudes, killer shrimp, and we play the new Adolf Hitler/Wikipedia game.

  • 00:39

    Shark Dropper Episode 56 (Submarine)

    in Comedy

    On this shortened episode of the Shark Dropper Podcast, the guys talk Horror Play, the Super Bowl, Super Bowl commercials, Chris Pratt, wishful movie sequels, and Deep Blue Sea. The guys also try to decide if they would rather have pee thrown in their face every day or live on a submarine.

  • 01:23

    Shark Dropper Bonus (Snubbed 2015 Oscar Predictions)

    in Comedy

    Not the traditional Shark Dropper podcast episode this time. Instead, listen to this sneak peak of the soon-to-be-released Snubbed podcast. On this bonus episode, host Robert Lamb, along with co-hosts John Lasavath and Amber Simpson, and featuring guest Mark Hofmeyer (Movies, Films, and Flix), join together to make their 2015 Oscar predictions. Who will end up victorious? We shall know soon enough!!

  • 01:15

    Shark Dropper Episode 64 (Tents)

    in Comedy

    Robert, Kyle, and Jose Caraballo (voice on Dopple Avenue Hurt) talk Capote, To Kill a Mockingbird, Super Troopers 2 funding, corny jokes, cult hits, generational movies, Beiber roasting, horrible Verizon customer service, and we guess the plot of From Justin to Kelly.

  • 01:09

    Shark Dropper Episode 52 (Goat)

    in Comedy

    This week the whole Shark Dropper gang is in the studio as they talk about some crazy things like Back to the Future predictions, monorail magnets, hangovers, Stuart Scott, podcasting, Rottentomatoes, and goat marriage!

  • 01:29

    Shark Dropper Episode 62 (Zombeavers)

    in Comedy

    We Skype in a special guest, Lucas Steger, and chat about sleep paralysis (once again), tree monsters, New York, zombeavers, homeless people, Improv everywhere, Netflix, grown up theme parks, and we answer tough questions like "Does an audiobook count as reading?"

  • 01:18

    Shark Dropper Episode 50 (Anniversary)

    in Comedy

    On this very special episode of the Shark Dropper podcast Kyle, John, and Robert welcome some special guests as they celebrate their 50 episode anniversary! Ricky returns, along with Amber (Dopple Avenue Hurt), and Tyler Scoles (Horror Play), as they talk late night TV, The Interview, North Korean hacking, Wikipedia, their favorite movie experiences, Stephen Colbert's final episode, future plans of Shark Dropper studios, and of course, they talk a little James Bond. Here's to another 50 episodes!!

  • 01:10

    Shark Dropper Episode 48 (Cars)

    in Comedy

    The guys talk about all kinds of things on this episode of Shark Dropper: Global warming, the food industry, overpopulation, dream cars, Spectre, Gravity vs Interstellar, Billy Dee Williams, Top Five submarine movies, and ! See... All kinds of things!

  • 00:56

    Shark Dropper Episode 60 (News)

    in Comedy

    John sits this episode out, but Chris Davis (voice on Dopple Avenue Hurt) joins the fray. We talk about all sorts of things: What are considered fruits, vegetables as seeds, the blue and black dress, the white and gold dress, Michelle Rodriguez's racist comment, Birdman's ending, broken mics, and what it would be like serving prison sentences before crimes. Also Jonathan reads our minds and we play Strange News!