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    The Gospel According to Spiritism - Marcelo Netto

    in Spirituality

    Vanessa Schiodtz (from Seattle) broadcasts another Spiritist talk from international and national speakers. Enjoy it!

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    2015 MLS Playoffs Wild Card Review Show

    in Sports

    The Internet American Soccer Show that was nominated in 2014 by World Soccer Talk as the best American Soccer Show

    Join me and those who cover those MLS Sides that won their one & done games to advance into the Conference Semi-Finals in both conferences as we get two games in each conference.

    Robert Hay from World Soccer Talk on DC United, Kevin Laramee from Off the Woodworkxxx Podcast on MTL, Former US International Marcelo Balboa will recap both crazy West Wild Card Games.

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    Lakers Nation Podcast: Episode 3 (Preseason Edition)

    in Basketball

    LakersNation.com's Jabari Davis and Corey Hansford were joined by Jamieson Welsh (Fox Sports Radio) and Jordan Buscarini (Castle Country Radio) for this week's episode of your Lakers Nation Podcast.

    The four of them discussed: roster cuts, D'Angelo Russell's progress and role, Marcelo Huertas' impressive play, the Lamar Odom situation and the coaching staff's willingness to embrace three-point shooting and advanced analytics as a whole (Rondtable Question).

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    Episodio 31 - La Oración - Padre Marcelo Rineau

    in Christianity

    Hoy en la radio estará el Padre Marcelo Rineau, un sacerdote francés de la ciudad de parís, pero misionero y estacionado en una parroquia a las a fueras de Lima, Perú. Escuchemos palabras de éste apostól sencillo, y entregado a las almas del Perú.  

    En la reflexión semanal, Antonio hará algunos comentarios sobre la oración, cómo se hace, cómo se adora verdaderamente al Señor. ¡Escuchemos todos y pasemos la voz!  

    Horario Hoy

    7:30 PM - Rosario

    8:00 PM - Reflexión "Hacer Oración" Antonio Pérez-Alcalá

    8:20 PM - Entrevista - "Padre Marcelo Rineau"

    8:45 PM - Llamadas 

    3 Formas de Escuchar

    Aquí en Blogtalk, click "Play" arriba o en

    www.facebook.com/escueladeliderazgosantamaria o por teléfono llamando al

    347-857-3183 (marcar 1 si desea hablar).

    Le recordamos que el programa queda grabado y puede escucharlo cuando lo desee, yendo a los mismos links de arriba.

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    Horror, Fantasy, Music, Roses, and Bumps in the Night

    in Entertainment

    Richard Ramsey: TYLER ROSE CITY COMIC CON 2015 (October 23, 24 & 25) Tickets  HERE.  


    Special music by- Merchant Ships ' Sleep Patterns' from the Album: For Cameron. (Commentary T S Woolard)


    Brian Barr talks about his new book: Carolina Daemonic .He collaborates with another writer, Chuck Amadori, on the supernatural dark fantasy noir comic book series Empress, along with Pencil Blue Studios’ Marcelo Salaza for the art. HERE and HERE


    Author of The Vampire Hunters trilogy and the Rotter World saga: Scott M. Baker (writing as Matthew Arkham) "I spent twenty-three years in northern Virginia working for the Central Intelligence Agency. I’m now retired and living in Florida as a full-time writer along with my wife and fellow author Alison Beightol, my thirteen-year-old stepdaughter, two boxers, and two cats."   Novels: The Vampire Hunters trilogy,  the Rotter World saga, Yeitso; & novellas: Nazi Ghouls from Space, and Dead Water.  HERE and HERE

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    Miss Naiya Marcelo and Syndee Entertainment Review

    in Pop Culture

    Miss Naiya Marcelo and Syndee will talking about all of the latest entertainment and celebrity news.. also as a bonus they will give you the behind scenes scoop from lastnight meeting the legendary group Cameo, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, and Lakeside just to name a few. You don't want to miss this jam packed episode!!

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    The State of the Latin Alternative: The Manero Pop Podcast, Ep. 8

    in Pop Culture

    The 16th edtiion of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, LAMC, took place last week in New York City, with industry-oriented panels at a Midtown hotel and concerts and showcases all over town. In this episode of the Manero Pop Podcast, José Manuel Simián and Marcelo Báez talk about their favorite artists in the conference's lineup, the state of Latin alternative music and their own narcissistic personality disorders.

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    National Agenda with - Savage-el; Love instead of Hate; Join the Affairs of Men

    in Education

    Address of Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)


    Casina Pio IV, Tuesday, 2 December 2014

    Om Amriteshwaryai Namah

    Your Holiness and honoured guests…

    I would like to start by expressing my heartfelt appreciation for being able to participate in such an historic gathering. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the determination and social commitment of His Holiness. And to Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Respected Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, who has worked very hard to make this assembly a reality.

    Human trafficking is one of the worst curses that plagues society, not only for this century, but since the beginning of time. The more we try to eradicate slavery and forced labour, it seems to rebound with double the strength. It is like an evil ghost that keeps haunting us. As His Holiness has stated, “Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society. It is a crime against humanity.” 

    It is the duty of each country to implement laws that address and work to eradicate this extremely cruel and immoral crime and to liberate and protect victims from such a fate. It is also the moral responsibility of every citizen who is committed to justice and social welfare. However, we are all aware of the bitter truth that this problem cannot easily be solved, for the wound of human trafficking is centuries old and extremely deep-rooted.

    Human trafficking rips apart the lives of innocent and helpless children, who embrace life with a heart full of sweet dreams for the future, but are left, in the end, destroyed and discarded.

    We have been granted the blessing of life through God’s compassion. This life is to be spent performing good deeds as an offering to God. To destroy another person’s

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    Mexrrissey: The Manero Pop Podcast, Ep. 7

    in Pop Culture

    The recent tour of Mexrrissey —a Mexican indie supergroup playing the songs of The Smiths and Morrissey in Spanish and with Latin arrangements— revived the flames of one of pop culture's most interesting phenomena: the devotion the Manchester singer generates among Latinos in the United States, Mexico and the rest of Latin America. 

    On the surface, it is a paradox: a gloomy, tortured and over-sensitive singer-poet from England would have no possible appeal to hard-working and tough macho men from Mexico. But reality —as Latinos well know— is way more complex than any given set of stereotypes.

    Take a trip to Mexchester with José Manuel Simián and Marcelo Báez. 

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    Female Pop: The Manero Pop Podcast, Ep. 6

    in Pop Culture

    Recent album releases by a number of female singers that can loosely be grouped under the pop umbrella —from Ximena Sariñana to Lila Downs, Natalia Lafourcade and Natalia Jiménez— are the excuse for José Manuel Simián and Marcelo Báez to talk about the status of female Latin pop.

    Can these artists really be grouped together as pop artists? Are some of the singer-songwriters in this group taking themselves too seriously? And also: is a good pop song one that you end up liking even in spite of yourself?

    Listen to episode 6 of the Manero Pop Podcast, read the articles that inspired it here and here, and send your feedback to manero@manero.com.