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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    Wealth in Politics is turning it into Poli-Tricks.  Money is buying our political leaders so easily that the new TPP is being forced down our throats and the wishes and desires of Israel is taking a front seat even against our own President.  Congress manufactures millionaires based on simply belonging to a select committee and selling your services...

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    Please join me for the next edition of the ANTHONY JOHNSON SHOW on SATURDAY APRIL 25TH @ 6PM, EST as I discuss :


    Please tune in.

    Thank you.

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    Redux Sunday - Show Nine of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 14 January 2014

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    Show Nine - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Tuesday, 14 December 2014, 2:30 p.m.

    Live from the Janesville Community Radio studio at 321 East Milwaukee Street at the MY OFFICE JVL building in downtown Janesville, Wis

    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio; Donald; Sal

    "Love Potion Number 9"
    What if no candidate receives a majority of Electoral votes in the Prez?
    Beliot International Film Festival
    Dadio pleas for a better job
    Ol' Ross Perot: "...giant sucking sound...."
    Macro vs micro Free Trade
    Local radio loves stopped Unemployment extensions
    Dadio laid off many times but never took unemployment - taking any job gleaned only Misery.
    Libertarians say, "Let the weak die," can kiss Dadio's ass.
    Senator Grothman legislation " to allow" workers to never take a day off - claims freedom.
    Nazis, "Work makes you free," over concentration camp gates
    Economy booming - buying Chinese junk
    Dadio's copyrighted phrase, "The Rule of 168."   168 hours per week shitty jobs wreck every one of them
    Lame Free Trade copyright rules
    Dadio found music for LB in Iraq
    Loved NAFTA, you'll love the TPP - Acronyms kill Americans
    Sal's Chinese desk broken
    Wis Military Casualty - Marine Corps Corporal Matthew Ross Zindars
    Fish Fry - O'Riley & Conway's
    Burgers - Skip's Afton - Stump Olive burger gives Sal a Food-gasim
    Drunk Sal and Open Mick guys at O'Riley & Conway's
    Pizza - Mac's Pizza Shack
    Chinese food - Cozy Inn
    Breakfast - VFW's Cootie Breakfast

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    NAFTA 20 years later and a few other political thoughts

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    We look at the 20th anniversary of NAFTA plus a few other front page issues.

    Please support our friends: 








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    I was just thinking...Corporations of Globalization and the New Slaves

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    We will soon all 'Owe our souls to the company store!' The New Treaties with countries in the Pacific will continue to allow Transnational Corporations to own the world and control our governments elected byt the people.

    The so-called middle class has disappeared and we will all beslaves of the Global Economic System.

    Trade agreements like TPP and NAFTA undermine Goverment sovereignty.

    How will this affect your pocket and your table?

    If we wanted to build new schools, new roads and those infrastructure improvement interfered with corportate profits then the government would have to bow to the corporation or be sued and our tax dollars used in the proceeedings.  

    If you find the meats, dairy, and other foodstuffs are posioous, diseased or unfit for human consumtion our agencies like the FDA.

    If we vote on the measure and tighter regulations on like foods, polution, Fracking or GMO the Corporation would override our vote if it was not in thier monied interests.

    Lets’ say they want to have undereducated kids and push through chater schools and public education designer illiterates who will not ask questions or incite riots or protests? What if they wanted people who would be satisfied making TWO dollars a day and a couple of joints of weed? 

    Weed is legalized and wages are stagnate, jobs go to who know who and not what you know. Can your son or daughter find a job with a high school diploma?

     “As of 2012, US negotiators were pursuing an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism, also known as corporate tribunals, which can be used to attack domestic public interest laws.

    Y2K was just a Drill.

    Call in @ 661-467-2407




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    Redux Sunday - Show Seven of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 29 December 2013

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    Show Five - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Tuesday, 29 December 2013, 2:30 p.m.

    Live on Janesville Community Radio at Main Street Saloon in downtown Janesville, Wis.

    Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy
    Sal, tertiary host and scientific consultant of sorts
    Jamie, ad hoc producer and astronomy sage (on assignment with Chinese moon rover at same sound stage used to fake U.S. moon landings)

    bartender - Shanda
    Packers / Bears

    Thanks NAFTA
    Dadio buys $400 of radio equip for 13 Bucks on Amazon made by Bengladeshi children
    We bought the damn Dot Com for dadioslunchbucket.com - more chicanery on the Web site
    Truck Diver Jerry stops by
    "Rustic" Dadio drinks latte with high culture folks

    Quiz - Super Bowls for Jim McMahon and what teams?

