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    political animals--patrick butler political correspondent,

    in Current Events

    political animals--Special Patrick Butler Correspondent

  • White Buffalo Radio-Maurice Fernandez, Evolutionary Astrologer

    in Education

    Maurice Fernandez, evolutionary astrology, joins us from Hawaii. Alive with the sounds of nature we explore what the White Buffalo means to Maurice, his connection to both the White Buffalo and White Lions and his instrumental role in the Alliance interwoven with dance of activation of key astrological movements. A fascinating, fun journey from the islands.


    White Buffalo Radio is hosted and produced by Rain on the Earth, sponsored by the White Bison Association home of the sacred White Buffalo herd.

    Blog medicinetalkradio.wordpress.com

    Music: Intro Arizona Spirit Outro: White Buffalo from Charles Button and Friends double album White Buffalo, Bigger than Real released by Sacred Mountain Records

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    Animals Characterize Empowerment Teachings

    in Education

    Storytelling is the practice of leadership

    One of the most powerful tools an organizer can choose to use is the art of storytelling. It is the context of public speaking to all sorts of audiences. Stories that tend to be more compelling answer the “why” of our values in our belief systems. Elements of the story help us gain practice in hearing and coaching others to share their stories. It is here leaders employ the head to heart method. In other words they motivate people to change.

    Should you wish to contact us through email: bderrick@nativestudioart.net

    We are looking to host people on the show. Do you empower others in your line of work? If so, how so? Love to hear from you my friend. Drop an email our way and share with us how you empower others.


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    How Do Animals Invite Us To More With Bodies?

    in Pets

    Can you recall a time when you watched an animal run and play in a field with total ease and joy?

    Did your body light up… lighten up…giggle?

    Did you imagine running and playing and choosing that for you and your body? 

    Animals teach and invite us to so much!

    A dog or cat will not hesitate to demand to be petted, feed or let outside.
    They will also let you know when they desire to be left alone. 

    I wonder what else they invite us to?

    Join the conversation!
    We look forward to talking with you!

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    Bruce Gold~Near Death Experiencer/Healer

    in Paranormal

    Bruce Gold

    Bruce Gold has never been to The Old City of Jerusalem, the  Himalaya’s, Machu Picchu, or any other exotic location where miracles  are thought to take place. He doesn’t dress in Tribal Robes and call himself any  other name than the one he came into this world with. He was born and raised,  and realized his gift of healing in his hometown, of Los Angeles, California.  Bruce’s gift, as a Conduit for the Transference of Positive Healing Energies, came as a result of a conscious near death  experience, which occurred while he was driving alone on a crowded Los Angeles  Freeway in May of 2002. The thing he is most sure of today, is that he was most definitely not alone during that fateful ride.He has been sharing his gift of healing from the moment he first recognized it. He has a non-invasive technique of energy transference, that reaches his recipients almost immediately. He has worked successfully on both Human Beings and Animals. Bruce’s modality has been used both in person, as well as over the phone sessions for distance healing.  Bruce  makes it clear to his client’s that they are the Healers, and he is there strictly as an intermediary, bringing back to them the well of their own  energies.  His otherness  as he refers to it,  lasted most of his adult life. He had fallen into a deep depression which  appeared early on, and was seriously misdiagnosed, and mistreated with improper  medications that could have led him to ending his own life. Living in a  walking coma for over twelve years,  he literally watched every dream he ever had vanish before his  eyes...For more information and to make an appointment call: 310-475-2093.  His website-http://www.bgspiritualhealer.com

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    Does Your Pet Go To Heaven?

    in Spirituality

    Do you ever wonder if your pets go to heaven? Well many people do and there's been an increased interest from pet owners pertaining to animal spirits, and questions about their own pet’s spirituality lately.

    Animal Spirits are in full force right now and their energy is radiating from the other side like something I've never seen before. Along with this heightening of animal energy there has been a sudden surge in interest from pet owners about their pets own spirituality. They are asking a lot of questions about things such as:

    ·      When they cross over are they met by anyone?

    ·      Do animals have spirit guides?

    ·      Do they have angels?

    ·      Do animals reincarnate?

    ·      Can animals reincarnate as humans?

    So I’ve decided to do a radio show answering many of these questions as discussing spirit communication with animals. If you any questions regarding animal spirituality and your pets, this is will be a fascinating show!

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    TS Radio: Voices Carry for Animals # 87: Guest-Cecilia Maida-Paws Across America

    in Pets

    Hosted By Debbie Dahmer

    Guest will be: Cecilia Maida- Founder "Paws Across America"  Wednesday- June 15th, 2016


    ****CALL TO ACTION*** "Paws Across America"  Wednesday- June 15th,2016*** We Are Not Going To Remain Silent Until Justice Is Served for the Animals!! PLEASE SHARE FAR & WIDE- NATIONWIDE!!

