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    The detectors radio network

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    Need to understand what nafta at and extreme and go back ib Fabian Corp IBM and others who were tied to the third Reich the take order has begun and what can you do worker bee as you will not be able to do much in creating a small medium size business as the largest Corp will be the ruling class with housing rights as the middle class and others who survive will have nothing no government assistance no snap benefits abortions are currently trending with baby parts being use for scientific experiments addictive to food and the right to travel will be maintained by the elite only keep drugging up use they're lab Frankenstein weed which causes you to become more complicit to whatever they are doing and or receptive to mind control blocks and violent as you loss control of your life with no basic purpose other than drink take weed eat have sex and sleep.your easy pickins for the fema trucks. Hospital campus are growing large but offer little relating to live saving medicine as this will be structured for the working new root classes of the people within this now forged society and if you have any doubt in what I am saying review history and it happened before but the people then under the real leadership of god refuse to Kat down to it but now who what are where are we in this and what is are response. There is no issi that's just a mere cia to get you frighten to allow them to control this agenda you are the puppets that are being played. Education is for the rich look at the schools and your tax slats they don't give a damn. You see I came out of the corporate world the plans were there for eons but now they are moved to a all new high level in this. it's not about Obama all of them report back to the real controllers and by the way look at all of the animals not natural to are towns being seeded in like lions bears and other extremely dangerous creatures all and all to stop you from hidding from them as they are here. Please read pass on comment thanks

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    NAFTA/Good or bad for U.S.

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    This week's show will take a close look on how NAFTA has affected the overall jobs picture in the U.S.

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    Crossroads with Van / AZ GOP Reps. Cave In Again / Mon. @ 2 pm @ http://www.blog

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    AZS Constitutional Conservative Coalition?

    AZ Reps. claim to be Conservatives, well doesn't seem to be True on this one and many others, time the Fan Clubs they've built begin to watch the Votes vs. the Campaign Rhetoric and Press Release meant only to cover their Bad Votes.  Vans programs consist mainly on Political Issues w/ Guests,Callins; @ 347-857-4804 / 877-572-4283, Chat Room with comments/ questions

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    Vans'Show Link;http://www.blogtalkradio.com/van-the-radio-man

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    “AZTLAN” MOVEMENT; Take Land from America; 

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    NAFTA 20 years later and a few other political thoughts

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    We look at the 20th anniversary of NAFTA plus a few other front page issues.

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    Exclusive Ideagen Ideas Leader Interview - CEO David Weiss, Global Communities

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    David A. Weiss became President and CEO of Global Communities in 2010, having previously been a member of its Board since 2004 and Chairman of the Board from 2008-2010. Prior to joining Global Communities, Mr. Weiss was Senior Policy Advisor at the global law firm DLA Piper for 13 years, advising on international trade and foreign policy matters.

    Mr. Weiss spent 18 years with the Federal Government in the following roles: Special Assistant to the Director of the Peace Corps; member of the US Foreign Service; Economic Officer in Haiti; Staff Aide to the Secretary of State; Senior Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State; Assistant US Trade Representative for North American Affairs in charge of NAFTA; and other senior positions in the Office of the US Trade Representative. Weiss received the US Department of State’s Superior Honor Award. He has a B.A. from Hamilton College and an M.S.F.S. from Georgetown University.

    David Weiss is a member of the Board of Directors of InterAction, the largest alliance of US-based NGOs, and is on the Board of Advisors of New Perimeter, DLA Piper'sGlobal Pro Bono Initiative.

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    No MORE Same Old Economic BS!

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    This is not your fathers bullshit Economics Lesson. Listen and spread the word

    New tax structures, trashing NAFTA and the WTO bullshit artists and taking back AMERICA!



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    Paul McGuire - Standing at the Abyss

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    Dynamic speaker and prolific author Paul McGuire joins us as we, as a nation, stand at the precipice of the abyss.

    From Paul McGuire: Many Americans, lulled to sleep by that Great American Dream Machine, the corporate-controlled media, seem to forget that in the 1990’s the Republicans, along with Bill and Hillary, promised us an economic boom would come when we signed on to trade treaties like NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and the plans of the WTO. The best politicians that globalist money can buy told us about all the new high paying jobs and new industries that would come to America.

    So let’s look behind the smoke and mirrors and find out exactly what happened beginning in the 1990’s when the Republican Party and “Third Way” politicians like Newt Gringrich, who pretends to be a conservative, but in reality believes in the synthesis of communism and capitalism, passed the trade treaties like NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and MFN (Most Favored Nation) status for China. Why is the nation of China so very important? It is important because it represents the synthesis of Communism and Capitalism. As a direct result of these trade treaties, the American taxpayer artificially super-charged China’s economy and brought about the rapid decline of America’s economy.

    Listen to this fast-flowing, information packed broadcast as we delve deep and look through the smoke and mirrors to understand exactly what is taking place.

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    The Sunday Show - NO TPP with Adam Weissman

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    Join us today with guest: Adam Weissman, is an organizer with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment (GJAE), an organization addressing the threat posed by free trade agreements to animals; the environment; safe, ethical, and sustainable food; and the human rights of environmental defenders. He also represents GJAE in Trade Justice New York Metro, a coalition of organizations from diverse social movements working together to resist the NAFTA neoliberal free trade model.

    Topic: TPP  What will it do to who?

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    Stan Deyo on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides viewers and listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. This unique, father-son detective duo uses their investigative abilities and resources to aggressively research and report on issues left untouched by the corporate media. The show addresses many issues once considered mere fodder for “conspiracy theorists,” tracing their roots from the various events that created them through the fabric of history to the present day. We are a listener supported show and those who are able to do so can donate here

    Real information. Real truth. Less hype. Click here for website

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    Pro-Life center to offer abortions - You got mansplaining to do Joe

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    Hr1   California bill AB775 is trying to force pro-life pregnancy counseling centers to offer abortion information.

    Curtis Ellis says, imagine a world where American courts and laws are overruled by international tribunals (who are not elected by American citizens!)... That's Obama's plan with Obamatrade (TPP). TPP is the new NAFTA and the latest "we have to pass the bill so you can know what's in it." CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES!

    Congratulations! California honored to be the worst state to do business 11 years running! The Democrats policies at work.

    Hr2  We pause for a little humor (that hits too close to home) Muslim world reacts to Obama's speech on climate change being the biggest global threat.

    U.S. military says reaction times are seriously delayed because their hands are tied. They can't move as quickly as they need to to address threats. This is a problem!

    Feminists will find offense in anything, especially if it encourages man-bashing. First it's manspreading, now it's mansplaining.

    Transgender Canadians are pushing to abolish gender references from birth certificates. You can't just make an assumption based on a quick peek at a baby's privates anymore!

    Hr3  Salon says our U.S. Military is a national security threat. Thank God (and our military!) for free speech. In other countries, they'd be wiped out or jailed!

    Actress tells Teen Vogue that Planned Parenthood felt like “two arms pulling me into a hug” and that she's “eternally grateful” for the experience.

    Unions want an exemption from the minimum wage increase. Shocker! What a bunch of hypocrites!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?