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    Former Premier Roger Grimes talks Policies and Politics

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    Join Sue Kelland-Dyer on talk with Sue as I discuss policies and politics with former Premier Roger Grimes.

    Topics: Muskrat Falls, Bill 29, Resignation of Premier Kathy Dunderdale, the current situation with the NDP, the new Liberal leader, the political polls, Burton Winters Inquiry, natural resource development, Voisey's Bay then and now, Former Premier Danny Williams, Paul Lane, Dale Kirby and Chris Mitchelmore, Tom Osborne, Debt and Deficits, the Auditor General's Report and more.

    As a former Premier Roger brings a very real perspective - being only one of 11 people to hold the office in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    The chat room will be open and live and I invite you to send along questions as the show goes on.

    I have received several questions already via email and Sue's Blog.

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    For the Record - Program 1 with Danny Dumaresque

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    For the Record will be a series of shows dedicated to the Muskrat Falls debate. The idea here is to allow an hour of virtually uninterrupted time for critics of the deal or process of sanction to explain what their specific concerns are and what they feel might be a reasonable approach to this development or for energy development generally.
    First Guest is Danny Dumaresque former MHA and Director of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. Longtime businessperson in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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    For the Record with Brad Cabana

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    At just 23 years old Brad was at one time the youngest mayor in Canada serving a community in Saskatchewan. This I suppose was where his political journey began.
    Brad is a graduate of Political Science and has served in Canada's armed forces as an Infantry Captain.
    Of late Brad has been very active in the politics of Newfoundland and Labrador and very vocal regarding his concerns of the proposed Muskrat Falls deal. 
    As a critic of the deal - Brad has spent significant time researching the background of Churchill Falls both upper and lower as well as reviewing the material produced by Nalcor, the Government of NL, and outside agencies or companies employed to review the proposed project on behalf of the parties noted above.
    This program will allow the listeners to get a good overview of Brad's concerns and findings. The show is 90 minutes and provides more time than traditional media for the guest to explain and communicate to the listener.
    For the Record is a special series of the Talk with Sue program created to allow critics of the proposed Muskrat Falls deal to discuss their concerns with us.
    The government and corporate interests can outspend any critic of the deal and in the case of government - they use the people's money. The Premier, CEO Nalcor, and business spokespeople whose companies have opportunity to directly benefit have complete access to media and advertising while people or groups who oppose or are not satisfied with the sanctioning process may be unable to match the dollars being spent by government and business to promote the project.
    Please take the time to listen to our chat with Brad and also the archived programs with Danny Dumaresque, Roger Grimes, and Bruno Marcocchio. The more information one has the better able one is to make a decision.
    Brad's Blog can be found here: http://rocksolidpolitics.blogspot.ca/

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    Muskrat Falls and Labrador Natural Resources

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    Let's talk about Muskrat Falls and Labrador resource history.
    The Premier only wants to talk to people outside of Newfoundland and Labrador about this deal.
    if you have an opinion - for or against - questions or are interested in the Emera Muskrat Falls deal call tonight.
    Listen in and hear what others are saying.