    Why Dadio never drinks alcohol on live radio - sees a drunk camel in war zone

    Robert's Rules of Order
    Lunch Bucket logo - a lunch bucket in Mr. Microphone's little hand or a...., man purse? Lunch Bucket show hardest show logo to draw - Start-up radio like a garage band

    Holiday gathering - ol' Uncle Smitty and Dick Trickle

    QB Matt Flynn asked to save the Packers - Larry McCarren's lockeroom voice
    Wayne Larrivee - former Bear announcer - Philadelphia Eagle fans kill Santa in 1968
    Phrase - "Taxi Squad" from Cleveland Browns

    Fish Fry - Burger - Lori's Bar & Grill - Lamartine, Wis

    Wis Military Casualty - Army Private First Class Isaih Robert Hunt - Suamico, (Green Bay) Wis

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    NAFTA/Good or bad for U.S.

    in Radio

    This week's show will take a close look on how NAFTA has affected the overall jobs picture in the U.S.

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    Tennis Entrepreneur Anna Little Discusses Current Issues and Solutions

    in Politics Progressive

    Anna Little discusses TPP, banking, President Obama, health care laws, history of elections and other topics germane to the world and nation today. We will be discussing The Zeitgeist Movement and the necessity of a resource based economy. We will explore the election of 1896 and how this pattern has been repeated over and over since then. We will explore the New Deal and the impact on America, The Glass Stigel Act, NAFTA and CAFTA. We will discuss the Federal Reserve and the Banksters. 

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    The View Up Here highlights "Not In Our Name" with @CDHill9

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    How many wrong decisions can one nation endure? Every week there's a new story that shows a shocking lack in ethics or judgement on the part of the government. It’s open season on the environment, on science, the rights of veterans, it shames us all. Cuts to investigative journalism by most media outlets are allowing many stories to remain under-covered or untold altogether. Media consolidation has meant there are fewer voices reporting, with ever-tightening restrictions on what they can say. This is a critical threat to democracy, and it's the principal motivation for this film. Independent voices must pick up the slack.

    - The tradition of being at the forefront of scientific research and development, critical to the nation's properity, has been all but abandoned. Our prowess and innovation has been flushed because scientifc research is revealing the effects of destructive policies.

    - Since 2006 there has been an erosion of funding for veterans. The closure of 9 offices has resulted in having to drive for as long as eight hours to receive support. Lump sum payments have replaced life-long pensions, leaving veterans with less.

    - The Harper Government has spent over 40 million dollars on TV ads promoting the oilsands. They fail to mention NAFTA is investigating how Canada is ignoring its own environmental laws. Responsible development is crucial for prosperity, but allowing oil giants to pollute without limit is leading to tragic results.

    "Not In Our Name" (NION) will explore the axis of Industry, Media and Government, which prioritizes corporate interests over the peoples' interests. NION will show similar tactics around the world. The footage will directly contrast the pristine beauty of Canada with the damage that has been caused by de-regulated industry. We will work as hard as your contributions will allow. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1916096034/not-in-our-name


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    Music Industry, EBT, Agriculture, NAFTA, TPP

    in Politics

    11/14/2013 - Live 5pm PST/8pm EST Join hosts Karece and Kimberly.  We will discuss the continued war on food - the quickest way to create chaos; we'll talk about big agriculture and the EBT 'glitch'.  We'll also discuss free trade agreements and the recent very secretive TPP and it's comparison to NAFTA.  We'll also talk a bit about anti-Illuminati in the music industry.

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    NAFTA Mexico - Facts or Fear?

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    Allowing Mexican trucks to operate through out the United States will cost thousands of American drivers to lose their jobs. Mexican trucks are unsafe and will wreak havoc on U. S. public roads and highways. Mexican truck drivers will not comply with the high safety standards of the United States and by fully opening the U. S. border to Mexico's trucks, we are opening the flood gate to incoming drug traffickers and a higher profile for criminal activity. These are just a few of many of thousands of comments by drivers across America voicing their concerns over new NAFTA negotiations which would open the U. S. border to Mexican trucks. What is the truth when it comes to the NAFTA and Mexico agreement? Do these statements hold up against documented facts or are they simply a measurement to fear of the unknown?