    ***Paw In Hand***Against ALL Animal Cruelty and Neglect Across the Land***
    1) PEACEFUL PROTEST  (in front of legislators buildings)
    6) MEDIA SPOKESPERSON / WHOM WILL SEND PRESS RELEASES  (Samples will be provided along with script): 
    7) CALLS/E-MAILS TO REPRESENTATIVES SAME DAY OF PROTEST:Person will gather motivated persons willing to make calls (in lieu of attending) the protests 
    8) GET PERSONS TO REGISTER TO VOTE: This may be the most important step of all (as 52-million Americans are not registered to vote)  

    ***JOIN GROUP & ALSO JOIN GROUP THE STATE YOU ARE IN!!*** Let's ROCK the Animals World with this PEACEFUL Advocacy Protest!! They so well deserve.. TY!~

  • Soul Healing for Animals w/Master Robyn-The Power of Compassion Part 3 of 4

    in Spirituality

    Power of Compassion Series Part 3 of 4 

    Join Master Robyn and May (the dog) in this Four Part Series to learn powerful wisdom & teachings on the Power of Compassion for health and happiness for you and your pets, for all animals, nature and all souls. Receive many powerful blessings for you and your pet to heal and transform all aspects of life.

    Master Robyn offers private consultations and powerful Healing/Divine Services for yourself and/or your beloved pets…in person, or via skype and telephone. She loves to serve you and your beloved pets. Book a session to receive soul guidance, healing and more!

    Call Master Robyn on + 61 412 652 703 or email Master Robyn at robyn.rice@drsha.com.

    Or contact via private message on her Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/robyn.rice.14  or on her Soul Healing for Animals FB page  https://www.facebook.com/SoulHealingforAnimals. Why not Like these FB pages to ensure you get updates and notifications for upcoming workshops, teleconferences & more.

    Visit her YouTube Channel for more teachings at https://www.youtube.com/user/robynrice

    Join Master Robyn & May on her blog  http://soulhealingforanimals.blogspot.com.au/ 


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    Yol Swan: The Indigo Journals

    in Self Help

    It's warm up music and chat for the first 30 minutes, then our show gets underway at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern.

    Are You a “Square Peg” Trying to Fit Into a Round Hole? If you’ve never heard about “Indigos,” it’s time you did. Especially if you are one yourself, but haven’t yet discovered it. Yol Swan has 12 traits to share with us. You likely will recognize your sensitive, nature-loving, alienated-feeling self as we talk about these traits. Since Swan is an Indigo Adult herself, she’s also going to be sharing how to put yourself more at ease, and heal yourself spiritually. After this show, you’ll still be a “Square Peg”, but you’ll likely stop trying so hard to fit yourself into round holes! Instead, you’ll allow yourself to be who you really are, and go forward with your mission.

    Yol Swan says that Indigo adults are feminine souls with certain masculine qualities. They often feel out of place in their families, and in this world. It is when they embrace themselves as Indigo adults that they can live the lives they have come to lead, as well as help the people, animals and world they came to help. Yol, herself an Indigo adult, has identified a dozen “traits held in common” for Indigo adults. Knowing these traits will help Indigo adults, and others who may have connections with Indigo adults, yet not always understand their concerns and behaviors. We can also increase our ability to empathize with very sensitive souls who can also behave as warriors. If you’re not yet familiar with the “Indigos” and their mission, you’ll certainly want to hear this show! Click here to visit Yol Swan's website!

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    Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want your life to change?

    in Spirituality

    Each show features a group power healing, a group house clearing and grounding.  You can chat in the forum or call in for a personal message from your angels, messages about your past and power animals, and speak to your life coach for a free message. This particular episode is about health and healing in a fun and life changing way.  Join us weekly as we all spread love and light and healing across the universe.  Are you feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Stuck in a hoe hum life?  Tired of watching other people succeed while you still sit waiting for your ship to come in?  Well, here's your ship.  Jump aboard.

    Jennifer Jessup is a public speaker, well known comedian, and life coach.  She is amazing at helping you with your every day life issues and her unique entertaining positive way of teaching is very well known by celebrities.  Brenda Sheppard is a well known healer and angel communicator bringing you messages from your angels and healing through spirit to spirit contact.  Together they will take you into your own personal Journey Into Wholeness.

    We are here for you.  Come join us and see why Angel Feathers is different than other talk shows.  Private sessions available for booking.  Work one on one with your guides and angels.  You will be glad you did. Website www.SydniStone.com

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    Understanding and Connecting with Your Animals with Communicator Lesia Alexander

    in Pets

    Wouldn't you like to know how to talk to your pets, soothe and calm them when they're stressed, so they know they are loved and that they belong?

    Today's special guest Lesia Alexander is a professional Animal Communicator and a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner. Her mission is fostering the sacredness of the animal-human bond, and honoring, supporting and healing the animals we love and share our lives with. From this deep calling, Lesia spent 14 years with indigenous teachers formally studying earth guardianship, earth medicine, and animal knowledge.

    A close bond with our animals brings us joy and actually improves our health. Lesia's lifelong calling, and years of training and experience allow her to understand stituations from an animal's perspective. She uses ancient and modern forms of earth medicine to help animals with wellness, behavior, transitions, and end of life.

    Lesia provides animal communication, energy healing and coaching for animal companions and their guardian people. She also has training programs and workships to train in animal communication, gemstone medicine and working with animal alliances.

    To learn more about Lesia Alexander, please visit http://www.wholeself-wholeearth.com